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Mobile Visual search: How brands are utilizing it to stand out.

Mobile Visual search: How brands are utilizing it to stand out.


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Mobile Visual search is amongst the latest discoveries making a mark in the mobile commerce industry. It can be observed easily that mobile commerce and the retail industry have changed drastically in recent years. Now, tech-savvy shoppers are looking for more innovative ways of shopping. And demanding easier and convenient ways for shopping that make their check-out process as short as possible. Visual or image search makes shopping much more convenient and easier for tech-savvy shoppers. Visual search makes it easier for shoppers to search the product they see in real life or new to them. The image search option is much more versatile and intuitive than text-based search. Present-day shoppers are consistently taking images of what they see on social media or in their daily lives.

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What is visual search?

Visual search is a search engine that can identify and search images based on a similar image. Before the visual search option emerged. There was only the option to search the product from the text. For text-based search, users need to remember the name of the product they want to search. If users don’t put the proper name in the search bar or the query is inaccurate, the search engines may not bring the relevant result to users. Visual search can identify the proportion, shape, color, or text to find the product name or brand. This offers a benefit over a keyphrase-based search, in which the search results are only as good as the users’ ability to describe the product. Essentially, it lets the user search the product simply by uploading its image.

For example, you like a shirt someone is wearing on the roadside or social media. With the help of a visual search, you need to take a picture of it and upload it to the app, and similar results will appear on your screen. With the help of visual search or image search, you can search for similar items in different price ranges you like. This feature can become imperative in online commerce sites as it can offer relevant recommendations based on the products buyers want.

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Visual search statistics

Another most important reason behind the growth and prevalence of visual search is enhancing the shopping experience on mobile phones. Now, most online businesses generate the majority of revenue from mobile commerce. According to Pinterest, 85% of their overall searches are made on mobile phones. And 87% of their consumers purchased something they found in the pins.

For 74% of shoppers, traditional text-based search is not efficient in finding accurate results.

Visual search delivers an enhanced user experience; it gives actual and accurate search results users are looking for. Organizations have expanded the average order size by 20% with unique features like image search. Since the barrier between “look” and “purchase” has been reduced. Buyers think buying what they see on the web is simpler.

Make Search Process Easier For Your Shoppers With An App Having Visual Search Feature

As indicated by research by Accenture, Social media will turn into the favored shopping channel for Generation Z, with 69% of young customers keen on buying straightforwardly through social networks. Web-based business players will empower their clients to transfer and look for items that they find via web-based media sites and get them.

Likewise, as per a new report by eMarketer, 72% of U.S. Web clients routinely or consistently look for visual content before purchasing.

What sectors could visual search be used for?

The most widely used sector is retail and eCommerce. The fashionable people wear become walking advertisements. A pair of shoes, watches, antiques,s, etc. just snap away and get the relevant results identifying the product or sales offer.

Another sector in which mobile visual search can be used is the travel industry. It lets you easily and quickly identify a famous building or historical monument. Just point out the camera towards the structure, and it will give all the details related to it, i.e., what it is used for, when it was built, who built it, etc. So there are lots more sectors where visual search has its applications. It offers users a seamless way of shopping over the internet.

Top Advantages Of Visual Search

The advantages of the visual search feature are endless. It has its advantages in different sectors like fashion, home decor, makeup hairstyle, consumer electronics, and more. So it has its benefits in almost every sector of online commerce. And here, we will discuss the top advantages to show you all the potential or image search features in mobile commerce and eCommerce.

It helps users find the exact results they are searching for

Visual search is an excellent feature for buyers searching for a specific product. It makes the searching process easier and shorter for users by reducing processes like typing keywords, etc. Instead, it lets the user upload the image they want to search directly, and similar results will appear on his screen.

1- Cross-Selling

Another most significant advantage of visual search is that it helps in cross-selling. Suppose your online store doesn’t have the desired product in stock. It will show the related products that lead the buyer to purchase. More importantly, it also helps shoppers visualize how other items might complement it.

2- Increased conversions

By enhancing the consumer experience, visual search reduces the customer’s path to purchase. A research report from Boohoo, a fashion retailer, witnessed an 85% conversion rate for shoppers using camera search compared to those who did not. So many online retailers saw significant growth in their purchases after implementing a visual search feature to their online stores.

3- Merging Offline and Online Shopping Experiences

With shoppers increasingly anticipating a multi-channel visual search. To cater to shoppers’ desire to move seamlessly between offline and online shopping environments.

4- Staying ahead of Competition

As there is an infinite number of online sellers across the internet. And if you want to stay ahead of the Competition. You should offer your visitors a unique and valuable experience. The visual search feature is not yet much common. So it will help enhance your customer experience and help you stay ahead of the Competition.

In A Nutshell

As m-commerce is on the rise, people search for easier shopping ways. Moreover, software developers and technical experts work consistently to enhance user experience. visual search is amongst the most recent discoveries that improve the user experience by making their search quicker and easier. Now there are mobile applications with the visual search feature. So if you are an online seller and want to turn your online store into an app with a visual search feature. You should try MageNative. MageNative offers a feature-rich mobile app at a cost-efficient price. Get started with 30 days free App trial.

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