Mobile app analytics
Mobile App Analytics: Important things You Need to Know about it

Mobile App Analytics: Important things You Need to Know about it


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What is mobile app analytics?

Mobile app analytics helps you to get the complete understanding about your visitor’s behaviour and to prepare an effective marketing strategy for your business. Without an app analytics tool, you would be blindly making an experiment on your marketing plans without any data or information.

App analytics helps in analysing and monitoring the performance of mobile apps users. It gathers the complete detail of the user visiting your app. It lets you track, understand and measure how visitors are interacting with your mobile application.

And this is the reason it is an important tool for both marketers and app owners to understand the user behaviour and then plan a powerful marketing strategy based on that data.

Why is there a need for Mobile app analytics?

As we all know that the growth of any business directly depends upon the value you provide to your users. But, without knowing which marketing strategy works best for them. You’ll never know how to make your application better for your users.

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Mobile app analytics is a tool that can help you to analyse the performance of your app, and the behaviour of users on it. It enables you to plan a powerful acquisition strategy which gives more return on your business investment.

Integrating Analytics to your Mobile app can give you a deep understanding of the visitors behaviour and app performance. App analytics helps you

  1. Gather accurate information to get a better understanding of app-users.
  2. Drive ROI over every aspect of performance
  3. Track achievements of marketing goals
  4. Drive customer focused and personalised marketing

So the App analytics helps you to monitor the performance of your app to optimise and enhance your marketing efforts. So that you could achieve higher growth , satisfied customers and increased ROI.

Get valuable insights in your Mobile app to plan a powerful digital marketing strategy for your online business.

Mobile app analytics Vs Web Analytics

Due to the growth in the use of the internet, mobile applications and online business there is a need for analytics tools that can help to monitor business progress . App analytics tools thus help organisations in providing actionable data and valuable insights to improve the overall user experience for clients.

Let’s take a look at two types of most commonly used analytics tools

Web analytics

Before the widespread popularity of smartphones and the emergence of big data, data was basically generated by website users. At that time web analytics basically used to focus only on basic metrics like page views. After the emergence of the latest analytics tools it includes behavioural metrics like unique , repeat and new user. Web analytics analysis was based on the patterns of visitor cohorts to increase conversions and reduce churn.

Mobile app analytics

Mobile analytics shows the data about user behaviour on the app. It gives data driven insights that can help you to enhance the user experience and increase the revenue from the app. It is a powerful tool that gathers the data of a user’s experience and user response for an app.

Mobile app analytics helps marketers to understand the user, measure the performance of campaigns and A/B testing. Based on which marketers can plan a strong marketing strategy for the growth of their online business.

By using mobile app analytics you can easily track visitors, visits, page views, device information, location, custom event data, user acquisition metrics, engagement metrics, fallout rates and lots more to help increase engagements, reduce app abandonment rate and increase customer retention rate.

Its effective analytics tool can help you monitor the app in real time and enables you to monitor which transactions and users are affected the moment a problem is detected. It lets you track average Revenue per user, revenue metrics , cost per install , crash report, retention rate and cost per loyal users.

What is the difference between Search engine optimization(SEO) and App store optimization(ASO)?

Just like in the process of search engine optimisation , optimising a web page helps in the ranking of your site, ASO also plays an important role in the success of your app store. App store optimisation refers to the process of accessing , testing and measuring the existing app store marketing strategy that helps in the increase of app store visibility and driving downloads.

Although there is much similarity between the SEO and ASO process, there are some significant differences as well.

If we talk about Search engine optimisation , it primarily focuses on websites, and websites used to answer the question. But in the case of mobile app stores it focuses on the specific product searched by the user.

So both App search optimisation and search engine optimisation uses different optimisation to rank web and app on the search engine.

Different App analytics tools

There are numerous tools available for app for tracking the performance of your app some most commonly used tools incorporate:

App radar

App radar is amongst the top analytics tools that helps you optimize your app from the ground by providing tips and tutorials. It comes with research and keyword tracking features that help you build a powerful mobile app marketing strategy. It supports iOS , Android and windows platforms.

Apple analytics

Apple analytics is a mobile analytics app specifically built for apple mobile phones.


Fire base is a free app analytics platform that helps improving , developing, growing ,nurturing and improving the app by showing all the metrics at a single centralised place. It supports iOS, C++, android and unity.


It is another most important app analytics platform that helps to increase your user base by cohort analysis , hourly trends analysis and more. It supports blackberry , Android , windows and iOS.


Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform that can help you to measure ROI and maximise conversions. It gives meaningful engagements through in-app experience and messaging.

App Annie

App Annie is a data analytics and app analytics platform that gives you a simple platform for operating every stage of your app business.

It supports Android , iOS and windows phones. It offers both free and paid versions.

Free version of the tool gives you rankings, ratings, charts , reviews and app details. And its premium plan gives you usage estimates , revenue estimates , advertising estimates and user estimates.

In-built mobile app analytics helps you get better understanding of your users by tracking their demographics like gender age and location

Some most frequently used feature in app analytics Tool

Analytics tools give many useful information about the app and its usage. Here we will discuss some of its important features that will help to monitor the user activity and help in the planning of a powerful digital marketing strategy.


Filters in app analytics lets you to filter the data you want to analyse like.

Audience: Type of audience , their age group , location etc.

Date : You can filter data date wise, like if you want to see a monthly report or weekly or whatever date you want to analyse.

Platform: App analytics also gives you a feature to filter data as per the platform, how many users are using android, iOS or any other platform.

User property: Filter on the basis of app version , age , ads frequency , device model etc.

Active Users

This features lets you track active users on your app including the visitor who have been active within the last 30 minutes. This feature lets you track daily, weekly and monthly reports of active visitors on your app. Also let you track the conversion rate within that period of time.


By using this feature you can check the conversion rate in your app plotted over a time period.

Engagement levels

This feature enables you to monitor the user interaction with the app , measure the user interaction with your app.

Audience Retention

The audience retention report analyses how many visitors have started using your app. You can gather more information about your user such as its location , device and demographics.


If you are thinking of starting an online business and planning to launch an app for that business. Mobile app analytics can be a very useful tool for the growth of your online journey. It can help you track your performance by letting you know about your visitors, sales , revenue and profit or loss on your investments. Without any measuring tool you will never know about your performance and where you’re standing in the business crowd. 

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