Vendor Mass Import Export Addon
Easier To Upload Products On Magento MultiVendor Marketplace: Vendor Mass Import Export Addon

Easier To Upload Products On Magento MultiVendor Marketplace: Vendor Mass Import Export Addon


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A number of products being offered on any marketplace and the number of sellers offering these products is one metric that determines the success of the marketplace. Greater the number of products and higher the number of sellers, more successful a marketplace is considered.

The products are uploaded, rather transferred onto the marketplace from sellers store. Imagine how much pain uploading one product at a time can cause. Not only is this extremely inconvenient to sellers wanting to sell on the marketplace, it works as a hurdle for a person who is operating the marketplace and inviting sellers to sell on his platform. People generally avoid the pain unless the opportunity is too awarding to miss.

Thus it becomes the responsibility of the marketplace operators to offer a way to the sellers willing to sell on their marketplaces that enables them transferring – importing their product information to the marketplace and exporting the products and their information from the marketplaces. This is exactly what Cedcommerce’s Vendor mass import export addon is developed to perform. Upon installing this addon with the Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace (developed by Cedcommerce), vendors can easily transfer their products between the marketplaces and their stores.

The Feature That Makes It Extremely Flexible For Sellers Transfer Their Products Are :

  • For Vendors

 1. All The Product Types Supported:

As Magento framework supports six types of product types or entire products are categorized into six types, namely Simple, Virtual, Configurable, Grouped, Downloadable and bundled, all the products lying in these product types can be easily transferred to the marketplace. This makes it an enriching experience for vendors as different vendors hold expertise of different product types and none of them is restricted.

2. Product Mapping:

To eliminate any extra efforts to import products, the mapping is provided. The mapping enables sellers to match the terminologies – used for depicting different information on their store or on any other marketplace – with the terminologies of the cedcommerce’s Magento multi-vendor marketplace.

i. Import:

This way all the hassle is eliminated once for all and paves the way for seamless import for product data.






In the above picture, Images (terminology) is mapped with gallery (terminology).

In this way, the bulk import is done easily. One thing is to be noticed is that as images can’t be uploaded in the CSV. So the images are uploaded separately then they are matched with the products according to their name.

Note: If the vendor wants to use a different image for a particular product, he can upload the image first and then replace the name of the image in the CSV file with the name he wants to upload. Also, the addon only supports the CSV file.

Vendor Mass Import Export Addon









ii. Export:

The vendors, also, can easily export their products and their data out of the marketplace. For that they only have to choose some values (as a filter) and the products belonging to these values will be exported out.

Vendor Mass Import Export Addon












Import And Export Profiles:

To ensure on-the-go import and export of the products, the addon has embedded import and export profiles, the vendors don’t have to go through the process of creating different profiles for importing and exporting the products.

Interactive Process:

The entire bulk product import and export process has been made interactive, and to ensure seamless transfer of products, any error occurred is recorded and displayed as the separate option not disturbing the entire transfer process. Vendors can check the status of products after the entire product import or export process is completed.

For Admin:

  • The add-ons let admin monitor the import process. Whenever the import is done, admin is notified through notifications .
  • Admin can enable and disable the settings.
  • Admin can control/limit the vendor data flow profile for import/export, in other words, he decide a maximum number of products that can be uploaded/imported or exported from the marketplace.

Thus it comes as a great tool for admin to offer flexibility to the vendors wanting to sell on their marketplace. Not only ease of importing products to marketplace compels sellers to upload their products on the marketplace, it assists in attracting more such sellers and encourages them to upload products time and again.

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Team CedCommerce.

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