Marketplace Booking and Reservation System
Marketplace Booking and Reservation System for Magento 2 – Cedcommerce

Marketplace Booking and Reservation System for Magento 2 – Cedcommerce


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The world is growing smaller with each passing day as the number of Globe-Trotters and Event Goers and the areas explored on the map is expanding largely. With technological solutions at their best, experts can now utilize their resources effectively i.e. booking appointment slots.


Keeping in mind the market dynamics, requirements and ensuring pleasant customer experience, Cedcommerce has come with Booking and Reservation System which enables alike businesses and individuals come upon the same platform and offer their services.


Who can use this extension to offer their Services?

Almost anybody who thinks that they have an excellent service whose basic structure depends on selling their slots – time, place, or commodity.


Businesses like Hotels, Rentals, Event Organization, Cinemas, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Cab Service, Theaters, Spas, and Travel Agencies or Individuals such as Doctor, Massage Therapist, Dentist, Aesthetician, Hairdresser, Lawyers, Stylist, Chef, Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer, Photographer, Pilate Instructor, Sports Coach, and Music Band, Nail Salon, if they believe they have a strong network and services that can be great for their audiences, Marketplace Booking and Reservation System is for you. 


Why Booking and Reservation System by Cedcommerce?

Cedcommerce removes all the hassle of putting efforts of hiring expert developers, designers and maintenance guys and the long hours invested in the development of your end-product.


Setting up a robust and feature-rich booking or reservation marketplace just requires clicking and downloading the extension. It is amongst the most cost-competitive and robust turnkey Booking and Reservation Solutions which is extremely customizable and mobile-ready.


Also, it has a detailed provision for all the involved parties: admin, vendors, and developers.


Admin Features

The admin is the end-to-end controller of the Marketplace and all the power lies within him. 


1. Approve Vendors 

He has all the authority to approve or disapprove the requests of vendors wanting to be associated with his platform.  


2. Set Commission 

It is up to the admin to decide that he wants to charge a uniform commission rate from their vendors or apply variable commission rates. 


3. Set Facilities 

Admin can set minimum numbers of amenities required to be listed at his platform like Hotel marketplace can standardize that each property getting listed on its website must have a Television, Refrigerator, Wi-Fi and other amenities.


4. Easier Management 

Also, admin gets the easy-to-use and understand and interactive dashboard facilitating the management of vendors and other aspects of their marketplace. 


5. Accepted payment methods  

Furthermore, Admin can set all the acceptable payment methods that he wants for his marketplace.


Vendors Features

Being the Backbone of any marketplace, vendors deserve extremely flexible functionalities that make it uber-easy for them to sell on any platform.


1. Dedicated Dashboard

The hassle-free management of the service offered by them remains incomplete without a dedicated and easy-to-use Dashboard. Therefore, all the vendors get their dedicated dashboard.


2. Dedicated Space:

Vendors get the Separate Pages to represent their services as they wish. They can enter the content, images, and videos to stand out from others.


3. Payment Method

In the age of globalization, it becomes critical for businesses to have a multi-payment acceptance mechanism. Therefore, vendors get the multi-payment method.


4. Transactions

Since all the money is deposited with the admin, a seamless transaction system for admin to transfer money to their vendors or, vice versa.


5. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Rating work as a word of mouth publicity for any service, product or business entity. They are a great source of getting feedback.


6. Vendor Message

For seamless selling experience, the uninterrupted communication channel with admin is critically important and with this extension, vendors do have it.


For Developers


Developers are also responsible for the successful running of any marketplace, therefore for them.

Being based on Magento, an open source platform, the extension is extremely Customizable, also, since Magento is the largest online store development platform thus it boasts of the largest developers community, making debugging and other small or big issues easily resolved, besides out support.


Benefits of Booking and ReservationMarketplace System 


1. All Booking-Types: Admin and vendors can book all types of bookable products – hourly/Daily/Weekly

2. Videos: Both admin and vendors can upload high-quality videos making their services appealing.

3. Smart Search & Filters: It enables your customers to reach you immediately.

4. One Step Checkout: To minimize the card abandonment, there is a one-step checkout service available.

5. SEO Friendly: To maximize your visibility in the Search Engine Rankings.

6. Payment Gateways: All type of Payment gateways to ensure hassle-free payment.

7. Free Extensions: Being based on Magento, there are lots of FREE extensions available for the platform.  


If you are searching for an affordable, robust, mobile ready, SEO friendly Online Booking and Reservation Marketplace solution which can be instantly set up and operated. Your search ends with Marketplace Booking and Reservation System.


Why Cedcommerce:


The Booking and Reservation Marketplace System comes with great services:

Multiple add-ons, developed by Cedcommerce, that further enhances the functionalities of the Marketplace.

  • Support: Empathetic and prompt support
  • User Guide and Demo to clearly understand the product
  • Lifetime free upgrade etc. 


Thanks for your interest!
Team CedCommerce

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