eBay store marketing tips
Marketing on eBay: Drive More Traffic to eBay Stores!

Marketing on eBay: Drive More Traffic to eBay Stores!


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Whether you’re a new direct-to-consumer brand seeking to make your mark or a long-standing e-commerce business with robust sales, today’s competitive environment demands companies to look outside the box to new channels to drive revenue and gain new customers.

The eBay Store happens to be the same. Here, you need to be recognized as a seller, and eBay marketing tools come in handy to achieve the feat.

#1. Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the use of keywords by competitors is one of the best ways to ensure you’re using the correct descriptions and titles for your listings.

People like to get to know their products before making a purchase. Adding keywords like “genuine leather” and “made in Spain” can be a great tactic. A perfect example of it would be – when selling leather bags, delete the listing if it says “Samantha’s Non-Vegan Handbags.” It’s a sure-shot formula to getting zero sales!

Instead, utilize the most frequent terms and keywords that go with leather handbags because your potential buyers are using the very same words in their search. Also, try adding a unique touch to the descriptions. It can work wonders, making you stand out from the crowd.

#2. eBay Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaigns can be a great way to increase your presence on eBay. The campaigns give you two options.

#2.1 eBay Promoted listing

The promoted listing takes your products on top of the search result of eBay, much like the google ads. It is the most popular marketing tool on eBay.

eBay charges a meagre sum of money in the form of fees. You decide the fees that you’re willing to pay for each sale. It can range from 1% – 20% depending on the product.

#2.2 Advertisements

An advertisement is a tool that requires a big marketing budget on eBay stores. It drives more attention to your listings and has a better chance of catching attention as they are more customized.

Plan on utilizing videos to grab the attention of your audience and enhance your user engagement.

#3. eBay Discounts

When you start managing an eBay store, you get access to two main marketing tools to offer discounts.

  • Promotions Manager
  • Markdown Manager

#3.1 Promotions Manager

The promotion manager lets you promote and offer discounts and offers on your listings. The options that you get are:

  • Order Size Discounts
  • Markdown Sales
  • Shipping Discounts
  • Codeless Coupons
  • Volume Pricing

#4. eBay Promoted Listings

eBay’s Promoted listing is one such way that can give your listings a much-needed boost in gaining visibility.

Promoted listing by eBay takes your listing and moves it on the top. It makes it more likely for potential buyers to see it.

Also, the promoted listings work on the principle that you only pay the fee when you sell an item. It means eBay does not charge you for the click-throughs, making the feature a cost-effective way of conducting business.

You also get to track the performance of your promoted listings on the dashboard through SellerHub.

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#5. Use Discussion Board posts

One of the best tactics to include is using your Store Name and the website link as a part of your signature each time you communicate with members on eBay’s Discussion Boards.

#6. eBay Store SEO

Use keywords rich content in the shop name and compose compelling and keyword-rich descriptions for your eBay store. Also, you need to look out for excessive use of keywords.

Make use of appropriate keywords in your product titles and product descriptions.

#7. email Marketing on eBay

Email marketing is a great tool and can come in handy when dealing with eBay campaigns. It helps you promote ongoing sales, offers, and discounts.

You get to send one email per week. The best part is that eBay puts no limit on the number of subscribers you can have. You can also work and design a newsletter that can help you promote your eBay store.

Although the email services are free for store owners, you get capped at certain limits.

eBay email marketing

When leading your email marketing campaigns, you must be aware of specific eBay regulations. You cannot send marketing emails to eBay buyers who have not permitted you to do so.

Sending out marketing emails will enable buyers to know when you list new products. Marketing emails can be a great tool to engage loyalty and repeat customers through codeless coupons and special offers.

The Markdown Manager and the Promotions Manager can help you build up a comprehensive sales record. Use your Shop templates, Shipments, and invoices to promote and manage your eBay store.

#8. Best Match

The result displayed when a buyer searches using the eBay search bar is called the best match result. The results show the best products that match the search intent of a potential buyer.

Getting your product on the first page of the search result is essential for selling on eBay. To get that done, make sure your listing is,

  • Keyword-rich
  • Price competitive
  • Carrying complete information
  • Proper with correct Titles and Descriptions
  • Using Good Quality Product Images

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Although getting an eBay store might be one of the key ingredients to your success, helping you stand out as a brand and get the much-needed brand recognition amongst the buyers. The real challenge, however, is when you start marketing the eBay store.

Once you begin marketing your eBay store, you promote yourself to a whole new level.

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