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How To Plan Effective Social Media Marketing For Shopify Stores?

How To Plan Effective Social Media Marketing For Shopify Stores?


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One of the most common challenges faced by numerous online stores is how to survive in this competitive environment. There are several Shopify stores already available in the market, and many new stores have been launching every day. You need to do something different to stay ahead in this competitive market. Social media marketing for Shopify is amongst the most effective techniques to drive maximum traffic and sales.

Nowadays, numerous organizations are able to leverage both paid and organic social media marketing techniques on numerous channels to increase awareness and generate sales. A research report by smart insights survey shows that, more than 50% of businesses experience a growth in their sales and revenue after applying social media tactics to their marketing process.

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Important Points For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here are some crucial points on social media marketing and to implement them effectively on your marketing plan is discussed below in this article.

With constantly increasing the number of visitors on social media and numerous available channels lets you grow your online business. Here are some crucial points discussed below to expand your shopify store utilizing social media channels.

1. Setting Up Your Goals For Social Media Marketing

Defining goals is an important part for any business, without setting up a proper goal you will not get the right direction to move. So before putting up your efforts and time it is very important to know what you want to achieve and how you measure its performance.

Below are some commons goals for shopify owners

  1. Increasing sales and revenue
  2. Building brand awareness
  3. Increased user retention
  4. Increase experience
  5. Increased customer base

However, you will only be able to achieve these goals when tracking all its indicators efficiently that can define its failure or success. These indicators include the following:

  1. Volume of traffic generated to your site via social media channels
  2. How quickly and efficiently you are responding to customer queries
  3. The number of reaches and impressions e.g. likes, shares, etc
  4. Number of conversions
  5. Number of visitors following your social media page

So, to accomplish your goals you need to get the insights of above mentioned indicators. You need to know your visitors’ behaviour and performance of your app.

2- Know Your Target Audience For Effective Marketing Strategy

Another important thing for proper planning is to know your target audience. You need to know your ideal customers. Invest your time researching your target audience, their psychographic data, and demographics that could help you understand what kind of buyer is likely to purchase from your store.

You should use user buyer’s information to create a buyer persona. Some key points to consider may incorporate the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hobbies/Interest/Passion
  • Industry
  • Marital status
  • Why do they want to purchase your product
  • What stopping them to buy

So, you need to know as much as you can about your target audience, based on which you will be able to craft a strong marketing strategy for your business. For example, if 95% of your visitors are millennials, you must follow a technoid approach, including a mobile app to make online shopping more accessible and convenient for your buyers.

3- Content-Type For Social Media Marketing

It is amongst the essential parts for attracting and engaging visitors. Posting creative content on the right platform will help captivate many visitors and ultimately convert them to paying customers.

You create and post content in several ways listed below

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Polls
  • Stories
  • Short Pdf
  • Stats
  • GIFs

Impact of social media on online businesses

You create and post content in a balanced way, i.e., do not post content too frequently. Divide different types of content published on another day. Write content in a way that provides some value to its reader and makes direct sales.

4. Use Multiple Channels For Larger Audience Base

There is an endless list of channels where you can post your content and increase your site reach. For example, Facebook is amongst the top social media channels, which is reported to have around 1.9 billion active users per day. Other top channels include Instagram, YouTube, and Influencer Marketing. Instagram is another big social media platform where you can acquire a large number of visitors. A report by Statista reveals that, as of July 2021, India was the top country with the largest Instagram users, i.e., 180 million users, followed by the US with 170 million active users. Youtube is the largest video-sharing channel with estimated users of 2.1 billion across the world in the year 2020. So you can use these channels for your social media marketing for shopify and build your brand’s image.

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5- Implementation Process

After you are set with your goals, customer data, and defining all social media marketing channels to distribute your content, your next step is implementation. It would be best if you implemented all these things wisely to get maximum benefits from your effort. Create a proper plan for social media and other campaigns to distribute your content accordingly in a balanced way.

Mobile App Will Be The Most Effective Tool For Increasing Brands Reach

As most shoppers are moving online, it is essential to offer them the best mobile experience possible. The initial and most crucial step for an enhanced mobile experience is to convert an online store into an interactive mobile application.

Also, there are numerous advantages of having a mobile application:

  • Mobile apps are much faster as compared to websites
  • Now there are mobile applications that can work even offline
  • In-built marketing tools available in mobile apps let you increase your reach easily
  • Mobile apps can integrate with device features like GPS, camera, etc

Converting an online store into an app can help you increase your reach and expand your business. Mobile apps make shopping much more manageable and convenient to their shoppers.

Make Online Shopping More Manageable And Convenient With An Interactive Mobile App 


To survive in this competitive market, you need to be outstanding in your service and find unique ways to reach your customers. Social media is the proven technique to increase your customer base. There are numerous channels on social media by using which you can generate maximum traffic to your site. Also, it is imperative to offer in-class service to your customers, from an attractive user interface to a faster loading speed.

So if you want to convert your Shopify store into an app, you can try MageNative that is already helping numerous online businesses convert their store into interactive mobile and brazenly fast mobile applications, thereby helping them grow their online business. Try MageNative with a 30-day free app trial.

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