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Market your Cyber Monday Listings with AMZ Marketing Services by CedCommerce

Market your Cyber Monday Listings with AMZ Marketing Services by CedCommerce


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Cyber Monday is the extension of Black Friday sales and an opportunity to get good sales on your store throughout the Cyber week. And guess what, here is the good news. Cyber week is more profitable if you are a seller on Amazon as Amazon and Shopify happened to be the leading platforms for sales as per the previous year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales stats. And this year won’t be different. Know about the best Cyber Monday marketing ideas, trends and consumer behavior of 2022. Also, get to know about the top marketing services and tools you can choose to stand out your products this Cyber Monday.

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

Top Shopping Trends and Consumer Behavior on Amazon during Cyber Monday for 2022

  • 2021’s Cyber Monday sales hit $10.7 billion in the US alone, with an estimated 77 million online shoppers and about 20 million in-store shoppers.
  • Over the BFCM weekend, more than 40 billion messages were sent to customers, which was 34% more from 2020. Besides, mobile push notifications grew 114% and email volume increased by 25% from the previous year.
  • While in-store shopping was up in 2021 compared to 2020, online shopping channels still dominated the BFCM shopping period, particularly on Cyber Monday.
  • The big three—Amazon, Walmart, and eBay—led the way in retail traffic for 2021’s Cyber Monday.
    Cyber Week 2021’s average discounts were 26%

As far as consumer behavior is concerned, below are some highlights:

  • 18% of online orders were from Buy Online, Pick-up in-store method.
  • 64% of people converted for Larger, Limited-Time discounts
  • Free shipping seemed to be the top consideration for making purchase decisions.
  • Shoppers use as many as 5 online platforms to shop on Cyber Monday or Cyber week to be specific.

Top Marketing Tips for Higher Product Visibility on AMZ-Shopify store this Cyber Week

Run Buy Now, Get One Free Offer

Shoppers are crazy for such deals that let them get something for FREE, after all, they have been waiting for it all year! Running such ad campaigns and putting them on your Shopify store can surely give you more conversions and this can be really good Cyber Monday marketing ideas.

Give Good Discounts

Are you offering a 10% or 20% discount? We would recommend you raise the bar a little more. Why? Because that will make you stand out from the usual discounts and sellers. Make it near about 40% so that shoppers feel the difference between what is called the original price and the offered price.

Offer Appealing Shipping Services

It’s good to leave no stone unturned to hook your customers. Provide FREE shipping services. Try if you can offer curbside pickup or same-day delivery. While selling on Amazon make sure your shipping services are compatible with the crowd and the prices are equally appealing to buyers.

Make Exclusive Discount offers with Countdown Timer

Create a sense of FOMO. As easy as it is to say, the difficulty is to execute among shoppers. But with the right ad campaigns and content, you can definitely create a sense of urgency for your shoppers. Adding a countdown timer can be a visual FOMO element that can help you.

Don’t Compromise on SEO

Make sure product listings, descriptions are in line with what people search for. Amazon SEO bots rank products based on keywords typed by shoppers and you need to take care of that. Listing optimization, running sponsored ads with the right strategy, or even setting up a festive store theme will do a lot more for you!

In case these Cyber Monday marketing ideas seem impossible for you to implement at the last moment, CedCommerce is offering some amazing technical and marketing services, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Week!

Expert Technical and Marketing Services by CedCommerce this BFCM 2022

We know the hassles of managing hundreds of orders at the same time and server going down or inventories going haywire resulting in order cancellations and bad customer experiences. But wait, we can help with such Cyber Monday eCommerce Challenges!

Technical Support

Amazon by CedCommerce App ensures seamless connectivity between the Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace. Easily figure out how to sell on Amazon from Shopify with this app. Create and synchronize Shopify and Amazon listings and reach 200+ million unique visitors per month on average by selling on Amazon. The app supports selling on Amazon for merchants in almost all parts of the world right from the Shopify store. The countries currently excluded from the list are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt.

Link Shopify store to Amazon to allow the selection of suitable promotions and pricing, range of products and categories to sell, choice of fulfillment model, etc., through the app. Explore further to figure out how to sell products on Amazon Marketplace from the Shopify store:

  • Connect Multiple Amazon Accounts
  • Support all Categories
  • Product Template
  • Create Listings & Offers
  • Sync & Track Inventory in near Real-Time
  • Manage Orders & Shipment
  • Free 24×7 Support

Additionally, a dedicated account manager will walk you through all operations and would set up all your store requirements in the first go.

Marketing Services

Who doesn’t want to join the elite club of Amazon sellers? CedCommerce is here to help with expert marketing services for you. The three 3 major dimensions we promise to deliver A-class services are

Product Listing Optimization: Our experts will help you with perfect product listings keeping in mind all the SEO requirements and curating listings that are based on Keyword research, competitor analysis, title optimization, and brand representation.

Sponsored Ad Management: Running ads on Amazon helps you get better product visibility and improve conversion rates. To help you achieve this, our experts help you with audience targeting, campaign strategy creation, Bidding strategy, ACos Management, and much more.

A+ Content/ EBC designing: Be it about creative layouts, highly optimized content, or visual representation of your brand and theme, our experts will do it all along with some exclusive store creation and set-up services.

And here is a deal for YOU! We are delighted to extend 10% off on any marketing services you choose during BFCM. GRAB NOW!

And here we come to the end of the blog! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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