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How to switch your multisite store from single page ?

How to switch your multisite store from single page ?


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In today’s world  people wants to shop different things by sites which are dedicate for that thing means they usually prefer that website which is specialized for its products. So if you want to grow your business you need to create multiple sites for different sections but if you create multiple sites then how will you mange them properly?? that is a very big question. So we are here to help you solve your this problem we introduced you our new plugin Multisite Store Viewer.


Multisite Store Viewer is really helpful for those who feels difficulty in browsing there multi sites and their users also feels difficulty to search their sites. Now you can easily manage your multiple site from a single page.There is a page for your multiple stores and users can  then browse really easily from all your sites. You to can also have ease to access all your websites in very organized way.


How to create multisite store viewer page?


Multi sites store viewer allows you to use a short code that will do magic for your. Create a page where you want to list all sites and write [CED_MULTISITE_LIST] and save. multisite store


The short code will provide you the list of all your multi stores in a very attractive manner. From site list page you can easily switch between your sites and your users can to.



mutisite list


The plugin  also allows you to search between multiple sites. There is search box for this feature.


site search


That’s all about the new plugin Multi site Viewer by CedCommerce. I explain you all about this amazing plugin. This is also available on WordPress your download it here.  We will be happy to hear from you please give us your precious suggestions and comments. Also don’t forget to checkout our product gallery here.


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