Super Saturday 2022
Making The Most Of Super Saturday 2022 On Amazon

Making The Most Of Super Saturday 2022 On Amazon


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What is Super Saturday and Why is it so Important?

Super Saturday is also called Panic Saturday & the names derive from the energy of the day: Panicked last-minute shoppers who drive super sales!

Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas Eve for retailers and their customers.

For businesses, it represents the last hurrah to maximize sales during the highly-important holiday season. And for shoppers, it’s one of the last chances to get the year’s best deals.

Sure, its proximity to other crucial festive season days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday does prevent retailers from investing extra resources to lure customers. Still, Super Saturday is a critical day for business owners who want to end the year on a high note.

In 2019, Super Saturday retail sales reached $34.4 billion, beating the previous year’s figures by 7%. In 2021 alone, Super Saturday was the second busiest shopping day in the U.S., beating 2020’s figures by 19.4%.

This year in 2022, Super Saturday falls a full week before Christmas Eve on December 17.

Whether or not any given Super Saturday will also boost online shopping & sales for Small and Medium Business store owners depends on where it falls. The closer Christmas Eve is, the lesser the probability shoppers will get their gifts in time.

This year, there’s, fortunately, a good enough time between Super Saturday and Christmas Eve for last-minute packages to arrive if online shoppers can get priority deliveries. What does it mean for you as a Seller? it means you should be ready—your online store should be up to date and you should provide the option for next-day delivery if possible, one-day delivery for Amazon Prime sellers.

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

How to make the most out of this Super Saturday?

There are a few simple ways in which you can maximize your Super Saturday:-

1. Try Offering Curbside Pickup, Same-Day Local Delivery

As an online store owner & retailer, you can offer multiple ways to shop on Super Saturday to meet changing demands.

While Super Saturday 2022 falls early enough for some last-minute eCommerce purchases to arrive in time, offering curbside pickup helps mitigate anxieties among local shoppers about overloaded post offices.

2. Maximize Shipping Times

Many customers will opt to take the online route for Super Saturday & Amazon customers will most likely expect their product to be shipped and to arrive in/before time for Christmas. As a seller/store owner, you’ll need to communicate clearly with your customers about their shipping options. Providing Free Shipping can significantly benefit you if you offer the same facility to customers.

3. Send Exclusive, Segmented Offer Emails

To make the most of your email list for Super Saturday, start by updating your contacts for your email lists & analyze your customers’ buying patterns. Try crafting a segmented email marketing list that showcases your last-minute holiday promotions and offers. Focus on customers who haven’t shopped with you in a while with a ‘we miss you’ email campaign, as this will be a good time to rekindle lost love!

To help save time, you can automate your “Welcome Back” emails for lapsed customers by offering super-slick marketing & loyalty offers.

It will be a good idea to segment and target these emails to customers within driving or delivery distance while sharing all the relevant information about the delivery options, including curbside pickup or local delivery.

Super Saturday is also a great day to liquidate your inventory as the year ends.

4. Highlight Your Social Media Presence

Improving your brand visibility & getting seen on social media is a great way to push your last-minute Super Saturday efforts. You can also put some of your budgets into boosting your social media efforts by investing in paid advertising to increase your brand visibility to a larger audience, as a lot of time the customers will be spent online during this holiday season.

If you don’t have this budget, then you should go the organic way; showing up on Social media & utilizing video content is a great way to move forward. Posting pictures of your products on Facebook/Instagram can help capture a lot of attention from prospective customers.

If you are running any flash discounts for Super Saturday, post them as a Story on Instagram and Facebook.

Super Saturday 2022 with Amazon By CedCommerce

With the holiday season up and running, it becomes imperative for all sellers, irrespective of their business size, to use services from people who have expertise in integrating multiple marketplaces. For all you Shopify sellers planning to sell on Amazon, you must take a look at the Amazon By CedCommerce native sales channel app on the Shopify app store.

The Amazon by CedCommerce app will assist and handle retailer operations. In addition, it’s right from scratch! Some of the more nifty features of the app include:-

  • List new or link existing Amazon inventory with Shopify
  • Simplified order flow from Amazon to Shopify
  • Near real-time product data syncing
  • Smart bulk editing with predefined templates
  • Steady multi-account connectivity
  • Support for multiple country Amazon accounts from one single app
  • Support for Amazon Handmade & all Amazon categories

CedCommerce services for Amazon sellers will help to escalate businesses and define a new standard in the market. With our amazon 24×7 customer services and dedicated account managers, selling on Amazon couldn’t get easier than before.

The Amazon by CedCommerce app for Shopify sellers makes business operations accessible and smooth.

It’s time to put your sales efforts into high gear to get new and old customers to choose your store this Super Saturday. Good luck!

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