Magento MultiVendor Mobile App
How Magento MultiVendor Mobile App Boosted Sales of its Users ?

How Magento MultiVendor Mobile App Boosted Sales of its Users ?


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Howsoever good a platform be there is always a stagnation point for sales. This is because users use different devices to access the internet. And it is no hidden fact that M-commerce is increasing exponentially, almost belittling the meteoric rise of E-commerce. It, therefore, comes as an opportunity to render services to the millions of user on mobile.

With 5000+ Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace User around the world, the Magento Multivendor Marketplace Extension continues to help vendors get familiar with the dynamics of Multi-Vendor Marketplace platform, thereafter they can upgrade or buy some add-ons to further boost their sales. But as aforementioned there is a limit to it thus came MultiVendor Mobile  App for Magento 1 users and soon to be available for Magento 2 users too.

Designed to cater to the users of Cedcommerce Multi-vendor Magento Marketplace, the app ensured an increase in traffic, traction and sales. Moreover, the App has two variants for the end users – Customer app and for Vendors selling on the Marketplace- Vendors. And how it – the customer app – did it for many of the users and how it can work for you as well. Let’s understand.

An app howsoever may be technically proficient and bug-free if do not have great navigational experience or tools that make visit enriching can\t be successful. This has been addressed to the core in the Multi-Vendor Mobile App for Magento 1.

1. Great Search Options:

Easy Search

One of the prominent features of the success of any marketplace is products are readily available. Causing delay in getting desired product ends up making customer frustrated. And most probably they are gone forever. The Multi-Vendor Mobile App has a great search option where customers can search for their desired products and get the results immediately. The greater the search is the more products can be seen, making it easier for the customer to decide on the desired product and if they don’t purchase anything revisit is guaranteed from them.


                                                            2. Transparent Pricing Policy:

Transparent Pricing

One of the major reasons for abandoning the cart by the customers has been the opaque pricing policy. Upon the final purchase many other costs are added to the MRP of the product such as Shipping Charges or taxes, and if the pricing doesn’t account for the added prices, customers feel betrayed and they abandon the cart. The Multi-Vendor Mobile App is free from this flaw and has a transparent pricing policy in place that accounts for all the costs.



3. Rich Aesthetics:


Apart from the quality of the product, aesthetics also account for the reason that influences the decision making, same is for the App. An app that is easily navigable and employs intriguing aesthetics – theme and design – is preferred by the users. Not-so-good looking sites howsoever may be effective they are can’t match the success of an app which is both effective and aesthetically pleasant. This is also making consumer take notice of multi-vendor app, helping marketplace users to amass the customers via the app.

 4. Easy Onboarding:


The days of filling long forms, going on endlessly through never-ending menus have long been over. The easy onboarding has taken the place and those who are utilizing this feature are benefiting most from it. The consumer expects easy registration, easier navigation and easiest and secure mode to pay and check out. They want seamless experience throughout, rich information about products and minimal fuss while shopping. However, the opposite compels users to leave the app and most of them who leave never come back again. This can be dangerous for your prospects and benefit your competitors. This where the Multi-Vendor app is helping entrepreneurs, the easy onboarding process maximizes the retention rates of consumers compelling them to visit again.


5. Segmentation and Information:


To facilitate easy navigation, proper categorization of products is uber important. Segmenting all the like products under the same category helps the user easily reach to products they are confident to buy. And the product information takes from here on. Any product without its comprehensive details is bound to fail; failure of not being purchased. Information is of many types from to-the-point precise text to rich images and customer reviews, all are the part of the product information. Multi-Vendor Mobile App tackles this issue beautifully, providing rich information about

products and categorizing the products is helping consumer arrive at decisions quickly.


This the age of the information, the more the better. Multi-Vendor app acts as an additional channel of spreading information to your consumers, purchasing products from the Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace. Giving them another channel not only helps you heap sales and provide information in more diverse ways, it also helps you to get all the more important new customers. It has benefited many of its users – proud owners of the Magento CedCommerce Marketplace – why can’t it benefit you!

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