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Houzz, Walmart Canada and eBay integrations for Magento 1 are now available on Magento Marketplace

Houzz, Walmart Canada and eBay integrations for Magento 1 are now available on Magento Marketplace


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Magento sellers can easily sell their products at Walmart Canada, Houzz, and eBay because integration extensions for the same are now available on Magento Marketplace. These extensions can help sellers sell with ease on these marketplaces.

These extensions facilitate easy and the bulk listing of products and automatic synchronization of Price, Inventory, and Orders.


Now buy eBay, Houzz and Walmart Canada integrations of Magento 1 from Magento Marketplace.


Other Extensions from Cedcommerce

There are several other extensions from Cedcommerce which are available on the Magento Marketplace such as Bonanza Magento Integration, ManoMano Magento Integration, Newegg Magento Integration, Sears Magento Integration, and so on.


A motivational message from the co-founders of Cedcommerce, Himanshu Rauthan, and Abhishek Jaiswal stated that “ Cedcommerce team performed exceptionally once again in order to achieve milestones, this extension will enable even more sellers to showcase their products on giant marketplaces. ”


Features of the Extensions

1) Unlimited Product Upload – These extensions don’t put any bar on the number of products to be uploaded on Marketplaces. It facilitates the hassle-free uploading of products from the seller panel.

2) Bulk Uploading –  These extensions reduce your time and effort. It facilitates to upload the products in bulk in just a single click.

3) Auto-Synchronisation of Inventory – The integration auto-synchronizes the inventory and product status with marketplace which reflects the changes made on Magento store on the Marketplace and vice-versa.

4) Unlimited Auto Synchronisation of Orders – Crons, Automated Programming Jobs helps to fetch orders automatically from the Marketplace seller panel to Magento store. Also, Crons help to synchronize your order periodically.

5) Notifications – Enables sellers to receive notifications of the orders generated from Marketplace in two ways- on their Magento store and on their registered e-mail.

6) Rejected Product Notification – If any case, sellers product gets rejected from the marketplace, it’s information will be fetched from automatically synchronized requests along with the error due to which it was rejected.

7) Archive and Unarchive Products – Now seller can enable or disable it’s products on Marketplaces using the extension’s Archive & Unarchive feature. While the Archive will disable your products on Marketplace, Unarchive will enable the archived products on Marketplaces.



Availability and Pricing

Walmart Canada Magento Integration is ready to download from the Magento marketplace at very reasonable price. To purchase the extension Click Here.

eBay Magento Integration comes with a multitude of features and would be light on your pocket too. Click Here to purchase the extension.

Houzz Magento Integration is another very affordable solution. To puchase the extension Click Here.



About Cedcommerce:

Cedcommerce was established in 2010, It is an e-commerce web development corporation. It has enabled 3500+ active sellers to sell successfully across 40+ marketplaces and also Cedcommerce is the official channel partner of marketplaces like Walmart, Newegg, Sears, fruugo and Tophatter.


eBay Position in E-commerce Market:

eBay covers the widest area in the United States and in Europe. In only United States it has 167 million active users. eBay has covered other continents as well, such as – North and South America, Middle East Asia and Europe. Ebay charges a commision of 7-10% from the sellers on the successful sale of their product on the marketplace.


Walmart Canada Position in E-commerce Market:

Walmart has covered the widest range in Canada and it has more than 400 stores nationwide where 1.2 million customers make purchases daily. It has more than 1,20,000 products in their stores. The total number of visitors are more than 6,00,000.


Houzz Position in E-commerce Market:

Houzz operates in many regions such as United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand and caters to the widest range of customers also. It has more than 40 million unique visitors. More than 20,000 sellers are selling their products on Houzz.




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