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The Ultimate list of Magento e-commerce extensions to boost your Online Sales by 1000%

The Ultimate list of Magento e-commerce extensions to boost your Online Sales by 1000%


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Are you struggling with your online sales, or are your sales just average or you recently tasted the great online sales? If you belong to any of the categories, you would definitely be vouching for THE TRICK to boost your online sales. But wait, there is no trick, and no magic wand either. But there are strategies – carefully crafted and implemented with surgical precision.


However, to craft and implement a killer marketing campaign is not everyone’s cup of Tea. It’s not the question of capabilities, it’s a question of exposure. Most new entrepreneurs struggle as they’re not abreast with latest trends, so they lose out on sales. And, budget constraints don’t let them hire marketers that drive mass attention towards them.

As a result, they struggle in the face of cut-throat competition. Period.



But not every door is closed for you. If you can’t devise a killer strategy, no problem at all. Although you can install tools. Tools are nobody’s monopoly. They are impartial. And, whoever install them, they work for them. Hence, here is the list of ultimate list of Magento eCommerce Extensions that can boost your online sales 10 times.


1. Customer Reward Management:

According to Colloquy Reward Survey, the U.S. consumers hold 3.3 billion memberships in customer reward schemes. And this trend is followed worldwide. Since the majority of sales comes from repeated customers, it’s always advisable to reward them. And the customer reward management tool lets you achieve the same.


With this Magento extension, you can set rules for rewarding the customers. You can individually reward the customers. The customers can redeem their points. Also, you get the end-to-end control over the customer reward strategy. Therefore, it’s an effective way to increase your revenue manifold over the period of time.


2. Refer-a-Friend:

According to Newyork Times, 65% new business comes from referral and for B2B cases the percentage increases to 90%. Refer a friend has been an effective marketing strategy for the pre-launch of new products and service. However, it can be utilized for the popular products as well. Promise your customer a discount/perk on the popular product and, in turn, get new customers.


And this Magento eCommerce Extensions helps you achieve the same. With this tool, you can offer flat rate discounts, points or any other perk that best suits your customers’ interest. The one-time investment in the app can get you lots of new customers, and then you can reward the new customer with Customer Management extension and the chain continues.


3. Walmart Magento 2 and, 4. Jet Magento 2 extension:

There is no need to explain the gravity of the opportunity that selling on different platform carries with itself. You can get an unexpected amount of traffic and new customers to your Magento website. Since, Amazon and Ebay are already crowded, selling on these fast rising marketplace platforms – & – can help you earn awesome revenue. Moreover, there is less competition on these platforms.


These Magento eCommerce Extensions help you upload your products on these platforms; manage inventory and shipment, making them your one-stop destination to manage multi-channel selling.

Also, all the recursive updates are free along with exceptional customer service.


5. Online Auction System

Auction system doesn’t always work for priced possessions but it can be used to great extent with general products as well. The best example is Quibids. It has leveraged the online auction to drive sales and new customers. On the platform bid only increases by the single unit, and one has to place bid within stipulated time or the last bidder wins.


Now comes the great part, all the participants who lost doesn’t get their money back. Rather, they get the same discount equivalent to the money they put in the auction. And, if they win they get the product almost half the prices of what it actually costs. In this way, no customer losses, although Quibids wins big time.

And with these extensions, you can implement the same rules in your auction and many more settings.


6. Rich Product Pins

Listing products on the Social Networking Sites is the trend to follow. Especially if you offer consumer products such as electronics, appliances, beauty products, and health and wellness products. Social media is the largest rendezvous of your prospects. Pinterest has 100 million active users. And pinning your products on this platform will most definitely help you drive traction and sales.


As mentioned above Great Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea but installing these extensions are. Furthermore, these Magento eCommerce Extensions don’t require any marketing strategy rather they either consolidate your existing customers, gets new customers through word of mouth or through the increased visibility of your products on different marketplaces or social media platforms. Thus require no marketing skills.


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