Magento 2 Released
Magento 2 GA Released

Magento 2 GA Released


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Magento 2 Release Marks the Commencement of an Entirely New E-Commerce Experience

The launch of much awaited Magento 2 promises a complete rejuvenescence of e-commerce sites. CedCommerce feels privileged to witness the moment and shares its views on this occasion.

With many advanced features, Magento 2 is set to revolutionize the e-commerce niche. From a great UX design to a flexible architecture, from scalability to secure payments provisioning, all the much required features are incorporated in Magento 2. You name it and you have it!

The efforts of Magento team truly require admiration. The beta version contained a few bugs, but the final replenished release is accomplished. CedCommerce congratulates the Magento team upon the great feat achieved. Magento 2 has virtually become one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms.

CedCommerce is all set for Magento 2

CedCommerce stepped into Magento 2 development with the launch of the beta version of the same. Since then we are developing robust and error free extensions for our clients. A lot of research and effort go into developing a required extension. Our dedicated development team, with hands on experience working with Magento 2, strives to bring out great extensions with unique features.

We also released blogs on Magento 2 Architecture, Request Flow, Installation on Linux systems, Installation on Windows System, Hello World Module and Products Featured Slider.

A lot of research and effort goes into making an extension working as per the needs. Our dedicated development team with hands on experience in Magento 2 keeps on striving to bring out extensions with unique features.

Our product gallery features Developer Debug Tools, Module Creator Service and Social Login developed in Magento 2. Our Module Creator Service and Developer Debug Tools module is used by many our customers who are themselves developers and they are actually benefiting from our extensions.

We endeavor to write easy-to-customize code and develop user-friendly frontend and backend interfaces. We have demo available for all our Magento 2 extensions and well authored respective user guides. Videos are also made available for a few extensions in order to provide a pragmatic functional experience.

 Stage Set for Magento 2

CedCommerce welcomes this glorious launch and is all set to usher in Magento 2 development. Our upcoming Magento 2 extensions include Store-Pickup, Refer a Friend, Premium Matrix Rate and Blog Extension. Not only this much, we have more than 50 new Magento 2 extensions coming up later this month. We’ll soon be releasing new extensions and upgrades of our old extensions. Our continuous research will bring out even better extensions. Sure, with us the possibilities are limitless!

To add to this, our most popular Marketplace Basic extension (developed in Magento) which is used by more than 1000 of our customers in also about to be launched within a month as Marketplace 2.


With the dawn of Magento 2, CedCommerce can focus even better on the requirements that will fuel clients’ success. Our renewed development approach promises our clients unparalleled and high-end quality products in days to come. Once again, we congratulate the Magento team for the breakthrough!

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