Get a smooth running Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

Get a smooth running Magento 2 Affiliate Extension


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Affiliate Program is one of the best way of marketing, where you refer online products to someone. When the person buys the product on your recommendation ,then the merchant pays commission to you for generating traffic and sales prompted by your referrals. Nowadays people all over the world are shopping on the Internet.It is an upcoming, fast-spreading way of doing business than traditional retail model. And if you have affiliates to promote your products over the Internet then you can easily reach  lots of customers. In Affiliate Extension you will get commission which will be based on your performance such as number of sales, number of clicks, registrations, etc.


Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. -Bo Bennet


Affiliate Program is turning out to be an effective marketing strategy when it comes to promoting an e-Commerce business. AvantLink, one of the industry’s leading networks to track sales have mentioned in their report that affiliate sellers observed 45.7% increase in new customers. E-Commerce giants like Amazon, e Bay etc are already using this strategy to promote their business. Their soaring profit proves that affiliate marketing is a powerful method when it comes to promoting one’s business.



Affiliate marketing generally involves four entities:-


Merchant- Who sells the product online.

Affiliate- Can be an individual person or a company who promotes merchant’s products and gets commission on each sale.

Affiliate Network- A platform between Merchant and Affiliate, Whenever a visitor clicks on an affiliate link a cookie is dropped into their browser to track them. If they purchase something , then the merchant is notified that they received that customer from the respective affiliate and gives them commission for  the sale.

The customer- Buys the products from merchant through the affiliates.



Example of Affiliate Extension-


Let’s assume Katie is a blogger and shares reviews about the most trending products on her blogs and the review contains the link to the merchant’s website where those trending products can be purchased.So she is working as an affiliate. After reading the review Iva (a visitor) buys the products through the shared link and the affiliate will get the commission for referring the buyer to the merchant’s website.



Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Overview-


In simple terms, an affiliate program is an offer from the merchant that encourages people to join the affiliate program. The affiliates are required to share the banner link of merchant’s website on their own website or any other social media platform. These banners can be in the form of text, images or videos.


With our Affiliate extension, Merchant can set the commission for affiliates on each sale and each sign up of the users referred by the affiliate. Commission can be either fixed type or percentage type. Merchant can offer the commission through multiple payment methods like bank transfer, Paypal, cheque or affiliate wallet. And merchant also have the option to hold the Affiliate’s commission for a certain period of time.


Magento 2 Affiliate Extension rewards the affiliate users to earn commissions on the basis of per sale or per sign up. Affiliate is also entitled to earn lifetime commission on every transaction of the user referred by them. Affiliates can share the unique affiliate URLs on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.



Affiliate System Magento 2 Features-


  • Merchant can decide the commission or discount levels of the first order and the following ones.
  • Merchant receives a notification after Affiliate account registration and for the transactions of the Affiliates through emails.
  • Merchant can offer the affiliates to receive the commission through the multiple payment methods such as bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, or affiliate wallet.
  • Merchant can access the payment and the transaction history of the affiliates.
  • Merchant is able to set the minimum balance that the affiliates have to maintain before requesting to withdraw the money.
  • Merchant can control and configure the withdrawals of the affiliate accounts.
  • Affiliate can transfer the commission to the Affiliate Wallet.
  • Affiliate can request to withdraw the commission amount.
  • Affiliate can get the commission amount on the basis of per sale and per sign up.
  • After succeeding in referring a friend to the store, the Affiliate is entitled to the lifetime commissions from that friend transactions.
  • Affiliate receives a notification for registration, approvals or disapprovals, and for the transactions through e-mails.



How Magento 2 Affiliate Extension works?


Merchant’s end-


After the successful installation of Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Admin has to set up the configuration settings to enable the features and to use the extension.


Entire Affiliate configuration is divided into 5 parts-


(1) Affiliate Account-

The Affiliate Account section provides the ability to enable the module, Admin approval,notification on account approval,enable and enter terms and conditions.


Affiliate Program


Enable affiliate system: Select Yes to enable the Affiliate extension.

Require admin approval: Select Yes if the Admin approval is needed to approve the affiliate registration account.

Notify Admin on account creation: Select Yes to notify the Admin when an affiliate creates an affiliate account.

Enable Terms and Conditions for Signup Page: Select Yes to enable the Terms And Conditions  on the Signup Page.

Enter Terms and Condition: Enter the content of the Terms And Conditions.


(2) Affiliate Commission-

In Affiliate Commission section merchant can set the commission type,commission value,different commission from second order,allow second order place commission for guest user,lifetime sale commission,hold period and commission deduction on credit memo.


Affiliate Extension


Commission type: It is the unit of the commission price. It can be Percentage and Fixed

Enter the commission: Enter the commission value, either in a percentage of fixed, as per selected Commission Type.

Use Different Commission from second order: Select Yes if wanted to use the different commission rate from the second order.

Allow second order place commission for guest user: Select yes for allowing guest user.

Commission type from second order: This appears only if the Use Different Commission From Second Order field is set to Yes. It is the unit of the commission price entered in the Enter the Commission field.

Enter the Commission: Enter the commission value, either in a percentage of fixed, as per the selected Commission Type.

Lifetime Sales Commission: Select Yes if the lifetime sales commission needs to be applied.

Give Commission when Order Status Is: ‘Select the order status’ when the commission rate is applicable.

Holding Period(in days): Enter the number of days till when the Admin can hold the commission amount after the order status is complete.

Allow Commission to deduct when credit memo is created: Select Yes or No as per the need.



(3) Commission Withdrawal

In commission withdrawal section you can allow affiliates to use commission as  store credit,allow them to make request for withdrawal, min account for withdrawal request, include service tax, service tax type, service tax charges and no. of days to cancel the withdrawal request.


Affiliate Extension



Allow Affiliate to use commission as a Store Credit: Select Yes or No as per the need.

Allow Affiliate to request for withdrawal: Select Yes or No as per the need.

Set min. amount for withdrawal request: Enter the minimum amount that the affiliate can request for withdrawal.

Include Service Tax: Select Yes or No as per the need.

Service Tax Type: It is the unit of the ‘Service Tax Charges’ entered in the ‘Enter Service Tax Charges’  box.

Enter Service Tax Charges: Enter the ‘Service Tax Charges’ value, either in a percentage of a fixed value or  as per the selected ‘Service Tax Type’ option.

Affiliate will cancel the request within specified days: Enter the required number of days.


(4) Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend allows you to specify Signup Bonus, Referral Reward,Denomination Range, Discount Coupon Validity, Support Email id, Allowed Social Network sites, Allow Affiliate to share link from product listing and product details page, default subject and content for email.


Affiliate Extension


Signup Bonus: Enter the Sign-Up Bonus amount.

Referral Reward: Enter the Referral Reward amount.

Denomination Range: Enter the denomination range of the currency.

Discount Coupon Validity(In Days): Enter the validity period of the discount coupon in  number of days.

Support Email Id: Enter the email Id of the support team.

Allowed Social Networking Sites: In the list, select the required social networking Web sites.

Allow Affiliate to share link from Product Listing: Select Yes or No as per the need.

Allow Affiliate to share link from Product Details Page: Select Yes or No as per the need.

Default Subject for Email: Enter the subject of the email.

Default Sharing Subject Content: Enter the required default content


(5) Discount Configuration

In Discount Configuration merchant can decide what to do when shopping cart discount is set , choose a discount type and value and enable discount from the second customer order.


Affiliate Extension


Apply Discount to: Select the required option to which the discount need to apply.

Discount Type: It is the unit of the discount price entered in the Enter Discount Based on Discount Type box. Fixed Per Cart and Percentage Per Cart

Enter Discount based on discount type: Enter the discount value, either in a percentage of fixed based on the selected Discount Type value.

Enable Second Order Discount: Select Yes or No as per the need.

Discount Type: Select the required value.

Enter Discount Based on Discount Type: Enter the discount amount based on the selected Discount Type.


Affiliate End-

Create an Affiliate Account-

To avail the features of the Affiliate Marketing Program, the affiliate has to create an affiliate account on the front-end panel of the store.


Affiliate Extension


Once the Admin approves the request you become a verified affiliate and are entitled to enjoy the perks of being an affiliate.



Sharing Banners Links And Earn Commission


Once the affiliates register themselves with the store they receive numerous banners and links, created by Admin, to use on their website. The Affiliate is required to share the banner links either on its own website or on various social platform. When the customers click one of those links or banners and make purchase on the store owner’s website, the corresponding affiliate member earns the commission on that.


Affiliate Extension


Refer And Earn


The benefits of being an affiliate do not end here. Affiliate can send referral links to encourage more people to join the Affiliate Marketing Program. In turn, both the referral and the newly joined affiliate will earn some bonus points.


Affiliate Extension



Affiliate can also view the invited friends and referral details.


Affiliate Marketing



Be updated with all your transactions


The affiliate user can request to withdraw his commission through his desired payment method and can view the transaction details of the Commission Withdrawal Request on the Transaction Summary page.


Magento 2 Affiliate Extension



Magento 2 Affiliate System benefits for Affiliate users-


There are many benefits of being an affiliate some are listed below-

  • Affiliates can maximize earnings from the visitors to your website with no cost and effort.
  • Joining an affiliate marketing is usually free and can be done easily through a quick online registration process.
  • Placing affiliate banner adverts on your website requires only very basic knowledge and is quick to do.
  • Being an affiliate doesn’t require any expertise or specialist product knowledge for the products and services you choose to advertise.
  • Affiliates do not need to worry about stock control, processing orders, processing payments or invoicing as this is all done by the merchant.
  • Affiliate marketing can be done from anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity.



Magento 2 Affiliate Extension price-


You can refer to the following link in order to know more about the description, and pricing etc.


Affiliate Extension



Why Choose CedCommerce Magento 2 Affiliate Module?


Well, as already said Affiliate Marketing helps your e-Commerce business to grow by connecting with a larger customer base. When multiple reliable e-Commerce businesses are promoting your products then the chances of sales become high.


Analyzing the utility of Affiliate Program CedComemerce offers Affiliate Extension For Magento 2. It incorporates all the important features that an Affiliate Program should have.


You can also the user guide: Affiliate Extension for Magento 2 – Affiliate User Guide

Affiliate Extension for Magento 2 – Admin Guide



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