Know why Shopify is proving out to be the best choice in 2019

Know why Shopify is proving out to be the best choice in 2019


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Portland, Oregon[25-05-2019]: The concept of creating an online brand has hiked up in the past 4-5 years. The following are the reasons for this occurrence in the eCommerce scenario-

1) Need for the personalized selling process.
2) The desire for increased brand recognition
3) Trustworthy Customer Base


With the enhancement of urge in people to start their own brand and grow it every day, we see that most people choose SaaS-Based platforms to develop their online brand.

“SaaS-Based” platforms come with the benefit of maximum credibility with minimum IT Support.

During our process of analyzing the trending frameworks, we came across Shopify as being one of the most preferred platforms to develop an online store.

Have a look at the statistics:

create an online shopify store




The above graph depicts the continuous growth pattern in the number of Shopify merchants, thereby, proving it to be a profitable platform to start an online store.

The most noteworthy point about Shopify is that it is extending its hold to the South-East Asian Countries like Singapore.
In the recently held, Singapore eCommerce Day 2019, Top Shopify sellers were invited to speak of their journey of making their Shopify stores successful.

Quoting Christabel Chua, a Shopify store holder-“On Social media: Be consistent and engage your audience.”


Christabel conveys that one can perform well on Shopify with proper SEO & Digital Marketing tricks.

Another leading Shopify seller Priscilla, present at the event spoke of how Shopify is growing its roots to the South-East Asian Countries. This clearly depicts that the countries like Indonesia, Singapore, etc. which stepped into the eCommerce world with the concept of DropShipping is now heading towards creating individual brands.

how to sell on shopify


Thus, Singapore & other South-East Asian countries can be targeted by Shopify sellers to expand their online store.

CedCommerce’s New Shopify Launches:

1) eBay Channel-Integration: We are going to launch our eBay Integration app to help Shopify sellers to easily list & manage their Shopify products on eBay.

In a conversation with Mr.Abhishek Jaiswal & Mr.Himanshu Rauthan stated-

The app has been designed to help the Shopify sellers surge up their business on eBay marketplace. The app is sure to make the process of Product(price, inventory, etc) & order management easy for the sellers.


Prominent Features of the app:

i) Quick Onboarding: Executing the initial steps of getting your hands on the app is just a matter of a few minutes. The Onboarding Steps consist of all the important procedures (Registration, Category Mapping, etc). This reduces further efforts while using the app.


ii) Profiling: The app provides the option to group products and assigns various business policies (Shipping, Payment & Return), templates(Inventory, Pricing, Title & Category). You can put products in a profile on the basis of different product properties such as product type, vendor, etc.


iii) Manageable Templates: There is a segregated section in the app that allows the users to create Title, Inventory, Category (apart from the one set during Onboarding) & Price Templates to make the process of selling on eBay automated.


iv) Easy Listing: The app helps to easy list Shopify products on eBay. The product details are properly fetched from Shopify to the app and are flawlessly conveyed to eBay.


v) Product Management: The app helps you to edit/update the details of your Shopify products and reflect the same on eBay.

vi) Order Management: Fetch the orders received on eBay to the app & fulfill them from your Shopify store through the app.



2) Walmart Channel Integration (version:2.1): We have recently updated our Walmart Channel Integration App from version 2.0 to 2.1 by upgrading the Polaris feature of the app.
Our developers have put in their heart & soul to implement Polaris in a way that corresponds almost completely to Shopify.

This has been brought into practice to help the Shopify sellers have a familiar look and feel while they use our app to sell their Shopify products on Walmart.





To emerge out as a leading Shopify seller, one can view the South-Asian audience as a suitable target to pitch their products. To sell on eBay, Shopify sellers can make use of our, soon to launch, eBay Channel-Integration. We have even upgraded our Walmart Marketplace Integration with updated Polaris components to make it look familiar to the Shopify sellers.

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