Key Statistics you must know about the Walmart marketplace
Key Statistics you must know about the Walmart marketplace

Key Statistics you must know about the Walmart marketplace


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With the rise of online shopping and the convenience shoppers get, your online presence on Walmart, the leading marketplace in the US, cannot be ignored. If you are not selling on Walmart yet, you are losing out on the vast sales opportunities and the visibility your products are likely to gain. Onboard and sell on Walmart, the world’s largest omnichannel retailer attracting over 100 million unique visitors a month, and see your sales rising high. If you are an online seller or planning to be one, learn about the key statistics of Walmart and understand the momentum of the retail giant’s eCommerce marketplace-Walmart. The beginning

The year 2000 marks the beginning of the retail king Walmart’s online store sells products covering a wide range of product categories, including apparel, electronics, toys, furniture, appliances, and many more.

Key statistics about the Walmart marketplace

Some key statistics crucial for those willing to sell or the ones already selling on Walmart are as follows:

Number of Walmart shoppers

There are around 100 million unique monthly visitors to This number varies and peaks during the festive season. As per Statista, Walmart attracted over 600 million visitors in the festive season of 2021.Number of Walmart shoppers

Image Source: Statista

Also, the global coronavirus pandemic resulted in a 74% increase in sales. This was mainly because of the government guidelines to stay at home, and so more and more people came to Walmart to buy the things that they need during the pandemic. Though the pandemic is almost gone, this number is showing a continuous increase as the number of people working from home is still significant.

Walmart sales figures

Statista reveals that online Walmart sales are increasing year over year. From over 5000 million USD in 2014, its online sales have reached an all-time high figure of over 62,000 million USD in 2022.Walmart sales figures

Image Source: Statista

Number of sellers on Walmart

Over 130,000 sellers were selling on the Walmart marketplace at the end of 2021. Walmart also attracted sellers with new programs, like New Seller Savings. This program helped new sellers in easy onboarding on the Walmart marketplace and gave them relaxation in the fee they need to pay to Walmart when making a sale. So they can sell without worrying about the referral fee of Walmart.

Additionally, Walmart’s program Walmart Fulfillment Services(WFS) also helped Walmart in bringing those sellers on its platform who want to simplify product fulfillment from the Walmart marketplace. Sellers who don’t want to get indulged in inventory management and shipment can easily master selling on Walmart with the WFS program. All you need to do is be a Walmart seller and apply for the WFS program, and once approved, outsource the product fulfillment to Walmart at a small fee.

Number of products/product categories on Walmart

There are products categorized into 35 categories on Walmart. Leaving the products prohibited by Walmart, you can sell almost anything that aligns with Walmart’s policies. From electronics to furniture, apparel to appliances, toys to watches, jewelry to musical instruments, and tools to hardware, the list of products that you can sell at Walmart is enormous. Just pick up the products most profitable for you and assign the best category to boost their visibility on the online shelves of

Number of Walmart plus members

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimate that as of January 2022, Walmart+ shoppers were slightly more than 25 percent of all customers. This accounted for about 11.5 million Walmart + members. With a small subscription fee, the Walmart plus program offers a wide range of benefits to Walmart customers.

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Steps to sell on Walmart

Follow the below steps to sell on the Walmart marketplace:

1st Step: Fill up the Walmart marketplace application form and wait for an approval email

2nd Step: Once approved, complete the registration

3rd Step: Finish your partner profile

4th Step: Set up items and upload inventory

5th Step: Launch your Walmart account

How to launch yourself on the Walmart marketplace?

If you are looking for expansion without worrying about paying monthly fees or item set-up fees, Walmart is for you. Selling on Walmart frees you from the fees that most online marketplaces charge. What all you need to pay to Walmart is a small category-wise referral fee and that too when your product sells, that’s it.Walmart Integration

The above Walmart statistics must have given you the key useful information you should know about Walmart. To sell on Walmart hassle-free, launch yourself on the Walmart marketplace with CedCommerce. The Ced experts will guide you on the ways to optimize your listings to gain maximum reach on Walmart. Plus they will be available 24/7 to assist you in selling seamlessly. Connect with us the way you feel comfortable, and an expert will guide you further.