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How It Works ? – API Integration By Cedcommerce.

How It Works ? – API Integration By Cedcommerce.


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Riding high on the wild success of – staggering growth 280 times than Amazon within the first year – vendors are using Jet API Integration for their stores. For it not only give them another channel for sale also do not charge any listing fee, monthly fee or signup fee. It does charge 8-15% commission on sales but they are returned to consumers in the form of Jet savings.

The real-time dynamic pricing engine has resonated with customers and more than 400,00 customers are joining up the platform each month. This made Cedcommerce take note as integrating the requires vendors to have pre-existing online stores which they need to connect with help of Jet API Integration.

For the same purpose, Cedcommerce has developed the extension for 12+ e-commerce frameworks for integration with Although Integration is the first step but it requires more than that: product mapping, products upload, and management are the tasks that are needed to be taken care off.

Below infographics depict the GENERAL process of integrating the online store with Jet and what follow after.




This is a generalized overview of process api integration, onboarding (category mapping & product uploads) and managing (orders, inventory, and shipping) from respective stores. Features may differ for different frameworks.

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