Jet API integration
The Secret  of Great Jet API Integration Services

The Secret of Great Jet API Integration Services


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With the rising popularity of Jet API Integration, sellers are increasingly lining up to connect their online stores with The company with its dynamic product search engine has struck the chord with the primary household of the U.S. Not only the new visitors are coming to the website but the has been successful in retaining the customers. It is always a great sign for a rising company. is not functional anymore. If you want to continue selling your inventories, we can assist you in shifting them to Walmart till July 16, 2020. This is not an automatic process, sellers will have to place a request through the Walmart Seller Center or Contact us. If you are a new seller wishing to sell on, don’t be disheartened, we can help you sell on instead.

However, to align the online stores with, sellers need the services of 3rd party Jet API integration services as the Jet doesn’t provide the panel. Therefore, sellers have to opt for a service that helps them feed the data of their online stores to with help of the multiple APIs of the

There are several companies that are providing the services or products for integration.

Some charge share in each purchase made some charge fix amount. Some use APIs to transfer the data, some use (Electronic Data Interchange). APIs are cost effective as no money is charged for data exchange whereas it costs a little when transferring the data through EDI.

Although depending upon their technology used or how much they cost often drive the decision in the favor of one than another, there goes, largely, one thing unnoticed: customer support.


Be it Jet API Integration or Walmart API integration, an exemplary customer support is the game changer. Great customer support ensures the seamless transition from sellers selling only through their websites to them selling through different channels. It is for the customer support that sellers are educated about the entire integration process and their all the doubts and issues troubleshooted.

The essence of great customer support can be captured into the following points:

1. Expert Training:

A very crucial point in the Integration services and critically important to make sellers familiar with the changes occurred after the installation of the 3rd party integration software is the expert training. Not everything remains same after the installation of the integration software. Although it doesn’t become an alien technology, still training is required to make sellers understand the nuances of the changed panel. This where expert training comes.

One extremely important thing to take a note of is that most companies provide the limited number of sessions for expert training that too, through emails and others charge for them. THESE are the hidden costs. Rather choose a service that provides you unlimited expert training. Competition is hard, take advantage of it.

2. After Sales Support:

Another extremely important aspect, purchasing of the 3rd party integration software or subscribing to their service is only the beginning, not the end. With these integration sellers would upload their products, make changes to the product’s information or inventories, receive orders from the respective marketplaces. Changes of different types occur during the process and whatsoever may be the technology, howsoever sophisticated it may be is prone to errors and bugs and in the integration business they can, sometimes, occur frequently. Among all the changes, one thing that remains constant and help you overcome all the problems is technical support.

Subscribing to Jet API Integration services that provide mediocre support only causes frustration to increase and undesirable delays. These are the pseudo losses that are immeasurable.

3. Recurring Updates:

Consider the example of or take the example of, they still are in their early days. They are working relentlessly to make their APIs more effective and facilitate integration. And to ensure this they release recurring updates which are to make the integration service or product.

However, subscribing to the integration services whose recurring update policy is not transparent may result in sellers paying additional money for the each update. More hidden costs.

4. Additionally, Support For Product Uploading And Configuration

Being a not-so-simple process of configuring the software, app or services, responsible for integration, guidance is required. Companies do provide necessary instructions BUT these instructions might not, necessarily, be able to clear the overall picture.

Here REAL-TIME assistance is the most effective. A support executive’s presence during configuration or product uploading process eliminates the difficulties to the significant levels. Only companies committed to great customer support provide the live assistance or upload the products or configures the extension at the customers’ behest.

Aforementioned points are essential for a successful integration with marketplaces. Companies that provide these services for FREE must be preferred over those that make money out of these services. It is for the customer support that eliminates all the unnecessary hurdles and takes rapid measure to ensure that the task is completed in the minimum time imparts the best experience, all else is secondary.

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