The Complete Guide: How To Increase Your eCommerce Sales with Comparison Shopping Engines

The Complete Guide: How To Increase Your eCommerce Sales with Comparison Shopping Engines


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“Fish where the fishes are.”


With numerous of eCommerce stores to compete with- Why not sell where your customers buy from?


Moreover, Comparison Shopping Engines are websites which make it relatively easy to enlarge your eCommerce sales.


These shopping engines are a behemoth when it comes to product searches.  


About 78% of respondents state that they prefer comparing the prices from different stores or sources before making purchases.


Which leads the Comparison Shopping Engines to draw more than 4 million clicks which accounts for more than $8 million dollar revenue.

About 60% of patrons depict their satisfaction with Comparison Shopping Engines.



There are these other sets of CSEs (Comparison Shopping Engines) which use a “pay for results” model, so even if a customer clicked through your website, you don’t pay if you didn’t make a sale.


While the top retailers are engaged in social media programs, paid searches, search engine optimization, and organic researches.


A Comparison Shopping Engine is sometimes an overlooked part of eCommerce strategy.


The beauty of Comparison Shopping Engines is to increase your eCommerce sales and minimize expenses.


Comparison Shopping Engines are said to gain a lot of momentum in the past years. Which has lead patrons keep their eye to get the best deal on products they want to buy.  


What are Comparison Shopping Engines?


Comparison Shopping Engines (also known as Shopping search engines, price comparison websites, comparison shopping websites) is a type of search engine which assesses the prices of similar merchandise and suggests related links to users.  


It brings the possibility for patrons to compare products from a wide range of choices and opt the one that’s most appealing.  


For instance, let’s say you are looking for shoes and want to see what your options are.


Or, maybe find the ones at best affordable prices.


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You can hit onto the most trending CSE’s around i.e. Google Shopping and initiate your search. Here’s what pops up-


increase your eCommerce sales with Comparison shopping engines


Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE’s) lay down the wide opportunity for retailers to draw new customers. Hence, enlarging their sales and matches the competition head-to-head.


Moreover, Comparison Shopping Engines are channels that gather products information, inclusive of pricing from collaborating retailers.


These shopping engines then exhibit the collaborative data on a single result in response to a shopper’s query. Just as product listing ads on a search results page.   


Furthermore, as the name suggests patrons can “compare” the features, prices and shipping costs of products from thousands of eCommerce stores in one place and opt the store provider that provides the best value.


Most of the Comparison Shopping Engines function on a “cost-per-click” basis, which implies you pay when a customer clicks on your product listing and goes to your website.


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With the everyday changing algorithms of social media and policies like GDPR, it is difficult to lead the race all the time.


Which brings down the usage of a well-thought-out product listings on CSEs.  


Comparison Shopping Engines not only increases your eCommerce sales in short span of time but also helps you-


  • Diversify the brand awareness,
  • Boost your eCommerce store’s visibility,
  • Drive qualified traffic to your store, and
  • Attract new customers.   


There is no denying the fact that all of this will substantially beef up your sales and revenue in a short frame of time.


Comparison Shopping Engine does not demand for any specific eCommerce store.


Besides, every retailer is free to list their products on (Comparison Shopping Engines) CSEs and receive just as much traffic and sales as the big players in the sphere.


CedCommerce Shopping Feed brings you a wide range of shopping engines options to shop from.


increase your ecommerce sales with comparison shopping engines


Are Comparison Shopping Engines a good fit for you?


Comparison Shopping Engines are said to make up anywhere from 5-50% of your clients net online revenue.


To cut it short, yes of course. Comparison Shopping Engines are indeed profitable ventures for your eCommerce sales.


increase your ecommerce sales with comparison shopping engines

Image Source:Volusion


Retailers have seen an increase in website traffic of up to 40% which is attributed to Comparison Shopping Engines.


Patrons are still Comparing Prices


There is no denying the fact that more than 65% of shoppers spend 15 minutes or more on comparing merchandise online.


94% of online shoppers are also investing time in finding the best-priced product before they finalize a purchase.


Prospects who view products on Comparison Shopping Engines are twice as likely to turn into a purchase, than those clicking on adwords ads.


Comparison Shopping Engines are acknowledging the growth of eCommerce twice as fast as compared to any other means.


Furthermore, when smartphones are at peak. The past months have significantly encountered a 67% increase in Comparison Shopping Engine transactions.




Comparison Shopping Engines acknowledge the increased traffic by 56% and resulted in ecommerce revenues of over $1 trillion. Google Shopping, Nextag, Price Grabber,  Amazon Product Ads, Shopzilla, and Bing are well-known examples amongst others.



Consumers spend quite a lot of time comparing price, and even more time on high priced products.


No matter how good you rank organically and in paid searches. Prospects would continue looking for a better price or similar product elsewhere.


Chances are they would redirect onto your competitor sites, but with Comparison Shopping Engines they would get a better insight of the products.


Also, Comparison Shopping Engines tend to bring better conversion rates.


 What are the benefits of Comparison Shopping Engines?


Comparison shopping engines are ruling the eCommerce world and bring you a wide variety of perks. Few of the benefits are:


  • Wider reach: Comparison shopping engines enables you expand your reach beyond your website to explore new customers.


increase youe ecommerce sales with comparison shopping engines



  • Improved conversions: When compared to ads, people who visit your website after enrouting Comparison Shopping Engines are more likely to convert.


 Since, a person clicking on any ad may be of the initial stage in the consideration level.


Moreover, prospects clicking on products via Comparison Shopping Engines are in the row of making some decision.


increase your ecommerce sales with comparison shopping engines


  • Long term Customer retention: Comparison Shopping Engines no doubt helps you get this particular advantage of comparison shopping engines over marketplaces.


When a customer makes any purchase through a marketplace, viz Amazon or eBay, they remain a customer of the marketplace.



Which puts a bar for you to engage with them in a significant way at a later stage. Or, turn them into a returning customer.


However, with a comparison shopping engine the customer is yours.


How do Comparison Shopping Engines work?


Usually, most Comparison Shopping Engines work the same way.


You upload a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file to their website feed.


The search engines then put your products in their engine, which is done by feeding your products in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and saving that file as a CSV file.


increase your ecommerce sales with comparison shopping enginesImage Source: Shopify


The following parameters are specified in the files with following product information such as:

  • Product title, usually including brand name and model
  • Product description
  • Product category (ex. clothing/apparel, electronics, small appliances)
  • Product SKU/part number (if available)
  • Whether a product is in-stock or not
  • Product price
  • Product URL (the product’s link on your business’s website)
  • Product image URL
  • Dimensions and Product weight (required depending on your product category)


increase your ecommerce sales with comparison shopping engines


The requirements differ from the shopping engines you are submitting your product feed to.    


Once your product data is processed and rendered by the comparison engines. They will exhibit your products on their website to a massive audience!


Needless to state, Comparison Shopping Engines are a much better place to put your money than in an untargeted website banner ad.


How to get started on comparison-shopping engines?


It’s way easier to get started on comparison-shopping engines.


All you need to do is create an aforementioned excel file or product data feed which comprises of your product information that you wish to provide to the shopping channels.


Now that you are done with listing your product feeds. it is time to be definitive that your comparison shopping engine venture is highly profitable one.

For that you need to keep a check on few things:


Optimization of product feeds on a regular basis is a must. The product names and descriptions should be specifically detailed towards each product.  


  • A high quality of product images is imperative to ensure a good user experience.


  • While product ads on CSEs are certainly not the “ad” that you are used to creating in Google or Bing, you still need to make sure that you stand out.


  • One of the things you can do is provide detailed product descriptions and information as well as to highlight any promotions that you have currently running for products.


  • With your product feed set up and your strategy established you should also ensure to tag your ads with tracking parameters to be able to measure performance.


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No! You can’t sit back and relax simply. Stay on top of your feed inventory and bidding/budget strategy with the following tactics:


Review your bidding strategy regularly and re-calculate your bids and budgets for improved performance.


  • Keep a track on your fellow competitors and amend your strategies as per the changing market trend.


  • Transformations to comparison shopping engines are imperative for they do not happen very often.


CSEs Strengthens Your Digital Presence


Another unique aspect of maintaining a comparison shopping program is that CSEs enable you to be included in search engine results pages numerous times.



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The perk with Comparison Shopping Engines is that they tend to secure additional search result listings.


One may very efficiently utilise web analytics data to better inform their paid and SEO programs.


To sum up


The additional growth in traffic and revenue experienced by merchants on CSEs has also continued to grow year over year.


One of the prominent reason is because a lot of savvy CSEs have integrated their service with some of the most influential e-commerce venues.


Which means that these online retailers can tap into Amazon’s 44 million + customers per month. Meanwhile, those who advertise with eBay can draw 25 million + visitors per month from eBay.


In order to tap into the utmost ability of CSEs, retailers should maintain and submit updated and monitored feeds individually amended for each shopping engine. Comparison Shopping Engines would then do the rest for you.  


Moreover, you must be losing a lot of money. If you haven’t intended to use a CSE as a marketing channel yet!


Report affirms the eCommerce retailers encounter a sustainable amount of growth in traffic and affluent sales as a result of listing their products on Comparison Shopping Engines.  


They help you get your products in front of zillions of patrons, boost sales and improve ROI.


With the obstacle to enter the eCommerce arena, any iota of competitive advantage can make a huge difference.


Comparison Shopping Engines might prove to be the magic wand to boost your sales you have looking for since days.


When are you planning to increase your eCommerce sales with Comparison shopping Engines?


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