5 Easy Steps to import products from Amazon to Shopify
5 Easy Steps to Import Products from Amazon to Shopify

5 Easy Steps to Import Products from Amazon to Shopify


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If you’re an Amazon Seller with a vision to expand your selling potential beyond Amazon through the Shopify store. Then my friend, you being here, reading this blog is destiny! For we are here to help you with the most basic query everyone has i.e. How can I Import Products from AMAZON to Shopify?

Shopify has proven itself to be a user-friendly platform time and again. Opening an online store, creating a brand image for yourself is easily achievable. It also facilitates managing the aspects of dealing with it.

Import products from Amazon to Shopify without breaking a sweat by following easy steps like:

  • Creating an online store on Shopify.
  • Downloading MultiChannel Importer App from Shopify App Store.
  • Connecting Amazon Seller Panel.
  • Upload and Import Products from Amazon to App.
  • Upload Amazon products from App to Shopify.

Steps to Import products from Amazon to Shopify

  • Create an online store on Shopify: Log in to the Store and install The Multichannel Importer, by CedCommerce.
  • Complete registration for the Multichannel Importer and then connect your Amazon account with Shopify.
  • Connect amazon account with Shopify: This is the connectivity process wherein you connect your Amazon Seller Panel to the app.
    • Click on Link your Account.
    • Enter the Account name (any Name) and Country (Where is your Amazon account).
    • Enter the Seller ID and Token from your amazon seller account.

Note: To avail the Seller ID and Token refer this pdf.

Connect Account

You will be redirected to the Import/Upload section of the app.

  • Import/upload process: After having completed the onboarding steps, jump on the following steps
    • Import your Products from Amazon to Multichannel Importer App: After linking your Amazon Seller Central’s Control Panel to the app you can start to import products from Amazon to the app.
    • Upload your Products: After importing your products to the Multichannel Importer, you can upload products from Amazon to Shopify. There are 3 different ways to perform this
      • Bulk Upload: Upload all the products on Shopify that are imported on the app from amazon.
      • Select and Upload: It allows sellers to upload some selected products
      • By Profiling

Manage Products


This refers to the process of grouping marketplace products based on product properties such as product title, vendor, etc. to list them easily on Shopify.

  • Default Profiling: It uploads all the products to your Shopify, depending upon the number of product credits irrespective of product type, vendor, etc.
  • Custom Profiling: You can upload products specifically based on brand, product type, vendor, category, quantity, etc.

The Steps to Create a Profile on the App

The app allows you to select a product source and destination. Therefore, you need to fill in the following information:

  • Profile Name
  • Product Imported from (Amazon)
  • Product Destination (Shopify)

It allows you to select products you want to upload such as product attribute, operator, and value.

create profile

You can choose any one of the following:

  • All products
  • Only active products
  • Only inactive products to sync in with your Amazon account.

Watch this video to learn more:

The Multichannel Importer by CedCommerce is all set to enhance your experience of being an online seller and is sure to make your journey a beautiful and successful one.

How to bulk upload products on Shopify?

Bulk upload of products on Shopify depends on the source of your inventory. For example,  If you have products in a warehouse, you can manually list them or use Product Lister Services to bulk upload your products on Shopify. However, if you already sell on a Marketplace such as (eBay, Amazon, Wish, Etsy, etc), you can list the Marketplace products on Shopify with Multichannel Importer

The Multichannel Importer also supports FBA

The Multichannel Importer by CedCommerce is designed to import products from multiple marketplaces such as Amazon & facilitate Import Products from Amazon to Shopify store. The FBA compatibility allows sellers to fulfil orders created on Shopify using Amazon FBA.

The app checks whether the inventory and the SKU of the orders received are available on Amazon FBA or not. If the inventory is available, the orders will be listed in the “FBA order section”. Therefore, the paid orders will be readily shipped from Amazon FBA, and the unpaid orders will be shipped from Amazon.

Pricing Guide

After filling in the basic form, you will see a pricing page that will guide you through the plans of the app. The payment depends upon the number of products you want to upload. Also if you need syncing of price and inventory from Amazon to Shopify, then you need to choose the recurring plans. For more details visit the Shopify Store.

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By following these 5 simple & easy steps you can Import products from Amazon to Shopify. Also, the bulk upload function can make your process a piece of cake.

Besides, the multichannel importer app is now compatible with FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) in which all your shipping processes will be handled by Amazon. You can also manage your FBA account through the app itself.


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