Image and Video Guidelines at
Image and Video Guidelines at

Image and Video Guidelines at


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Sears is one of the largest marketplaces of USA also it is the fastest  growing marketplace with millions of trusted customers. A consumer can find out various brands of single products. Sears seller level is always monitored by Sears Holdings Management Corporation. If seller does not perform good or satisfactory performance then he will be charged so he can lost his sales.



Image and Video Guidelines at


Images and videos of products are most probably responsible to sell your products. It is very important that if any seller uploading an image or video for his product, it should meet the minimum criteria of Sears. High quality of image and videos provides the facility to customer so that he could be able to see a full view of the product also he can understand the actual size of products.


What should be done?


Image and Video Guidelines at

1- Image should be according to the feature of Product-


Images illustrate the product’s overall features and primary aspects, so the image should be according to features of product. Always remeber images show the brand of products.


Image and Video Guidelines at

2- Watermark images are not allowed.


Any image which contains watermark or watermark of any retailer, is not acceptable on Sears. The image should be neat and actual. If a seller is trying to publish product with an watermarked image it will not be published on Sears.



Image and Video Guidelines at Sears


3- Image should be high quality.



Image and Video Guidelines at Sears



The quality of image matters much. It’s an obvious thing that if you are providing a clear image of your products, the chances will increase to sold it out. There is some criteria of image which is given below-


  • Only JPG, JPEG, TIFF and PNG image formats are allow
  • Minimum i mage should be there to represent a product.
  • Maximum of 7 images can be used to represent product including main     image.
  • Minimum size of image is : 500 x 500 pixels
  • Maximum size of image is : 5,000 x 5,000 pixels


4- Video must be Helpful for the shopper to see a full view of the product from all angles


Image and Video Guidelines at Sears



With the help of video the shopper can see all the angles of an image. All the features of a product can be viewed through video. Video should be high quality and the images should be actual product. You can’t use any similar model of the product, so there should be a clear transparency.



5- Show the product both in-use and as the shopper would receive it brand new



Image and Video Guidelines at Sears




Sears believe in honest honest appraisal of the condition of the item. They uses different categories of products like  New, New – Other, New – Blemished, Refurbished – Seller, Refurbished – Mfr Authorized,Used – Like New, Used – Very Good, Used – Good, Used – Acceptable, Used – Poor. The seller must mention the proper and accurate category of his products.


This shows that Sears provide great facilities to seller so that they can sell their any kind of products and provide trust to customers so that they can buy products according to their wish.


So increase your sell on by following these guidelines.


Thanks for your interest!

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