Sell on lazada marketplace
How Wunderbar automated their selling on Lazada and Southeast Asian Marketplace

How Wunderbar automated their selling on Lazada and Southeast Asian Marketplace


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Looking forward to expanding your eCommerce venture in SouthEast Asia but not sure where to start from? Here’s the complete go through of one of our prominent clients from Thailand i.e. Sascha Schmidt’s eCommerce endeavor in his words.


A sneak peek at Schmidt’s empire embarked in the year 2005, can be precisely called as the “fashion hub” of all the geeky collectables- fashionistas out there. Most of their inventories belong to the major dropshipping niches brought from the B2B websites. They cater their clients with the best quality of products in the industry at wholesale prices (even if you place a single order). Having been situated in the Southeast Asia i.e. Thailand, they have their stores in places like the U.S. and U.K. in order to provide you a quick FREE delivery.


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sell on lazada marketplace


Our impeccable WooCommerce Lazada solution


Fortune favors the brave, and so did happen with Schmidt. We were looking for a turnkey system for Lazada in Southeast Asia and were already thinking about setting it all up from scratch. Luckily we found an advert from CedCommerce who already had an app for WooCommerce that could be integrated easily,” enunciated Schmidt.


When asked about the perks of the WooCommerce Lazada Integration extension (here). He further added, “The benefits were that you buy a product and don’t rent an app per month that possibly might be not worth the monthly fees. In such situations, a transfer to another app will mean a loss of all your set up product syncs with your store and the respective marketplace. The CedCommerce software we purchased is a very valuable asset of our online store now and we are thinking to also purchase it for Amazon and other marketplaces, soon.      


Praising our engineers and overwhelmed with CedCommerce’s rigorous help and support he proclaimed, The system forces you to work and set up every product properly (!) and thereby guarantees a smooth push to the respective marketplace so you can be sure that your merchant account on the marketplace will not get rated down due to wrong product descriptions or anything else. CedCommerce service was (and still is) on a very personal level, always 110% responsive. They can usually assist in any issue within a couple of hours and find a solution to our problem.


Schmidt’s recommends CedCommerce


“To cut a long story short: We are happy customers and can strongly recommend CedCommerce if you are looking for marketplace integration like we did. No fancy UX design with high monthly fees but internal errors and only automated support. At CedCommerce you have real people who you can talk to and who work with passion and tailor their software to your shop system – not the other way round. Five Stars from us to CedCommerce!”


    Automate your multichannel selling in Southeast Asia


    Hard work pays not sooner but later and so each one of us here at CedCommerce vow to continue our superb work and serve you efficaciously with the best in the industry. At the end, that’s what brings a smile to our face. Thanks for maintaining your trust in us.


    How about leveraging Schmidt’s success and expanding your eCommerce empire? No doubt, our multi channel selling solutions caters you with automated syncing and listing of products, centralized order management, bulk upload of products in a go and more. Explore other remarkable features for yourself here


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