The Complete Guide: How to sell on Snapdeal

The Complete Guide: How to sell on Snapdeal


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Sell on Snapdeal, one of India’s largest marketplace with a customer base of 4 crores and beyond.


The statement above must have had given you that little urge of selling on marketplaces and expanding your eCommerce stores’ outreach. However, we do understand that your hunt for selling on Snapdeal has not culminated yet. Thus, below we bring you some persuasive facts and figures about the tech-giant (viz Snapdeal).


Today, when electronic trade and commerce has emanated as a huge industry altogether. It is mandatory to stick with the best. With so many emerging marketplaces today, selling on Snapdeal is way flexible. The amount of ease and convenience Snapdeal marketplace offers to patrons makes it highly reliable.


Why Selling on Snapdeal is the perfect fit for you?


how to sell on snapdeal


As per the data from Similarwebs, Snapdeal procures a total of 75.12 million unique visitors every six months. Thus, bringing in unique and huge customer-base for all the sellers out there. Helping sellers establish their business quickly, Snapdeal marketplace is assisting retailers on a global level. Below is a glimpse of the distribution of Snapdeal based on its regions.


how to sell on snapdeal


As per the data from Similarwebs, Snapdeal marketplace has a total of 92.93% demand in India. It does not limit until there, Snapdeal also has a record set of selling and delivering its products to over 5,000 cities and towns in India. Acquiring a total of 535th rank globally, Snapdeal stands 26th in India.


how to sell on snapdeal


Who can sell on Snapdeal?


Selling on Snapdeal demands you to be an authorised seller in India i.e. you should be authorised to sell in India. A manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and retailer can sell flexibly on Snapdeal.


How to start selling on Snapdeal?


how to sell on snapdeal





The very first and foremost thing prior to selling on Snapdeal is getting registered on Snapdeal. All you need to do is fill out their simple seller registration form and start selling once the details entered are reviewed.


However, one must ensure possessing these utmost important documents before registering on Snapdeal:


  • Every individual seller must possess a Permanent Account Number (PAN) in order to sell on Snapdeal.


  • The state tax registration (i.e. VAT registration) is mandatory for selling products in India.


  • One needs to create an account in the name of business VAT registration is acquired.


Once registered successfully, you can proceed with the listing of products on Snapdeal. When speaking of listing products on Snapdeal Marketplace, you would be glad to know that-


“Listing of products on Snapdeal is utterly FREE of cost.”


Besides, you only pay a minimal amount of commission for all that you sell on Snapdeal. Also, the entire commission structure is shared during the time of registration and you are required to pay only when you make a sale.


  • Now, once you have successfully registered your account, your products get live on Snapdeal and is made available to a huge customer base.


  • The perk of selling on Snapdeal marketplace is that you can rest be assured after you are done with the packaging of the products. As the pick-up and delivery of the goods will be taken up by the courier partners of Snapdeal.


How to Sell on Snapdeal?


Kickstart selling on Snapdeal today with our top-notch Integration extension and get your products to a wider range of audiences (here).


The WooCommerce Snapdeal Integration Extension assists sellers in integrating their WooCommerce store with the giant marketplace way flexibly.


List, Sync, and Automate: Instantly list, automate and synchronize your WooCommerce store with Snapdeal and start selling.


Bulk Upload of Products:  Leverage the bulk upload of products in a single go on the giant marketplace i.e. Snapdeal. Thus, the WooCommerce Snapdeal Integration helps you save a large of time.


Centralised Order Management: How about centrally managing orders from both the ends i.e. your WooCommerce store and Snapdeal marketplace. Benefit the central management of orders via the splendid extension- Here.  


Which categories can you sell on Snapdeal?


Beauty,                                                                                                             Movies, 

Baby Products,                                                                                                Music,                                                                

Books,                                                                                                             Tablets,  

Consumer Electronics,                                                                                    Toys,

Digital Accessories,                                                                                         Watches,

Home,                                                                                                               Tablets,  

Jewellery,                                                                                                          Automative          

Kitchen,                                                                                                            Luggage, and more.


how to sell on snapdeal



Sell on Snapdeal and transform your WooCommerce store in the next big thing today. Avail the quick payment methods of Snapdeal. They credit the amount directly into your sellers’ account via NEFT.


Did you start selling on Snapdeal?


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