Increase views on your eBay Listing
How to get more views on eBay listings?

How to get more views on eBay listings?


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The onset of Covid-19 created an upheaval in the eCommerce industry. The outburst resulted in every single retail store migrating to the never-ending domain of online shopping. The most dominant marketplaces like eBay have witnessed the change and anticipated the colossal crowd of sellers over the last year.

However, the real challenge on eBay and other selling channels was never the migration of sellers. It has always been the visibility of products and optimizing the listing to garner much-needed attention and views from potential buyers on eBay. Numerous unanswered questions must fill you as a seller about the same.

You may wonder about “ebay listings” and “ebay SEO,” the most common problem that still exists is “How to increase product visibility and get more views on your eBay listings?”

Well, you don’t need to worry. Here is the best and the most optimal solution for you!

How to get more views on eBay listings?

Listing Your Products on eBay is just half the battle. The other half is making sales and getting profit out of it. The latter half gets achieved after your listing ranks amongst the top products when a buyer searches for it.

For a buyer to get a chance to view your listing on eBay, the product listing must attain a position on the first page of the relevant search result.

And to get that done, good SEO management on eBay is necessary. It’ll help increase more traffic and views on your eBay products, resulting in more sales.

#1. Keywords

Increase eBay views with Keywords

The keyword is one of the most important SEO factors to get more views on your eBay listings. The Title for your eBay products must contain the keywords that the customer searches as a listing query.

However, you must remember that your product title should contain the exact information related to your selling commodity. Selling Tank Tops under the title T-Shirts will not help even if you make it rank for the Search Result on eBay.

eBay allows the title length to be up to 80 characters. It is monumental in increasing your product’s visibility and ranking when used proficiently. Thus, the title can be long enough with all essential keywords per the eBay SEO to get your products in the search results.

An optimized and effective keyword strategy is crucial to get more views on eBay listings. It would help you increase your product’s visibility on search results and, in return, drives the customer to click on your offerings.

#2. Images & Gallery

Increase views on eBay use images and Gallery

The other important factor which helps to get more views on eBay listings is the image gallery. High-quality images can be a crucial aspect that makes the customer click on your product. People, in general, believe more in what they see rather than what they read. It optimizes the images on your listing, an essential aspect of your eBay SEO to improve the conversion rate.

eBay allows you to add up to 12 images per product. And so, it is ideal for including more than six to eight photos per listing. It helps the customers get a better idea of the product’s look and feel. If you’re still unsure how you can get the perfect images for your products, catch the valuable insights in eBay Photo Guide.

#3. Opting For Integration

Integrate eBay

Integrating your ebay account with your brand’s store can be one of the best decisions you could ever make. How? Well, let’s say that you can save a lot of time and money (and mental peace, too) by integrating your store as the entire process gets automated.

The App that works for you is on the API model, which means you get fast, secure, and constant synchronization for stores and orders.

How does it help you with increased visibility for your products?

eBay takes a lot of things into account before showing you a search result. Customer Feedback and Ratings are one of such criteria.

Integrating your stores means you do not miss out on any orders, never oversell, enable easy fulfillment and ensure timely refund and above all, reduce your handling time by manifolds. All these factors club together and give you a boost in search results.

Above all, you can integrate your stores from any framework like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce without breaking a sweat.

#4. Proper Description Template


The other important thing that makes the product stand out from thousands and helps you get more views on eBay listings is the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION you attach with the product.

The description you use for the product must be effective, efficient, and appealing to the customer. The look and feel of the description are equally crucial as the Images and Product Title are.

An aptly crafted product description states the trivial details about the product and carries much weight in shoppers’ eyes. It is a gateway that builds trust, which drives a potential buyer to purchase from your store.

#5. Price


It is yet another essential SEO aspect when you wish to optimize to get more views on your eBay product listing. To increase visibility and get more ideas on eBay listings, always perform competitive research before setting the product prices. It leads to harnessing more customer attention to your products.

It would be best to follow the eBay store price recommendation to set a product’s price. eBay also offers you the price recommendation for the products that have not sold in the past month.

#6. Get Your eBay Listings In More Than One Categories

list in multiple categories

eBay offers a feature to get your products listed in 2 categories if you are willing to pay the listing fees. It can increase the possibility of enhanced visibility for your eBay products on the search results page compared to your competitors.

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#7. Promotions

Increase views with eBay Promotion Manager

Once the product gets listed on your eBay store, it is also necessary to promote your eBay listings. You can spend some amount on ads to get more clicks on the products. Or start using eBay’s Promotion Manager to get the promotion campaigns done.

You may also use some free medium for advertising your products through your social profiles. eBay, a name in itself, imbibes the merits of trustworthiness and versatile product variety. Once you have taken care of the above steps, it’s apparent that you will start getting more views on eBay listings. Which, in turn, will get you a reasonable conversion rate.


While you might think selling on global eCommerce giants like eBay is simple and easy, the accurate picture might be a bit different.

The marketplace brings you millions of new prospects and a cutthroat competition that you need to surpass to become the undisputed king in your niche and get the views and clicks on your products.

When you optimize your eBay listing to satisfy the SEO requirements, you open doors to the immense potential of gathering views and improved ranking in the eBay search results.

Have you experienced a change in the results of your product visibility, impressions, and position after optimizing your eBay listing? Please share with us in the comments section and let us know.

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