How to dropship from 1688 to WooCommerce
How to dropship from 1688 to WooCommerce?

How to dropship from 1688 to WooCommerce?


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Wondering how to dropship from 1688 to WooCommerce?
Before beginning about how to dropship, let us get to know what dropshipping is all about?

Dropshipping is one of the most accessible and a great business model for new entrepreneurs. It is a fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products in stock. The store acquires the item from a third party and ships it directly to the consumer using the dropshipping model. As a result, the seller need not handle the products directly. Merchants prefer the dropshipping model as it does not require high startup funds, nor does it require one to prepare inventory in advance. It is flexible and convenient to manage. Dropshipping has therefore become one of the biggest growing businesses in the world.

1688 is a subsidiary of Alibaba, a B2B directory similar to Alibaba. It allows buyers to access factories, wholesalers, and trading companies from China. The marketplace 1688 is primarily created for domestic trade, while Alibaba deals with international businesses. The marketplace offers cheaper products as compared with Alibaba or AliExpress. Providing cheaper and better products to the domestic market helps in reducing the costs significantly.

1688 Dropshipping – The Working?

Knowing how dropshipping works in 1688 is essential. Let us go through each step and understand dropshipping better!


The first process is to source products that need to be bought. The 1688 marketplace has a wide variety of products to choose from. You will, however, need an agent to guide and aid you throughout the process.

Sample Purchasing

Once you have sourced the products, you need to get your samples now. Ask your agent to communicate with the suppliers for the samples. Evaluate your samples and move ahead with the process.

Quality Inspection

The entire dropshipping business depends on the inspection of the products. Thus, inspect the quality of your ordered products and ensure that quality products reach your customer. If not, it can hamper your business name and growth.


Negotiate the price of the products and get them at the best prices. 1688 offers products at affordable prices as compared to AliExpress.


Most companies in China use Chinese shipping methods. Thus you need to know the complete charges for shipping, as shipping from 1688 is not free. If you want to add a shipment method, ask your agent to communicate with the suppliers beforehand. In addition to this, you can opt for a faster shipping method to make sure that your products reach faster than the standard delivery.


Get an international clearance as soon as the shipment is sent. Meanwhile, arrange storage until you get the customs clearance. That is why it is better to have cargo storage at your located address.


Once the products reach the warehouse, you can get them repacked and labeled as per the need. Once labelled, you can ship them domestically or internationally.

Now that you are well aware of the entire sourcing process of the 1688 marketplace. It will be good if you know why sourcing from 1688 is a good option.

Reasons to Source from 1688

  • The marketplace has a significant number of suppliers.
  • As 1688 provides products at affordable prices, it helps in easy purchasing for the domestic market.
  • Source products from 1688 in bulk and enjoy substantial profit margins.

How to dropship from 1688 to WooCommerce?

You can experience flawless import of products from by connecting your stores with WooCommerce. You need to purchase the OT keys from OTcommerce. The OT keys allow you to import products from Taobao, 1688, and Tmall as well. CedCommerce’s 1688 importer for WooCommerce, allows you to import product data from 1688 to WooCommerce using the OT keys. The exclusive features of the importer include-

Features of 1688 importer for WooCommerce

  • Advance Filter Setting – It enables you to set products’ prices, use keywords and check the availability of products in the store.
  • Category-based filter – You can filter the products as per their categories.
  • Price Markup – You understand the perfect pricing for your products. Take this chance and maximize your margins by increasing them by a fixed amount or multiples.
  • Import products using different filters – Use the various filters and import products as per the selected filters.
  • Prerequisites with Current status – All the required information for the extension are displayed with their current status.

Summing up, you can import products from 1688 to WooCommerce in no time with the help of a WooCommerce importer. Thus connect your store to WooCommerce and begin the seamless import process!

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