How to create great product listing at
How To Create Great Product Listing At

How To Create Great Product Listing At


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If How to create great product listing at is your query, then get it answered once for all. For creating great listing of products these followings, things are responsible:


  • Title

  • Description

  • Image

  • Price

  • Brand

  • Unique identifiers

  • Attributes

  • Categories




The title describes the product and it’s kind. The title has the products information into a few and significant words. It should be in brief but descriptive so that customer takes an interest according to their search.

The title has limited words so that it should be unique and attractive that can convince the customers to check the products at least once.

In Sears marketplace, the title does not contain the brand, repetitive words, size, quantity, shipping days and methods etc.



Short Description is required. it should have specific and informative content and include the Brand, Product Name, keywords describing the item’s features and benefits and related words that customers are likely to search for. It has the additional information about the products in which customers can understand about all the necessary features and quality of the products.

The description describes everything about the products that should be in knowledge of the customers.

By this giving, only sufficient information can provide the satisfaction of buying right products as per their requirements.




  • The seller must have absolute image formatting (e.g., .jpg, .gif, etc.) and size recommendation according to the requirement.
  • Resolution of main image 2000×2000 pixels or minimum 1600×1600 pixels and swatch images.
  • The quality of an image is in the standard format.
  • You can also use the additional image with 158×345 pixels.


It should be according to the products. It can show the full display of the products. No watermarked images are acceptable by Sears marketplaces. In Sears marketplaces, they recommended images show the looks and behavior of the products. And, If the products have not the clear images then it can be ignored by the customers.




Price should be competitive. It means not too much or too less than competitive marketplaces. Best price and quality products are the main factors driving higher sales and gets your product listed on the top in the product search at therefore attributing higher priority to your products.





Branding creates a high level of trust among the customers and its targeted audience segment which is always preferable.The branded products create the trust of quality product and branded products are more searchable on the marketplace. Branding increases the popularity of the product.


Unique identifiers: 


Such as UPC or bar codes are unique identifiers for any products. Any marketplaces search the products by it’s unique and valid products identifiers.

There are several sellers are selling their products. To reach on each products the unique products identifier helps to recognize the products in many of the same kind of products




The proper variations for the products provide the best alternatives. Attributes can be categorised by many terms such as with size, colours, quality, features etc. The more options for any products attract the customers to select the products on their likes.

Some products are required of their variant. Such as the clothes, the mobile phones etc.




The category of the products lists out the best searching of the products. If the product is the mapped with the wrong category it would be listed with different kinds of products. Such as if the clothes are mapped with the electronics items, then it can cause the l0w down in sales. Also, it can be removed from the marketplace if it is not mapped to right category.


Thus adhering to above guidelines answers your query “How to create great product listing at”


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