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How Marnie Vintage Became Unstoppable: Sell on Shopify and eBay

How Marnie Vintage Became Unstoppable: Sell on Shopify and eBay


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Marnie Vintage is a clothes store that made its way into eCommerce using Shopify as their preferred Service provider. Also, within a short span of time, eBay became the first choice amongst marketplaces to expand its reach and audience. The decision to sell online was the best decision followed by their decision to select Shopify and eBay as their preferred choice of framework for store and marketplace respectively.

Selling online is one of the most prevalent practices driving the business in this Coronavirus stuck world. Everyone wants to be a part of this eCommerce boom that we have witnessed, the main reason being the introduction of worldwide lockdowns. It has rewired people into surviving without missing out on their most loved accessories and fashion – thanks to online shopping.

Marnie Vintage: An Overview

Who doesn’t love a touch of old-school styling in their life? It always brings in the much-needed classy fashion sense that helps you stand out from the crowd. Marnie Vintage, an online store, happens to be inclined towards assisting people in rocking that classic look. They’ve excelled in creating a catalog that fulfills all customers’ needs. It aspires to provide the necessary fashion to customers willing to drape themselves from top to bottom in vintage clothing. The store is home to numerous clothing categories for Men and Women.

Gianluca del Malvo started the online Shopify store to sell vintage clothes in 2020 with a vision to be a top-notch seller of vintage clothing. Sooner than later, he realized something. He knew that his online store was just the tip of an iceberg in the world of online selling. So he decided to expand. eBay is what he chose to sell on along with his Shopify store.

The Troubling Times

The team of Marnie Vintage, in their initial days, found it was blissful even to sell on eBay and Shopify. But soon, the monotonous workload took a toll on the team as they were forced to upload and list their products from Shopify to eBay one at a time. With time new issues and problems related to order management erupted. Overselling also started wreaking havoc on the overall sales and reputation of the company.

Gianluca soon realized his mistake and decided to employ an application to help ease the entire workload, right from listing to managing inventory and orders for his store.

Finding CedCommerce

In search of a viable solution to all his problems, Gianluca del Malvo stumbled upon social media posts highlighting eBay Marketplace Integration. Upon investigating the application on his social network, he received various positive reviews and recommendations to go ahead with CedCommerce as a solution provider.

The decision-making process of selecting eBay Marketplace Integration by Marnie Vintage also got influenced by the application’s reviews, ratings, and market reputation. Many sellers in Kaj’s network consider the app to be a lifesaver as it simplifies the selling process on eBay.

Helping Mernie Vintage

The team of experts from CedCommerce was quick, precise, and very efficient in problem-solving. Marnie Vintage scheduled a proper demo of the app to explain the working of eBay Marketplace Integration.

Once the app features and functionalities were made clear to Gianluca del Malvo, he prepared to onboard the hassle-free and effective selling process. The application has since then been listing Marnie Vintage’s Shopify products on eBay.

Worthy App Features

Now that we know, it was the eBay Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce that helped Marnie Vintage. Let’s find out the “how!” How did the app help Giancula de Malvo ease his workload?

The app provided team Marnie Vintage the much-needed breathing space from their daily tasks of manual entries.

#1. Order Management

The app makes order management simple, i.e., fulfill the orders received on eBay through Shopify. The process is simple. Once you get an order on eBay, the app fetches the order and creates the same on your Shopify store. Similarly, once you’ve fulfilled the order through Shopify, the updated status automatically gets synced to your eBay account. It means you don’t have to create and manage orders manually.

#2. Inventory Management

Managing inventory becomes one of the most critical aspects when driving sales from multichannel operations. Overselling happens to have one of the most disastrous effects that often ruins a seller’s reputation. The app looks after both issues. The option to set a threshold value prevents overselling whereas the real-time synchronization between your Shopify store and eBay makes it possible to maintain the same inventory level on both places.

#3. Price Management

The app also empowers you to edit the prices of your commodities before listing them on eBay. It happens once you import the products from Shopify. You get to edit the original prices of the product by percentage or by value before pushing them on eBay.

#4. Business Policy Support

eBay makes it mandatory for sellers to set up their eBay Business Policies before they start selling on eBay. eBay Marketplace Integration makes it simple for the sellers to create these business policies through the app. A seller can also fetch and update their pre-existing policies on eBay.

The Outcome

With the introduction of eBay marketplace Integration, Giancula del Malvo experienced a tremendous shift in its selling procedures. Sharing his experience with the app, he says things have been great ever since he engaged the app. The eBay Marketplace Integration has helped the team of Marnie Vintage in managing Orders, Inventory, Price, and listing products on eBay.

Marnie Vintage has since then experienced growth at an exponential level, recording a mind-boggling 100% increase in traffic. It also reported a boost in sales equating to 5X their average value.

Key Takeaways

Multichannel selling is always a tough nut to crack, especially if you’re managing orders for eBay from your online store on Shopify.

In scenarios covering these situations, it’s better to get assistance from an integration application that can help with the swift management of orders and inventory while providing a seamless selling experience.

eBay Marketplace Integration performed a similar service for team Marnie Vintage, and the results were astoundingly extraordinary. If you’re looking for a service provider to integrate your Shopify store with leading global marketplaces, feel free to connect with our team of experts. You can get in touch through chat or drop a mail, and we’ll reach out to you.

Drop a comment and share how your experience with multichannel selling has been so far?

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