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How Magento helps you nurture your e-commerce business?

How Magento helps you nurture your e-commerce business?


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To build a business not only a great business plan is necessary but all the other elements such as marketing, sales, customer service are also critical. And among them is robust infrastructure and framework is the one on the highest priority.


For online store sellers choosing a right platform to sell their products is a big concern. No one wants to switch to different platforms due to technical glitches, compatibility issues or, scalability factors.


This is where Magento stands out. Build to cater all the business needs of an e-commerce business, Magento has been massively popular among the online seller community. “More than 2,40,00 online stores are based on Magento equaling 34% of the marketplace” according to Alexa study. Which means, every third e-commerce store of the world is based on Magento.


Caters to all type of Online Stores Needs


Managing a store catalog is one of the most demanding things of an Ecommerce store. Magento simplifies it, not only this from SEO (to excel your store rankings) to managing coupon codes, and from marketing to customer segmentation everything is taken care of in Magento. Some of the compelling features are:




Aforementioned are the features that you get when you choose Magento for building your online stores, besides following are the dominating factors why you must choose Magento


1. Magento open source which means its FREE:


Written on PHP, Magento is an open source platform which means its completely free. The code is simple to understand and easy to customize compelling merchants worldwide to adopt the Magento platform. Also, it has a huge community which is engaging.


Moreover, the Magento has two versions Community and Enterprise, and choosing the edition depends on your business needs


a) Community edition (CE):

b) Enterprise edition (EE):


2. Engaging Magento Community:


It has an extremely helpful community helping out users, merchants, store owners, and Magento platform developers. Mostly the community is large and Magento developers can be easily found out. And if any problem arises in your stores, it is easily fixed. And also due to large and proactive community you get to experience lot more innovations.


3. Automate and control Marketing and SEO:


From E-mail marketing to promotional widgets and from coupons to promotional banners, everything you get hosted on Magento platform. Magento has all the SEO elements – meta title, description and keywords etc – in-built in the platform. Additionally it has a pre installed Google SiteMap.


4. Impeccable Security:


Online sellers biggest concern is security. With digitalization online thefts, robbery and hacking is also increases. However, the Magento is well prepared for all these online security issues and concerns.

You Magento e-commerce store already has all the necessary security elements pre-installed. Additionally you can install the SSL certificate to further strengthen your store security.


5. Magento Extensions and Functionalities:


Another most important aspect of the Magento. Though magento comes with great functionalities and features pre-installed, it still requires, sometimes, tools to enhance or upgrade your stores. And for this, there and hundreds of companies and thousands of developers work relentlessly to develop tools that embrace all the trends and gaps which can increase the performance of your store.



Build to facilitate e-commerce, Magento is an ideal solution. It has marketing features, it has great community which is proactive, there are hundreds of independent companies developing customized magento extension to fulfill the unique needs of online sellers. You can also Hire Magento Developers to construct and personalize your ecommerce storefrot. These all aspects, in their entirety catapults businesses to the successful enterprises.


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