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How Doogan Records grew their sales by 2 times with CedCommerce Integration

How Doogan Records grew their sales by 2 times with CedCommerce Integration


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Short Summary

Challenges faced

An online music store Doogan Records, had a store on Discogs and was having difficulty in syncing products. Mr. Paardekooper (store owner) used to miss notifications on stores and faced problems in importing products from Discogs to WooCommerce. Maintaining both the stores at the same time was a daunting challenge for the store owner. 


With CedCommerce solutions, he was no longer facing overselling. Through Discogs integration for WooCommerce, Doogan Records were able to import products from Discogs to WooCommerce and manage both the stores with easy syncing of products.


Doogan Records witnessed a 2X sales boost within a month after signing up for CedCommerce’s Discogs integration for WooCommerce. The store owner was certainly happy with the integration solution and satisfied with the constant customer support.

About Doogan Records

Doogan Records is a music/record store from Den Bosch, The Netherlands, having a massive collection of US Import vinyl, Jazz, Originals, Soul, Hip Hop, and much more. It is one of the leading places for music lovers.

Mr Wisse Paardekooper (Doogan records owner) built a WooCommerce webshop last year (November 2020). But his small team was finding it utterly challenging to manage double administration. The entire team wanted to import products from one store to another without any hustle.

The store owner was desperately looking for a sync plugin between Discogs and WooCommerce to manage his stores efficiently and flawlessly. 

How CedCommerce helped Doogan records ?

Mr. Paardekooper’s desperate search for a marketplace integration solution provider landed him on He saw CedCommerce as the only reliable option.

You have an impressive list of genuine and positive reviews. You are all kind, skilled and professional  – says Mr. Paardekooper (Doogan Records Owner)

He was impressed with the excellent reviews and the integration solutions packed with user-friendly features for all the leading eCommerce marketplaces.

However, understanding his problem of not being able to have flawless sync of products, the experts at CedCommerce offered him Discogs integration for WooCommerce and helped him to import products from Discogs to the WooCommerce store.

CedCommerce Aided Doogan records with their pain problem of Flawless Syncing

Mr. Paardekooper was overwhelmed with CedCommerce’s free three-month support and step-by-step guidance from the experts. In addition, he was pretty delighted to see the team so involved and helped him with the things that he overlooked. He is glad to have encountered no issues in the selling process.

As a result, he is now selling seamlessly on Discogs. The integration solution allowed him to stock the store immediately and synced with other platforms and his own POS.

Hence, the Discogs Integration for WooCommerce provided Doogan records with user-friendly features and ensured flawless sync between both the stores. Let’s see how the feature-rich integration solution aided Doogan records with their pain problem.

Profile-based Product Upload – This feature helped Doogan records to create profiles and categorise products based on different requirements, thereby easing the process of product upload on Discogs.

Automated Synchronization Secondly, it enabled the automatic inventory synchronization at regular intervals between the Discogs and WooCommerce store.

Auto acknowledgment of orders – As soon as the order is placed on Discogs, it will notify the sellers and automatically create the same on the store.

Smooth order management – The integration solution also allows you to manage order shipments and cancellations from a centralized location.

Seamless Bulk import and Upload of Products – It allows easy bulk upload/update of new and existing products without manual efforts from Discogs to WooCommerce store and vice-versa.

Product Data Validation – Moreover, it allows validating the product information according to the standard set by Discogs.

Error Notification- If any error occurs while uploading the product, the admin will receive a notification regarding the same.

Summing it up 

Thus, Discogs Integration for WooCommerce made the sync easy between Discogs and WooCommerce.

Mr. Paardekooper’s store is able to import products from Discogs to WooCommerce easily and quickly. He rates CedCommerce’s customer services as top class, and his traffic increased 100% after using the app. Consequently, the Doogan records’ sales increased by 2 times within a month.

The Doogan records owner, Mr. Paardekooper, is delighted with the excellent customer support and recommends CedCommerce to other record stores as well. He would be exploring other plugins and services as well.

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