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How Digital Branding has helped a Vietnamese brand expand globally

How Digital Branding has helped a Vietnamese brand expand globally


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Would you believe if I say simplicity will take you places?. Well, it did so. In 2016 a tiny Japanese shop named ‘Donhatnoidia’ was born. It was their first step to making the lives of people easier. But how? By making people build their homes. Yes, by improving the lifestyle of others is what has kept this business alive & today they have expanded to a showroom. It is true that miracles happen, but this one takes more than that. Let us see how Digital Branding has helped Donhatnoidia grow.

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UV Doan, the owner of ‘Donhatnoidia’ has come a long way in building a space where people are comfortable and that they feel at home. But, like every story, this one also has its own struggles and challenges.

UV Doan is Vietnamese both by heart and by speech. So being a native Vietnamese, it has been a struggle for him in terms of communication, however, nothing has been able to shake his spirits and motivation to keep doing what he loves.

The core of this business has been simple “High-quality, Comfort and Aesthetics”. And That is not all, They also believe in a working environment that is “Fair, Harmonious and Authentic” internally.

Their products include Electronic, Home, and kitchen appliances, Sanitary Equipment along with installation services, repair services, etc. because they believe “Comfort is the foundation of your life, and your future is built on that foundation”.

Donhotnoidia did not solely want to build a Japanese supermarket model but wanted to create something more, something fruitful in terms of culture. The intent was to give each customer a Japanese supermarket experience right inside the showroom.

The core and missions of Donhatnoidia still stay the same but a lot has been changed since then. They wanted to expand nationwide.

The Challenge

Since Donhatnoidia’s website was in Vietnamese and the competition was too high. Since they wanted to reach a wide audience their best option was to opt for Digital Marketing. Also, due to the language barriers finding a Digital Marketing solution was hard. It sure was a big step for Donhotnoidia but was indeed needed.

Beginning of Something new

Yes, it was difficult to crack this one, but it was important and of course, needed for ‘Dohatnoidia’. With this newness, it was a new step to improve lives. But, it was indeed a task. With no assistance in the past in terms of digital marketing, it was very new and even more challenging to find the right one, but it was worth it because reaching and expanding digital branding was a necessary way out.

One step at a time

This is when ‘Donhatnoidia’ was introduced to CedCommerce through the medium of Shopify Experts. It is here that he was introduced to the visions and missions of the company. Our Digital Marketing experts made UV Doan understand the solutions and the strategies they would use. Donhatnoidia soon availed the digital marketing services of SEO on and off pages which would help the business to rank organically and generate more leads. And the most beneficial aspect of SEO is that people trust organic results. Also, since it is a long-term marketing strategy it would help them in providing content that is google friendly and helps the audience understand them better, and consequently increase the brand visibility and digital branding.

With the idea of one step at a time, Donhatnoidia’s journey of digital branding and expansion began. And, all you have to know is…..

SEO Strategies for Donhatnoidia

The strategies that were used for SEO were focused on identifying the issues on the website and resolving the technical issues and optimizing the top-performing pages. Also, the SEO experts focused on optimizing the speed of the website so it can load faster.

The team was continuously working on both ON page and Off-Page SEO to give the client the best result. For off-page SEO, backlinks were created and social were done to gain more traffic and clicks on the website. Also, blogs were published in the Vietnamese language

Along with this, the communication with the client was always easy and fast. The experts made sure of resolving the issues from the clients’ end. This built trust and a strong relationship between both parties. And, the results are visible.


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With CedCommerce digital branding experts, in 6 months Donhatnoidia has been able to increase the click-through rate from 5.1% to 7.1% (20%) and the clicks on the website have increased from 9.41k to 17k.
This was not all, their conversions, traffic(both store and website), and overall market value have only increased. The average position of the company has also gone up from 28.7 to 18.7

These are the accomplishments that the digital marketing experts have managed to do so far in less than a year, and they are still connected and availing the services with CedCommerce. That is not all, so much more is under planning and execution to make this bond and especially Donhatnoidia a success, and to give Donhatnoidia a comfortable foundation for digital branding and be a part of their journey ahead.

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Future plans?

Well, for now, nothing has changed at this end. Donhatnoidia is still availing the services from CedCommerce and we are looking forward to working together, better digital branding strategies, and breaking more records. It is a process of building together and creating a comfortable foundation for their audience and themselves

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