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Is Shopping Ads a part of Google Shopping?

Is Shopping Ads a part of Google Shopping?


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Google Shopping and Shopping ads, both have a lot to offer and will prove fruitful if you use them appropriately.

Well, What are we waiting for?

Let’s hop right in and learn the key differences between the two.

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What is Shopping Ads?

A lot of time while browsing, you must have come across these ads and it might have left you wondering “what are these?”

Well, these are called Shopping Ads and it usually appears at the top of the search result page.

These ads are related to your search query. (Refer to the image below).

shopping ads

(source: Google)

Let me paint a picture, it’s been sunny outside lately and you’ve been meaning to get sunglasses that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

You simply open Google and search, “UV protected sunglasses”. Next, you are popped with these Shopping Ads results as shown above.

These ads make your shopping experience so smooth, enabling you to compare different products at the same time and giving you a crisp product description.

Why not give it a try and bring your products across a wider audience?

Give it a start! Apply to Shopping Ads through the Google Merchant Center or directly through your Google Ads account as shown below.

shopping ads

After setting up your account, you need to start a Shopping Ad campaign.

Specify your product description and a few other essential information regarding your business.

How do Shopping Ads works?

Shopping Ads works on PPC (pay per click) model. You simply pay when someone clicks on these Shopping Ads.

Shopping Ads is a type of Google Ads along with Text ads, banner ads, video ads, and app installation ads.


NOTE: Google ads was earlier known as Google Adwords, don’t be confused if we or anyone else uses “Google Adwords” because these terms are used interchangeably.

Click on this link to get started on Google Ads.

Don’t mix Shopping Ads with text Ads. I’ll let the following image explain it, since it is a lot easier to understand this way.

shopping ads Also, You can easily link your Google Ads account to your Merchant Center account to keep track of your ads’ performance.

Perks of Shopping Ads

  • Stand out

I’ve heard “2nd page of Google search is the best place to hide a dead body” Wondering why?

Because research findings show that 90% of the searchers don’t go to the 2nd page of Google results page.

So, when your ads are on top of the Google Search page, potential customers are likely to click on it.

  • Get better quality leads

Since potential customers generally get all the necessary details right through your Shopping Ads, they are highly likely to convert hence making a purchase.

  • No headaches a.k.a keywords planning

Shopping Ads are based on a retail-centric campaign, i.e. instead of keywords, Shopping Ads uses the product feed that you submit in Google Merchant Center and show them according to the search query.

  • Get insights

You can get all the insights, see which one of your products are performing well and which ones are not and do the necessary alterations.

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Shopping Ads Optimisation Tips

  • Since Google Shopping Ads uses the images from your submitted product feed, try and use high-end product images. This makes Ads productive and appealing. It leads to more relevant traffic and high ROI.
  • Upload the latest product data and submit a full inventory to boost the rate of product appearance.
  • The first impression is the last impression, with this in mind, keep your landing page enticing and use bright colours for your “Add to cart” buttons.
  • Keywords are the way to success. Focus on keywords and add negative keywords as well.

Google Shopping Ads account for one-fifth of retail paid search clicks

Next up,

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping basically is a comparison-shopping website. It serves both the purpose, you can sell/shop as well as compare products here.

After the recent major updates, Google Express became a crucial part of Google Shopping.

NOTE: For the ease, the “Google Express” term is no longer in use and the term used now for the marketplace is Google Shopping.

Also, Google Shopping Ads is a part of Google Shopping.

CedCommerce is a trusted partner of Google Shopping Actions.

Perks of Google Shopping

  • Your customers can purchase several items from different Google Shopping stores such as Target, Costco, etc., at the same time and add them to Google Shopping cart aka the Universal cart.

shopping ads

  • You get to sell among giants in this industry, as we’ve mentioned above, Target, Costco, Best Buy, etc.
  • Google saves the transaction details, which lets your customers get their purchase done in one single click. Hence the name: One-click checkout.
  • Best of all, no listing fees. You pay when you make a sale.

Google Shopping Optimisation Tips

  • Focus on the product description. The reason why it is important because a survey shows that 66% of shoppers abandon their carts due to limited product information.
  • Improve your estimated product delivery date which will help you to increase your sales since 80% of shoppers admit that fast and free delivery will encourage them to shop.
  • Use an inventory management program so that you won’t face issues such as overselling.

If you wish to sell on Google Shopping then you can simply apply to the Buy On Google (previously known as Shopping Actions) program in your Merchant Center.

But, what is Buy On Google (previously known as Shopping Actions)?

Well, Buy On Google is the program that lets you sell on the Google Shopping marketplace.

Interested in selling on Google Shopping?

Let’s sum it up!

There you have it: The key differences between Google Shopping and Shopping Ads.

We know, it might seem confusing at first but the more you’ll learn the less scary it will get.

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If you choose our program, Google Ads and Google Analytics experts at CedCommerce will help you every step of the way.

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Thank you for reading the entire blog and we hope you liked it and learned something from this.

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below and our experts will help you in any way possible.

Happy selling!~

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