Get CedCommerce extensions from Magento Marketplace and sell globally
Get CedCommerce extensions from Magento Marketplace and sell globally!

Get CedCommerce extensions from Magento Marketplace and sell globally!


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Another good news for sellers across the globe arrives as Magento Marketplace has recently made live some more extensions by CedCommerce. In this new occurrence, the extensions by CedCommerce that are now live and available on Magento Marketplace are for Etsy, Walmart, Catch, and Groupon Marketplaces.


These extensions facilitate sellers to integrate their Magento store with the above-mentioned marketplaces to sell and manage the product, their price, and inventory.


About the Extensions


Glance over the Magento Integration Extensions by CedCommerce that are now live on Magento Marketplace:



Marketplace Extensions


Price & Availability

Etsy Magento 1 Integration        Click Here
Walmart Magento 1 Integration         Click Here
Catch Magento 1 Integration          Click Here
Groupon Magento 1 Integration           Click Here


Along with these extensions, 3-Month Free Assistance, 24*7 Chat Availability, and Skype Support are absolutely free to avail.

To see the other extensions by CedCommerce that are already available on Magento Marketplace, click HERE.


Features of the Extensions


The comprehensive features that these extensions are powered with include:


1) Unlimited Product Upload – These extensions don’t put any limitation on the number of products to be uploaded on marketplaces. They also facilitate the easy uploading of products from the seller panel.


2) Bulk Uploading – These extensions reduce the time and effort of sellers. They enable sellers to upload the products in bulk.


3) Auto-Synchronisation of Inventory –  These extensions facilitate auto synchronization of inventory from Magento to marketplace and vice versa with the help of cron jobs.


4) Unlimited Auto Synchronisation of Orders – Cron Jobs help to fetch orders automatically from the marketplace’s seller panel to Magento store. They also facilitate to synchronize the orders between Magento and the marketplace.


5) Notifications – These extensions notify the sellers of orders generated from the marketplace in two ways – on their Magento store and on their registered e-mail.


6) Rejected Products’ Notification – These extensions notify sellers on their registered email and on their Magento store if their products get rejected by the marketplace.


7) Archive and Unarchive Products –  Archive and Unarchive functionality of extensions help the sellers to enable and disable their products on Marketplaces. Archive functionality helps to hide the products on the marketplace whereas Unarchive helps to show the products again.


About CedCommerce


CedCommerce is a global web development agency and the Official Channel Integration Partner of marketplaces such as Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Fruugo, and many others. In our determination to help sellers all across the globe, we have assisted more than 500 retailers in integrating their stores to various marketplaces and we move forward every day, increasing our clients.


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