MageNative Magento2 App free
Features of MageNative Magento Mobile App

Features of MageNative Magento Mobile App


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In this mobile era, when every mobile user is looking for ease, flexibility, and convenience, MageNative app is the best option to fulfill their business requirement. It is a completely customizable and highly personalized custom mobile app for Magento® 2 users. Some of the features of MageNative Magento Mobile App-



MageNative Magento Mobile App-30 days free trial


It provides a flexibility and the easiest way to build the mobile app. With the help of the MageNative Magento Mobile App, you can convert the Magento® 2 website into a featured mobile app consisting of all the website functionalities.

MageNative is the Application Development Platform that enables to present the website in the Mobile Application Environment. You can customize the app to match the brand image and publish it to meet the requirements of the front-end users.

MageNative Magento Mobile App-compatibility

Key Features of the MageNative Magento Mobile App

MageNative Magento Mobile AppAttractive and User-Friendly Layout: Provides an attractive and user-friendly layout that makes the users to instinctively experience, how to use the interface.

MageNative Magento Mobile App

  • Multi-Lingual and RTL Support: It supports multiple languages and the right to left theme. In the right to left theme, writing starts from the right of the page and continues to the left.

MageNative Magento Mobile App

  • Native App: An application program, developed for the use on a specific platform or device. Above all the features, this is the most important feature of MageNative App.

MageNative Magento Mobile App


  •                                                Synchronization: The app is synchronized with the website.


MageNative Magento Mobile App

  • Supports all product type: It supports all type of the products available in the Magento 2 store.

MageNative Magento Mobile App

Search: Enhanced search feature available to search the required product in the app based Name, description, Category of the product.

MageNative Magento Mobile App- Barcode


Barcode And QR Code Reader and Scanner: QR Code Reader is used for Product sharing and easy product search. Barcode Scanner is used for the Real world product search.



MageNative Magento Mobile App-Push Notification

Push Notification: Using Push Notification the MageNative Magento Mobile App sends the user a notification message regarding any new offer or any other app-related messages without the user actually opening the app.

MageNative Magento Mobile App⦁ Social Login: Another feature is Social Login. A single sign-on technology is used that allows users to authenticate themselves on MageNative Magento Mobile App by connecting through a social media such as Facebook and Google.

MageNative Magento Mobile App

Native Payment Gateway: Provides the Native Payment Gateway that makes the application run smoothly and even faster on the transactions performed by the users.

MageNative Magento Mobile App

 ⦁ Voice Search: You can search the product with your own voice.




Other Efficient Features

⦁ Support all the payment method available on the Magento 2 store.
⦁ Homepage Promotional Banner
⦁ Promotional Deals
⦁ Product Social Sharing
⦁ Google Maps
⦁ Google Analytics
⦁ Customize App Design
⦁ Filters
⦁ Sort

Coming soon features of MageNative Magento Mobile App

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About MageNative:

Established in 2015, MageNative has been heavily involved with customized m-Commerce developments. The company offers a slew of solutions and has a vast, global client base. The company has a full-fledged research division, which constantly strives to create state-of-the-art solutions for eCommerce store owners, looking to expand into mobile commerce.

Magenative also deals with Magento mobile app, Magento 2 mobile app, Shopify mobile app, WooCommerce mobile app and Delivery App which allows the store owners to create and deploy native mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones. The company is also working on mobile solutions for more eCommerce platforms namely Opencart, Prestashop, etc.

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