Select and Sell - MultiVendor Marketplace Addon
Facilitates Vendor with Ability to Select and Sell Admin as well as Fellow Sellers Products

Facilitates Vendor with Ability to Select and Sell Admin as well as Fellow Sellers Products


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An ideal multivendor marketplace has many competitors selling same products; competing on pricing and quality. Also, another virtue the marketplace has is there is a  diverse range of products. New vendors join from time to time and some leave making marketplace a vibrant place.

Also, to sell on marketplace it is required that vendors first upload their products and once they are uploaded they can be sold. However, uploading product is not easy as it sounds – It can be easy with Mass product import export addon – it can further be simplified. How?

What if vendor want to sell the products already-existing on the platform. Won’t it be great that he can use the information of these products, only then he is left with entering the quantity he has and the price he wants to offer?

Well, it’s exactly what Select and Sell Addon does. Upon installing this addon vendor can select already-existing products and enter the pricing and stock quantity and they are ready to go. Flexible. Isn’t it?

Although it makes thing flexible and easier for vendors, there is one thing that must not be overlooked: Admin approval. It is of utmost importance to ask admin first whether or not the vendors would be allowed to sell the particular product as he might be intruding into admin’s sales.. Therefore, there is a provision of admin approval that comes with this addon.

The features of Select and Sell addon are:

  • Multiple Vendors can sell a single product
  • Sellers Price comparison is displayed on Product page
  • Vendor can select and sell existing products
  • Admin Approval Setting is required for selling existing products
  • Minimum Price setting for product page
  • Admin can enable/disable Select and Sell Feature
  • Multiple Website Support

How it works?

Admin can choose to allow or deny and choose the Minimum Starting Price to be shown on price comparison list.

For admin:

First, enable the select and sell addon.

To do this, go to Marketplace > Vendor>Configuration > General > Vendor Select and Sell

– Here enable the Select and Sell Settings

– Now inside Vendor select and sell addon:

Select YES to enable Minimum Pricing on Product Page (Inside Green Box)

Select YES to enable Product Approval functionality (Inside Green Box)


For Vendors:

If the Select and Sell functionality addon is enabled, Vendor see the following box bifurcated into two:

i. Add New Products: To add new products

ii. Product List: Products being sold on marketplace therefore for CHOOSING and selling.

select and sell

After choosing Product List, Following screen appears containing the list of all the products.

select and sell

Now, Vendors are free to browse, and they can select the product they want to sell. They just have to Click SELL THIS PRODUCT and fill in the values of STOCK and PRICE (See in the figure below)

select and sell

Now whenever any customer wants to buy the product, all the vendors offering the same product with their pricing appear on Product Comparison Page. (See in the figure below: inside black box!)

test product



The Select and Sell addon makes it extra flexible – in addition to Vendor Mass Import and Export addon – for sellers to upload their products on the marketplace. Not also this, Admin can regulate which products can or can’t be sold on marketplace.

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