Facebook Integration with an app and its importance in acquiring new visitors.

Facebook Integration with an app and its importance in acquiring new visitors.


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Facebook Integration allows you to pass the app event data from the mobile app to Facebook. With the help of app event data, you can easily measure and track the actions users are taking in your app.

Facebook integration is an important part that helps in marketing and collecting data of your visitors.

So you can integrate facebook with your app to increase your revenue and to grow the engagement level of your customers. It lets you to:

  • Track engagement level of customers in your application.
  • Increase revenue by running ad campaigns from facebook audience network
  • Run ads to attract new customers to download your app and convince existing customers to return to your app.

A Step wise guide to Facebook Integration

So to integrate your app with facebook , you need to follow simple steps given below

1- First go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and login your facebook account and then click on “My apps”.

facebook integration my apps

2- After that click on the button “Create App”

Create-app facebook integration

3- Then select “consumer” tab and click “continue” button

consumer tab

4- Then fill the required fields and Click on the tab “Create App”

create app and continue facebook integration

5- Then click on the “Dashboard “


6- From here you will get the “App Id” and “App Name”. Share this “App Id” and “App name” with MageNative and your app will be integrate within a very short span of time

Why is there a need for Facebook Integration?

This can help drive more traffic to your mobile app. Facebook Integration enables new visitors to find your app easily and existing visitors to re-engage with your application. Facebook crafted each channel to help engage visitors.

Different available channels in facebook incorporate the following

1- Notifications

  • App generated Requests: These requests are sent to those users who have authorised your application.
  • User generated Requests: User generated requests are confirmed by the explicit action taken by the user on a request dialog.

2- Bookmarks

3- Newsfeed stories

4- Publishing stories

5- Discover stories

6- Timeline : Integrates user’s top activity over a given period of time.

7- Search : Once your application reaches upto 10 active monthly users, facebook adds its information into reindex and search index. The process usually takes 2-4 weeks.


Insight dashboard helps app owners to track the behaviour of their visitors and how they are interacting with an app. Insight help business owners to get following details

  • Referral Traffic
  • Feedback for stream stories
  • User action
  • Active users including daily, weekly and monthly active users
  • Number of times permissions are granted
  • Track API errors and get access to throttle and allocation information

Convert your online store into an interactive mobile app, and integrate Facebook with an app for an increased customer base

To put it briefly

Integration with facebook is beneficial for your application, as it helps to increase the reach of your app on social media. All event data is passed from mobile app to the facebook app and lets you track user behaviour and the action performed by the user on your application. And by following above simple tips you can easily integrate facebook with your mobile app. So converting an online store into an app and integrating facebook with an app will consequently increase your audience base.

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