Jet return policy
Explained: Jet Returns Policy

Explained: Jet Returns Policy


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Play Now expects from its Retail Merchant partners that they mirror the most prevalent return policies of the business. If the norm is FREE return whether because of policies or due to common practice, then Jet expects its sellers to replicate the same policy. is not functional anymore. If you want to continue selling your inventories, we can assist you in shifting them to Walmart till July 16, 2020. This is not an automatic process, sellers will have to place a request through the Walmart Seller Center or Contact us. If you are a new seller wishing to sell on, don’t be disheartened, we can help you sell on instead.

However, there is one way you can get rid of free shipping, by asking the customers to Waive off their return right in exchange of a product at the time when they shop. Also, if Jet decides that return was initiated due to your mistake, then you’ve to bear the return costs.


Let’s take a look at Jet Return Policy:


1. Jet Member Return and Refund Policy:

Jet Members can initiate the return within the 30 days of the initial delivery date. However, there are certain conditions for Jet Members as well at the time of making a return request:


  • The item should not belong to the Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories.
  • The item must still be new, in the original packaging and with the original tags still attached.
  • However, if a Jet Member receives a damaged, defective and incorrect items delivered to them, then they can return the item at no extra cost. Here whether the merchant has opted for ‘Waive Returns’ or not doesn’t matter.



2. Jet Retail Partner Return Policy:

If a product fulfilled by you is returned then, can request you to replace, return or refund the items whose return request has been made.


a) Replacements:

If want you to replace an item, you would receive a notification of either replacing the order after receiving the return or, it would ask you to receive an order identified as a replacement of the earlier shipped item.


The replacement order, now, would be treated as a separate order and would take the same commission as from the original items.


However, upon Jet’s return of the item, if you find out that original item can’t find out – either the shipment is lost or, the item was not in the condition to be returned or cost of the returning the item exceeds the resale value of product, then you would be asked to generated refund.


b) Returns and Refunds:

Once the return and refund request is initiated and then processed, then refunds the amount to the customers and debit the same amount from your Retail Partner Account. And if Jet finds out that a week has passed since you received the return request and have still not acted on it, then refunds the amount on your behalf. Also, if you also refund the shipping money then, Jet expects you to mirror the same practice with their platform as well.

There are some cases where Jet holds you’re responsible for return, or shipped the incorrect item or, the item arrived damaged/defective then in these cases also expects you to refund any shipping cost paid by the Jet member.


3. Return Processing:

Since Jet Members can initiate the Return within the 30 days of product delivery. Hence relating to this, jet expects its retail partner to accept returns at their facilities for up to 60 days after the initial product delivery provided the item is not included in the Non-Returnable products and Product categories or the items specifically agreed to by Jet and Retail Partner.



4. Performance Expectations:

To ensure a high-quality customer service to the Jet members, jet expects that you accept and process the request within the 2 business days, and Jet’s Performance Expectation: >99.0% for 2 business days.



5. Settlement and Refund Processing:

When you accept the return request from the buyer, you cannot refund the order, until you receive the order back. Refunds should be generated after a seller has received, processed, and evaluated the state of the returned product. When the seller generates a refund for the order, it will notify Jet to refund the amount specified.


Note: If a buyer has already submitted the return request, you should not create a refund for the same.


A seller has 2 business days to respond to the refund, either agreeing to charges or disagreeing. If a seller does not respond within two business days, Jet automatically approves the full refund.



6. Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories:

Choose the items to be listed as not eligible for return at The items include but are not limited to software, hazardous items and some health and personal care items. All items that are not eligible for return are indicated to Jet Members on the Jet Marketplace.


7. Ownership of Returned Products:

Title to and risk of loss for shipment of tangible product returned by a Jet Member will transfer to Jet and then immediately to the Retail Partner upon delivery to the common carrier for shipment back to the Retail Partner.

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