As Expected, Online Sellers are the REAL Winner this FESTIVE Season.
As Expected, Online Sellers are the REAL Winner this FESTIVE Season.

As Expected, Online Sellers are the REAL Winner this FESTIVE Season.


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The prediction of the PWC – Holiday spending is expected to increase 10% during 2016 season – stands true. Shoppers open their wallets and shopped in big numbers: both online and offline. Sales on thanksgiving day, black Friday, and Cyber Monday all exceeded the previous year’s record. And going by the records, it is the online seller fraternity that has come out as a winner.


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The Christmas is Coming!


With $94 billion sales predicted, an increase of 17%, for this holiday season, the retail e-commerce industry is poised to witness the largest sales ever. Not only e-commerce behemoths Amazon, Target,, will be the winners but also, millions of e-commerce sellers selling on these platforms are also going to benefit.


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As per the blog by the National Retail Foundation, giving a peek into why consumers would love to shelve some extra money on shopping and the prime reasons that mentioned were –


  • Great Offers
  • Irresistible products
  • Better services
  • Convenience
  • Party Panic


And the reasons make sense completely, online sellers compliment the festive mood with best discounts and deals. One more important factor is , like the Previous year, almost 90% people are still to shop. And their shopping list has diverse range.


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E-Commerce “The way forward”


As per the National Retail Foundation Survey 44% people shopped online compared to 40% offline. Those sellers who have both offline and online presence didn’t suffer. Their online sales neutralized the sales due to not selling offline.


The trend is so prevalent that it is mounting pressure to follow the Amazon’s way. However, Walmart is also not leaving any stone unturned to turn around fortunes in its favor. The acquisition of by Walmart for $3.3 billion dollars – biggest in the U.S. E-commerce history – is a big step towards making their online presence much stronger.


Therefore, sellers who still haven’t diversified their selling channels, there, still, is a great opportunity to connect their online stores with leading marketplaces and leverage the Christmas sales.


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