Amazon Holiday Success with CedCommerce
eCommerce Holiday Season 2023 Calendar for Amazon – Shopify Sellers

eCommerce Holiday Season 2023 Calendar for Amazon – Shopify Sellers


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Are you ready for Amazon Holiday Season 2023? In eCommerce, the holiday season represents an unparalleled opportunity for sellers to thrive and maximize their profits. Moreover, with the fast-approaching Holiday Season 2023, Amazon- Shopify sellers like you are gearing up to seize the moment and make their mark in this dynamic marketplace. Finally, the time is here to prepare for Holiday Season 2023. With CedCommerce by your side, you have a great opportunity to scale before the year ends.

What to expect?

This blog chiefly, serves as an indispensable resource for Amazon entrepreneurs, offering expert guidance on navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a meticulously curated calendar of important dates, insightful forecasts, a comprehensive recap of the previous year’s trends, and invaluable tips, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to succeed in the bustling online marketplace.

Whether you are a seasoned Amazon seller seeking to refine your approach or an aspiring entrepreneur eager to capitalize on this peak shopping period, this guide has been carefully crafted to cater to your needs. Explore the strategies employed by top-performing sellers as well as analyze the market dynamics that shape this festive season. Here, you will gain invaluable insights to propel your Amazon business to new heights. Before you begin, connect Shopify to Amazon this Holiday Season for manifold opportunities and growth. Furthermore, you need to be up to date on the key dates and events to prepare for Holiday Season 2023 on time. Check out this eCommerce Holiday Season 2023 Calendar for Amazon Shopify sellers.

Holiday Season 2023 Calendar (US, CA, UK)

While preparing for the Holiday Season of 2023, it’s crucial for multichannel Amazon sellers to be ready for the festive shopping frenzy. The following calendar outlines important dates and holidays during this period. Furthermore, this calendar intends to help you strategize and maximize your sales across these three key markets:

Independence Day

Date: July 4 (Tuesday)

Country: United States

Description: Celebrating American independence, this holiday marks a significant shopping event, especially for US-based sellers.


Date: October 31 (Tuesday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: A festive occasion where consumers splurge on costumes, decorations, and treats.

Remembrance Day / Armistice Day

Date: November 11 (Saturday)

Country: Canada, United Kingdom

Description: A day to honor veterans and fallen soldiers, observed with solemnity and respect.

Veterans Day

Date: November 11 (Saturday)

Country: United States

Description: A day to honor and thank all military veterans for their service.

Diwali / Deepavali

Date: October 19 (Thursday) – Dates may vary

Country: United Kingdom

Description: The festival of lights celebrated by the British Indian community, with increased demand for traditional Diwali products.

Hanukkah / Chanukah

Date: December 13 (Wednesday) – December 20 (Wednesday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: The Jewish festival of lights, with a focus on gift-giving and traditional foods.

St. Andrew’s Day

Date: November 30 (Thursday)

Country: United Kingdom

Description: The national day of Scotland, celebrated with various events and activities.

Saint Nicholas Day

Date: December 6 (Wednesday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: Traditionally associated with gift-giving and feasts, particularly in European cultures.

Thanksgiving Day

Date: November 23 (Thursday)

Country: United States

Description: A major shopping milestone in the US, with Black Friday following right after, kicking off the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday

Date: November 24 (Friday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: Renowned for its massive discounts and deals, Black Friday draws hordes of eager shoppers looking for bargains.

Cyber Monday

Date: November 27 (Monday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: An online shopping extravaganza with retailers offering exclusive deals and discounts for digital shoppers.

Christmas Day

Date: December 25 (Monday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: A major gift-giving occasion, marking the peak of the holiday shopping season.

Boxing Day (Observed)

Date: December 27 (Wednesday) – Canada, December 26 (Tuesday) – United Kingdom

Country: Canada, United Kingdom

Description: Additional shopping day in Canada and the UK for post-Christmas sales.

Winter Solstice

Date: December 21 (Thursday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: The shortest day of the year, often linked to winter-themed products and events.

New Year’s Eve

Date: December 31 (Sunday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: The perfect opportunity to promote New Year’s products and sales.

New Year’s Day

Date: January 1, 2024 (Monday)

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Description: An ideal time for “New Year, New You” promotions and products.


Date: December 26 (Tuesday) – January 1 (Monday)

Country: United States

Description: Celebrating African-American culture and heritage, with a focus on community and gift-giving.

Things to know before navigating the 2023 Holiday Season

First of all, this highly competitive Holiday Season period presents a golden opportunity to boost revenue, expand customer reach, and elevate brand recognition. However, the landscape has evolved, and the focus has shifted from acquiring new customers to keeping existing ones delighted. According to the latest holiday shopping predictions, 2023 calls for savvy retailers to prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially backed by the power of data and AI. Also, when you are thinking about ways to increase sales on Amazon, there are certain aspects resulting from the market shift that beat traditional practices. At this point, check out some helpful tips to increase sales on Amazon this season and seize holiday success with CedCommerce:

The Impact of Generative and Predictive AI on Digital Sales:

Generative AI models like GPT are gaining attention, and retailers are using them to personalize the shopping experience. By automating marketing campaigns, offering conversational site searches, and enhancing chatbot responses, AI is set to influence an impressive $194 billion in global online holiday spending.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction by Addressing Returns:

Efficiently managing returns is crucial for maintaining customer happiness. A seamless returns process ensures a positive shopping experience, as poorly handled returns could result in losing 21% of online orders during the holiday season.

Driving In-Store Sales with BOPIS:

Buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) options play a key role in boosting in-store sales. By implementing efficient execution strategies and providing seamless customer experiences, retailers can leverage BOPIS to achieve higher sales during the festive season.

The Power of Social Media Advertising:

Social media’s influence on the shopping journey is growing exponentially. Retailers can leverage social media advertising to drive ten times more online holiday shopping visits compared to traditional marketing efforts. Engaging with customers on their preferred channels will create timely and inspiring holiday shopping experiences.

Embracing the Resale Market for Savings and Sustainability:

Consumers are increasingly turning to the resale market for cost-effective and eco-friendly options. By reselling used merchandise from existing customers, retailers can foster loyalty and encourage additional purchases, making the most of this emerging trend.

Consumer Trends from 2022

To best prepare for the Holiday Season 2023, check out this quick recap of the most crucial trends of Holiday Season 2022:

Mobile Shopping: Mobile browsing and purchasing saw a significant increase, making up 77% and 65% of all traffic and buying sessions, respectively, during peak shopping periods.

Conversion Behavior: Holiday shopping behavior varies across retail sub-verticals, with Health & Beauty experiencing the highest increase in conversions during peak.

Addressing Errors: Reducing errors during the holiday season is crucial, as they can lead to increased bounce rates and lower customer retention.

Higher Conversion Rates: Shoppers are waiting for the holiday season to make purchases, resulting in higher conversion rates during peak shopping periods.

Average Order Value: The average cart value decreases during peak shopping periods, with luxury and fashion experiencing the most significant reductions.

2022 Holiday Retail Recap: Key Learnings for Retailers

The 2022 holiday retail season brought its share of successes and challenges for retailers. With a quick recap of the past year’s season stats, get some valuable insights into consumer behavior and emerging trends as well:

Resilience in Uncertain Times: Despite economic fluctuations and uncertainties, retailers demonstrated resilience, with total retail sales growing by 5.3% compared to the previous year. This highlights the importance of staying adaptable and agile in retail strategies.

The Online Shift Persists: eCommerce and other non-store sales played a crucial role, reaching $261.6 billion—a 9.5% year-over-year increase. Hence, retailers must prioritize their digital presence and eCommerce capabilities to cater to evolving customer preferences.

Realistic Forecasting is Crucial: While the NRF projected growth between 6% and 8%, the actual growth of 5.3% fell short. Precise forecasting based on realistic assessments and accurate data analysis enables better decision-making.

Mobile Commerce is Thriving: Sales via smartphones accounted for 47% of eCommerce sales during the holiday season. Retailers must optimize their mobile experience to cater to the rising number of smartphone shoppers.

Personalization and Experience Matter: Successful categories like Toys, Video Games, and Apparel/Accessories experienced significant growth. Retailers can learn from this by providing personalized shopping experiences and tailored product recommendations to drive loyalty and sales.

The Impact of Discounts: Average discounts of 21% were offered during the season, positively influencing consumer behavior. Carefully strategizing discounting approaches based on brand positioning and objectives is crucial.

Leveraging Cyber Week: Cyber Week, including Cyber Monday, contributed significantly to holiday sales growth. Retailers should invest in targeted marketing, exclusive promotions, and engaging campaigns to attract online shoppers during this period.

By leveraging these learnings, retailers can refine their strategies, strengthen their competitive advantage, and exceed customer expectations in future holiday seasons and beyond.

Advanced Tips for Amazon Holiday Season 2023

Improve Selling, Shipping, and Fulfillment:

Enhance your selling, shipping, and fulfillment processes to ensure a seamless customer experience. Plan ahead and manage your inventory efficiently with tools like Stitchlabs to prevent stock shortages during the busy holiday season.

Expand Sales Channels:

Explore new online marketplaces like Amazon and others to tap into broader customer bases. Additionally, consider diversifying your marketing channels through strategies like affiliate marketing, influencer campaigns, push notifications, SMS, and chatbots for increased exposure and sales.

Go Global and Conquer New Markets:

Prepare for global expansion by conducting thorough research well in advance of the holiday season. Taking your business to new territories requires careful planning, but the rewards can be substantial.

Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience:

Elevate your brand’s image with a memorable unboxing experience. Quality packaging materials can leave a lasting impression and contribute to positive customer perceptions.

Offer Free Returns and Free Shipping:

Build customer trust and satisfaction by offering free returns with a clear return policy. Capitalize on the appeal of free shipping, as studies show it can significantly influence purchase decisions.

Improve Selling, Shipping, and Fulfillment:

Enhance your selling, shipping, and fulfillment processes to ensure a seamless customer experience. Plan ahead and manage your inventory efficiently with tools like Stitchlabs to prevent stock shortages during the busy holiday season.

Get the word out there

Create Strategic Holiday Campaigns and Promotions:

Get ahead of the competition by planning your holiday promotions early. Utilize marketing tools and expert support to streamline your campaigns and create a content calendar for timely and engaging content.

Plan Out Email Marketing Campaigns:

Leverage the power of email marketing to generate significant ROI. Optimize your emails for mobile, craft compelling CTAs, and incorporate social proof to drive customer engagement and conversions.

Ramp Up Customer Service:

Ensure your customer service team is well-prepared for the holiday rush. Consider hiring additional help or optimizing chatbot automation to efficiently handle customer inquiries and maintain high satisfaction levels.

Focus on Nurturing Customers and Creating Brand Ambassadors:

Place customers at the center of your strategy, emphasizing authenticity and a positive shopping experience. By nurturing customer relationships, you can create loyal brand ambassadors who spread the word about your business.

Drive Mobile App Adoption:

Increase the adoption of your mobile app through strategic branding campaigns that highlight exclusive benefits. Mobile apps are the backbone of cross-channel shopping journeys, fostering customer loyalty. In light of Apple’s influence on the app install market, innovative marketing tactics are crucial to boost app downloads.

Expert Support and Guidance:

Partner with CedCommerce for expert support and guidance. Their dedicated team of professionals will assist you in optimizing your strategies, understanding the app’s features, and resolving any issues promptly, ensuring a successful holiday season.

Connect Shopify to Amazon: Holiday Success with CedCommerce

Are you ready for the next move toward unprecedented GROWTH on Amazon? Look no further than the transformative power of the CedCommerce Amazon Channel app, a game-changer for over 17k+ Amazon sellers who have witnessed their businesses soar to new heights.

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Empowering Sellers on Amazon: Our Expertise, Your Success

In the past, standard order management and basic sales operations may have been sufficient, but not anymore. CedCommerce brings you advanced features and capabilities that propel your business forward. Connect multiple Amazon accounts through Shopify, centralize order processing, and access international markets while catering to local ones simultaneously.

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With an impressive client base of 17k+ sellers and 100+ availing customization services, CedCommerce has consistently delivered excellence. Furthermore, our app processes an average of 130k+ orders per month, with the largest catalog boasting 1M+ listings and unlimited potential. Most importantly, with a support response time that’s immediate, updates and enhancements are made quarterly. And with instant onboarding, we ensure you are ready for success right away.

Case Study: Nashua Nutrition – Fueling Growth with CedCommerce’s Amazon Channel

Nashua Nutrition, a high-protein food provider, faced a lack of synchronization between Amazon and Shopify. Their goal was to sell seamlessly on multiple channels simultaneously. But what is the ultimate solution?

Simply, the CedCommerce Amazon Channel app. In the end, the results were impressive, with a 25% increase in-store traffic and a 5X sales boost.

Testimonial: Boutique des Arts Martiaux et Sports de Combat

“My experience with CedCommerce has been nothing short of exceptional. As a Shopify store owner looking to expand my business onto Amazon, I was in dire need of a robust, easy-to-use integration system, and CedCommerce delivered just that.” – France-based Boutique des Arts Martiaux et Sports de Combat.

How Do We Deliver Success, Every Step of the Way?

With CedCommerce’s Amazon Channel App, experience true ease of selling. Efficiently manage multiple Amazon accounts through Shopify, centralize order processing, and access a broader customer base, all while reducing manual work and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, enjoy increased product visibility and revenue with Amazon campaigns and Ad support, and earn buyer trust with polished listings. Seize multichannel Amazon Holiday Success with CedCommerce Today!

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