ECommerce Best Practices for Selling on Walmart
ECommerce best practices to follow when selling on Walmart

ECommerce best practices to follow when selling on Walmart


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Selling successfully on the Walmart marketplace needs serious input from your side. How you do listings and integrate various sales practices can directly impact the number of conversions you make.

Since the road to selling on the Walmart marketplace is paved with many steps, and you are not the only seller on Walmart, you must perform various additional duties to raise the caliber of your listings and move them up the Walmart rankings.

So what are the necessary best-selling practices to be incorporated to succeed on Walmart or any other marketplace? To help you on the matter, we have included a few tips to help you in this area.

Best Selling Practices on Walmart

Follow the pointers below to perform consistently in eCommerce and reap better profits by selling wisely on Walmart, where a vast customer base comes to buy quality products from sellers like you.

1. Focus on your customers’ needs.

Since customers are at the center of your eCommerce business, whatever best-selling practices you incorporate should be to delight your Walmart customers. So alignment of all your sales practices per your customer preferences must be noticed.

When you focus on your customers’ needs and customize your business per the likes and dislikes of your potential customers, they get an attachment to buying from someone who cares. This helps you build a bond, the outcome of which is customer loyalty, the benefits of which are evident to all.

So regularly engage with your customers, understand their buying habits and preferences, and optimize your business differently for different customers.

To learn vital information about your Walmart customers, read a Few things you don’t know about Walmart customers.

2. Design a website per your brand.

Your eCommerce website should reflect your brand personality. Sync the content you display on your site with the customers’ expectations.

Your website’s look and feel must be fresh and appealing, not against the brand image you want to portray.

Plus, it would be best if you also worked on the following pointers to make the customers’ shopping experience smooth:

  • The eCommerce website must be smooth. The loading time of your eCommerce website must be quick since the best eCommerce conversions occur with sites that load between 0-20 seconds.
  • Incorporate clear images that show your customers exactly how your products look.
  • Have an FAQ section that answers all the general queries that customers may have about the displayed product.
  • Use simple and easy navigation.

3. Optimize the product descriptions

Product descriptions convey product information to the customers. Keeping them updated and optimized is essential.

Analyze what keywords customers use to search for the product you sell, and incorporate them and their synonyms in the product description. This will help in the discoverability of your products in customers’ search queries on Walmart.

To learn about the best practices for Walmart product listings, read Common Mistakes Made in Product Listing for Walmart.

4. Increase Advertising

Advertising offers various benefits for sellers. It increases the reach and discoverability of your products at Walmart and is a key best-selling practice to be followed.

If you sell on Walmart, use Walmart Connect, the advertising arm of Walmart. Walmart Connect increases your product’s reach and reminds customers of your products when they search for the products like yours.

5. Offer competitive product prices.

The price customers pay in return for the product they buy from you needs to be competitive. It is the price that catches the buyer’s attention at first sight.

The access to infinite options to buy a product has made it crucial for you to work on pricing areas strategically. Since customers can quickly compare your price with the prices offered by other sellers, you can neither price your products too high that customers think they are overpriced nor too low, which can put up a question on your products’ quality.

Also, competitive product pricing is essential to winning the Walmart Buy Box, in addition to the other requirements for winning Buy Box at Walmart.

Additionally, your products can also get delisted if pricing is not justified.

So innovative product pricing is a must for selling on Walmart. If this pricing is getting too much for you, get Walmart Integration. Its Walmart repricer automatically modifies product prices per your set rules and eases winning Buy Box for you, and hence win more conversions.

6. Offer fast fulfillment.

In today’s era, fulfillment is the end satisfaction you deliver to your customers. Shoppers want the products they ordered from you quickly and affordably too. Though fast fulfillment can lose your pockets, it’s what the customers want.

Fulfillment options vary from one marketplace to another. If you sell on the Walmart marketplace, you can deliver products smartly using Walmart Fulfillment Services(WFS). This fast and reliable fulfillment service (WFS) from Walmart relaxes you with the quick fulfillment of your Walmart products. All you need is to send your inventory to the WFS facility, and Walmart will deliver products in as fast as two days when someone orders your products.

Additionally, your catalog’s visibility also gets enhanced when you opt for WFS since Walmart applies two-day delivery tags to the WFS-fulfilled items.

To understand WFS, read The Ultimate Coverage on Walmart Fulfillment Services!.

7. Watch the competition closely.

Putting all your efforts into all aspects of selling but not looking into what all the competitors are doing can massively affect your sales.

At Walmart, over 130,000 sellers do their best to attract buyers’ attention. So updating and optimizing your sales practices per the competitors is what you must pay attention to. Since many sellers sell the same product, you need to do something that can rank your listings up and help you win the Walmart Buy Box.

To learn more about the best practices for winning the buy box on Walmart, read How to Win Buy Box on Walmart.

8. Sell on social platforms.

The engagement of people on social media is at an all-time high. On average, people’s daily social media usage is close to 2 hr 30 min. Also, 54% of users use social media before making a purchase. So giving due importance to your social media presence is necessary for enhancing your visibility.

Hence, the emerging social media trend makes your presence a must there. Social media presents shoppers with another platform to engage with you. Onboard it if you still need to get on it.

9. Use Analytics to track your performance.

An important best-selling practice on Walmart is to know your Sales Analytics. Selling on the Walmart marketplace and not knowing about your performance lands you nowhere. So it’s essential to know your sales output, which makes it mandatory to track your Sales Analytics.

Analytics help you track your sales performance and know how well you are doing.

Understand your sales metrics and work on the areas where you lag with the right eCommerce software, like Walmart Integration which informs about your performance on the Walmart marketplace.

The analytics section of Walmart Integration informs you about the following:

Listing Quality: The listing quality displays details on Content & Discoverability. Here you get all info about product type, product category, SKU, ratings & reviews, etc.Walmart Analytics- Listing Quality

Seller Analytics: It tells you whether you are a Walmart Pro Seller. It informs you about metrics like Cancellations, Delivery Defects, Number of Orders in the past 90 days, and many more on Walmart.Walmart Analytics- Seller Analytics

10. Enhance your market reach.

Selling on one marketplace helps you reach a broad customer base, but to reach further, expansion to various marketplaces needs to be considered. Walmart helps you reach over 100 million monthly customers and benefit from its Zero charges for product listings. Pay a small commission to Walmart only when you make a sale on Walmart.

The other marketplaces you can consider include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., and hence sell your assortment to a broader customer base. The key is to find out which marketplace best fits your needs and caters to the potential customers you want to target. This will help you be a better player in the eCommerce industry as your reach is now globally boosted.

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To Sum Up

What works today may not work tomorrow. Since eCommerce is growing and practices change with time, engaging yourself in updating and optimizing selling practices on Walmart cannot be overlooked.

Reach out to CedCommerce to ease following best practices when selling on Walmart. With industry experts and Walmart’s Official Channel Integration partner CedCommerce, you can ease your online selling greatly. 

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