Marketplace Integration for eBay: CedCommerce finds an easy way to sell on eBay!

Marketplace Integration for eBay: CedCommerce finds an easy way to sell on eBay!


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Portland, Oregon (20th July 2019): Realizing the importance of Multi-Channel selling, CedCommerce, an eCommerce solution provider has been launching various Integration apps. Catenating this, CedCommerce has launched eBay Marketplace Integration. The app has been successfully listed on the Official Shopify App Store.

In a conversation, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal & Mr. Himanshu Rauthan, the Co-Founders of the company quoted:

before launching any product, we do brainstorming sessions, wherein, we talk of the product’s utility in a seller’s life. Thus, the thought of getting the eBay Marketplace Integration was justified. Through our eBay Shopify Integration, we can help millions of merchants to reduce their time & efforts while selling on eBay.



Before you buy, you can always try!


The app has been designed to have an interface which makes you unleash the complete potential of eBay. The major perk of the app is that it is available for a free trial for a lifetime with a certain number of product upload & order management credits.

In the long run, this app can be seen to help you:

i)   Know what works best to make more sales on eBay
ii)  Fulfill orders more in number than ever
iii) Have clear statistics about how your products are being managed



Where can you avail the app from?


The eBay Marketplace Integration can be availed from Official Shopify App Store.

CedCommerce brings home the idea of assisting customers at each phase of the usage of their solution with their:

  • 24*7 Support
  • Videos & Documentation
  • Dedicated Account Manager



Major Highlights of the app:


1) Quick Onboarding: Executing the initial steps of getting your hands on the app is just a matter of a few minutes.


2) Profiling: The app provides the option to group products and assigns various business policies (Shipping, Payment & Return), and templates (Inventory, Pricing, Title & Category) to different products.


3) Manageable Templates: There is a segregated section in the app that allows the users to create Title, Inventory, Category (apart from the one set during Onboarding) & Price Templates.


4) Easy Listing: The app helps to easily list Shopify products on eBay. The product details are properly fetched from Shopify to the app and are flawlessly conveyed to eBay.


5) Product Management: The app helps you to edit/update the details of your Shopify products and reflect the same on eBay.


6) Order Management: Fetch the orders received on eBay to the app & fulfill them from your Shopify store through the app.





➜ Reduced time in listing Shopify products on eBay.

➜ Flexibility to choose desired templates & eBay business policies, if you are an existing eBay Seller.

➜ Liberty to create customized templates & eBay business policies.

➜ Complete Product, Order & Inventory Management.



Quoting the words of CedCommerce App Developers:


Any seller who uses the app will experience a sigh of relief as the app takes over all the manual work that needs to be done while selling Shopify products on eBay.

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