eBay Magento 2 Integration
GET A NEW  WAY TO EARN MONEY: eBay Magento 2 Integration is now available on Magento store

GET A NEW WAY TO EARN MONEY: eBay Magento 2 Integration is now available on Magento store


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It is great news for Magento based-sellers, there is an opportunity to make their work easy and gain more profit because they have got a new way to integrate their Magento from eBay marketplace via eBay Magento 2 Integration.


eBay marketplace integration is now available on Magento Marketplace. Sellers can purchase this extension from the Magento Store developed by Cedcommerce.


eBay Position in E-commerce Market:

eBay has covered widest area in the United States and in Europe. The only United States it has 167 million active users eBay has covered more continents such as – North and south America, Europe, Middle East Asia and Europe.

Monthly Fees

eBay takes very nominal charges with their sellers, their monthly subscriptions are as follows:-

Basic $24.95/month

Premium $74.95/month

Anchor $349.95/month

Commision Rates

eBay takes a commision with the sellers on selling of the product. The commision rates are in between 7% to 11 % and it depends upon the conditions based on the eBay.

eBay Magento 2 Integration:

The eBay Integration enables Magento 2 users to connect their stores from the eBay marketplace. This extension automates the synchronization of Price, Inventory, and orders through crons. Also, it provides the feature to upload an unlimited no. of products.



1) Unlimited Uploading of products The eBay Magento 2 Integration plugin doesn’t put any bar on the number of products to be uploaded to eBay. It facilitates the hassle-free uploading of products from seller panel.


2) Bulk UploadingThis extension enables sellers to upload products in bulk with a single click and through the csv.


3) Auto-Synchronisation of Inventory The integration auto-synchronizes the inventory and product status with eBay and reflects the changes made on stores on eBay and vice-versa.


4) Auto-fetch orders Crons helps to fetch orders automatically from the seller panel of eBay to Magento store. Also, Crons help to synchronize your order periodically.


5) Notifications Sellers get the notification of the orders generated from eBay in two ways- on their Magento store and on their registered e-mail.


Availability & Pricing:

The plugin is available at $199 and can be downloaded from Magento Marketplace or simply by visitng this link –> marketplace.magento.com/ced-ebay-integration-m2.html

Additional resources:

CedCommerce Multi-Channel Plugins: https://marketplace.Magento.com/partner/CedCommerce

CedCommerce News: cedcommerce.com/blog/news-updates/

CedCommerce Blogs: cedcommerce.com/blog


CedCommerce on Social Media:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/7584005/

Twitter: twitter.com/cedcommerce

Facebook: facebook.com/CedCommerce/

About eBay:

The world’s largest online marketplace -eBay was founded in 1995. Now, it has 167 million active buyers in all over the world. Here, anyone can buy and sell their product, and from anywhere. It connects a diverse and passionate for sellers and buyers. Now there are more than 700 million products are listed on eBay.


About Cedcommerce:

Cedcommerce was established in 2010, Cedcommerce is an e-commerce web development corporation. In nowadays, it has 3500+ active sellers and across 40+ marketplaces and Cedcommerce is the official channel partner of Walmart, Newegg, Sears, fruugo and Tophatter.



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