New Wish Shopify Integration
Bye Bye Worries: Manage Wish Order on New Wish Shopify Integration

Bye Bye Worries: Manage Wish Order on New Wish Shopify Integration


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Merchants worried about the depreciation of Shopify Integration have a reason to cheer! They can receive the orders without any disruption after March 26 as well.

A New Wish Shopify integration, by CedCommerce, will enable online sellers to sync data for receiving orders and updating product information between their Shopify Store and Wish marketplace and continue doing business on the


Shopify Integration Deprecation:

On March 8, 2018, Wish announced about the deprecation of Shopify Integration which means effectively from Monday, March 26, 00:00 AM UTC, 2018 Shopify users will no longer be able to sync their stores with wish marketplace for product information update and order status.

However, their existing listings, orders, and their history will be available in their respective Wish Merchant Centre available at

Also, they don’t require to open a new store and operate their same old store, and neither their payment will be disrupted, they will be able to receive their payment dues using same payment methods.

For those worrying about getting familiarised with Wish Merchant Center to directly manage their account to manage orders received from Friday, March 23 onward can take a sigh of relief.


Advantages of New Wish Shopify Integration:

The new extension from CedCommerce will function taking into their old listing so they no longer are required to create their listings. Also, it takes into the duplication aspect and avoids any duplication of the products. Other benefits are:

Instant Order Management: The integration provides the instant relief to the biggest hassle of managing orders. Now, sellers can auto receive the orders and perform all the order management related tasks from their Shopify store and continue to do their business as before.

Near Real Time Synchronisation: Also, the app enables sellers to solves other major hassles — updating the product information price, inventory and related information in near real-time on and their Shopify shop and vice-versa.

Dynamic Pricing: Sellers can make changes to match the pricing of the products to match the wish marketplace dynamics and competition.

Shipping system: Also the shipping and fulfillment settings are customized to match the Wish marketplace shipping ecosystem.

Bulk Product Upload: Another major advantage sellers get from this app is that they can upload the data of items in bulk to create multiple listings in one-go.

New Wish Shopify Integration


Compatibility, Availability and Pricing:

The app is compatible with Shopify Plus, Advance and Basic, and is available on $400/year subscription plan and can be purchased from CedCommerce website.


Advantages of Choosing CedCommerce as Channel API Partner:

3000+ Users, 1, 000,000+ Orders, $50+ million GMV revenue and 24*7 quality support is one the reasons small business owners choose Cedcommerce Multichannel integrations to connect their online stores with 50+ marketplaces across the globe. Other Benefits include:


Personal Account Manager:

Once the app is installed, a dedicated account and listing manager is aligned with sellers who work to

  1. Make sellers familiarize with’s operations and processes
  2. Guide sellers through Wish API activation process
  3. Provide assistance with configuration setting, product critical data, product upload process till sellers successfully complete a live order

Happy Customers of CedCommerce Shopify MultiChannel Apps:

New Wish Shopify Integration


Declared the best shopping app of 2014, the consumer behavior and analytics take center stage to recommend the best-fit products for its consumers. App offers Complete and Full Proof Solution To Their User Complete Syncronization of Inventory and Orders.

About CedCommerce:

Featured among the winners of Technology Fast 50 India and Technology Fast 500 APAC for two years in a row, CedCommerce is the official Channel Integration of behemoths such as Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and Newegg, etc. facilitating onboarding of e-commerce sellers on these e-commerce platforms.


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