Sell on Walmart with WooCommerce: Integration Features & Benefits
Sell on Walmart with WooCommerce: Integration Features & Benefits

Sell on Walmart with WooCommerce: Integration Features & Benefits


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Quick Brief: Expand to Walmart now with your WooCommerce store hassle-free! CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration for WooCommerce is a powerful app that’ll make multichannel selling a cakewalk for you. In this blog, we’ll talk about the app’s salient features such as Complete Automation, Real-Time Synchronization, Product Data Validation, Product Upload Filters, and much more. Also, learn how to sell better on Walmart from your WooCommerce Store and use the WooCommerce Walmart integration app to your benefit.

Walmart WooCommerce Integration: Features to look forward to

Powering over 3.5 Million stores globally, WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce frameworks worldwide. Although designed specifically for small and medium businesses, WooCommerce is also a great framework to expand with. Especially in today’s overly competitive e-commerce world, where having a single store or online presence is just not enough.

For WooCommerce store owners who have successfully run their online business, investing in Multichannel selling comes as an obvious next step. Since Walmart is one of the biggest global marketplaces, it attracts countless sellers. So if you have a WooCommerce store and have been thinking of expanding to Walmart, the integration app’s features will make the process relatively easy for you.WooCommerce Walmart Integration Plugin Features

The Walmart Integration for WooCommerce plugin by Cedcommerce is a one-stop solution for increasing your product sale by showcasing your product to millions of customers on Walmart.

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Product Data Validation

WooCommerce Walmart Integration extension is useful in validating your product information. Product data from your WooCommerce store is matched and validated with product data on your Walmart seller account according to the standards and values laid down by Walmart.

Subsequently, allowing all your products- and data specifications related to them, to be readily accepted for submission on the Walmart marketplace.

Easy Product Upload

Product upload can be a grilling and tiresome process, with manual work often piling up to hours at length. The CedCommerce Walmart Integration for WooCommerce plugin ensures easy product upload while saving your time simultaneously.

You can upload all your products with a few clicks, saving yourself from a mountain of manual work and human error.

Bulk Uploading

Bulk uploading is undoubtedly one of the essential features of our Walmart WooCommerce Plugin. This feature ensures that products can be uploaded to the Walmart marketplace in bulk.

Thus, sellers with extensive inventories will save time and the hassle of checking and rechecking thousands of individual listings.

Product Upload Filters

Another great advantage of using the app is that you can filter your products before uploading them. Meaning, that if you have a specific set of products that have to be uploaded on Walmart, you can use the filters to pick and choose accordingly.

  1. Product Type: Filter products according to their type- Single Product or Variable Product
  2. Category: Filter products based on their WooCommerce Category
  3. Product Status: This filter is useful for existing Walmart sellers who want to link their WooCommerce store to their Walmart seller account. This filter allows sellers to import only those products that have previously been uploaded on Walmart—helping them connect both accounts without the hassle of importing unnecessary products.
  4. Stock: Filter products, according to their inventory status, helps you in importing only those products that are ‘in-stock.’
  5. Product Title/Description: This is as simple as it sounds. You can import specific products based on their title or even the description.

Complete Automation

By far, automation is one of the most significant features of the Walmart Integration for WooCommerce app. This feature automates fetching and accepting orders from the Walmart account, auto-updation of price, and inventory.

Thus, removing any chance of error or inability to acknowledge or process orders- is a big no-no for the Walmart Marketplace.

Real-Time Synchronization

Real-time Synchronization means the updation of item specifications, such as – stocks (inventory) and even price, in (near) real-time. Meaning- information updates automatically on both fronts simultaneously.

Centralized Order Management

With the app, you have a centralized order management system that ensures that orders are quickly acknowledged and canceled without any hassle. The more organized your order management, the less time it takes to gather order statuses and other vital information.

Product Profiling

With the Walmart WooCommerce plugin, you get the flexibility to create profiles and assign products to them. This way, the product upload process becomes fast and easy on Walmart.

Feed Status

The app comes with a simple dashboard and a feed status. This helps the app log-in every API request made to Walmart and showcases every minute detail- be it an error or a change in stock, right on the main feed.

Thus, simplifying your business’ day-to-day operations, as you can view everything simultaneously and make changes from the same dashboard.

Unprecedented Customer Support

Along with numerous fantastic features that’ll make your life simple, the app also comes with a dedicated account manager. The Account Manager is your link to the app and the world of easy business; they will familiarize you with the plugin, help you fully understand and reap the benefits of the app.Benefits of Walmart WooCommerce Integration

What are the benefits of Selling on Walmart with WooCommerce Integration by CedCommerce?

  1. Item setup becomes faster, easier, and way less prone to error.
  2. A (near) Real-time Synchronization of data allows changes to be visible on both ends (WooCommerce store and Walmart account) within seconds.
  3. You can also hold Promotional Campaigns.
  4. Advanced Product Listings make your SEO strategy strong and help buyers discover you more readily.
  5. Order Management with the app makes it easy to acknowledge, view, and manage all orders created.
  6. Easily manage Shipments via the app as the app allows integration with most shipment tools and APIs.
  7. Manage the day-to-day selling tasks via the same platform as the dashboard simplifies everything, prompting errors and notifications.

What we’re saying is

The Walmart Integration for WooCommerce is a great plugin that’ll allow you to sell easily on Walmart through your WooCommerce store. The many varied and robust features of the app make your day-to-day operations of online selling simpler while saving you a ton of time and money. Since the app comes with no hidden costs, it is one of the most affordable ways to sell on Walmart and expand your WooCommerce store.

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