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Sell On Walmart with Woocommerce – CedCommerce

Sell On Walmart with Woocommerce – CedCommerce


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80 million unique visitors per month make 2nd largest online marketplace of the U.S. Also, it’s seller friendly policies and dedicated knowledge base makes it an ideal alternate sales channel for online sellers.


An Invitation-only platform, welcomes online sellers with great products and enthusiasm to deliver quality after-sales service.


Being a TRUSTED Walmart Partner, Cedcommerce helps you get accepted (subject to their criterion), upload your products, provide expert training and excellent support for a hassle-free selling experience.


What is WooCommerce Walmart Integration?


It is an establishment of a channel to feed product critical data directly to thereby sell on Walmart with woocommerce. The integration extension enables Woocommerce users to offer their products for sale on


Sell On Walmart with Woocommerce
It is a comprehensive channel integration with one of the most popular online store frameworks: Woocommerce. It enables online sellers to perform all the tasks related to Online Selling.


Some Woocommerce Usage Statistics:

Usage of Woocommerce (Area wise):



Image Source:


No of Websites built on different Woocommerce platforms:


No of Websites built on different Woocommerce platforms:

Image Source:

Woocommerce Website Usage (Vertical-Wise):


Woocommerce Website Usage (Vertical Wise)

Image Source:


Being the official Channel Integration Partner, Cedcommerce offers all the Critical Sales Operations Walmart expects from its Channel Integration Partners. To sell on Walmart with woocommerce, Cedcommerce empowers sellers in the following way:


Cedcommerce Integration Features:

  • Feed all the product assortment and data in one go directly at
  • Repricing helps online sellers automate their pricing according to the similar product pricing dynamics to become ever competitive and get MSP (Maximum Selling Price) for their products with minimal fuss.
  • Centralized Status Update machinery send dynamic alerts and compliance reports for the entire product fulfillment cycle
  • Help in Uploading Products, expert training to make you familiar with navigation and operation.
  • Expert advice and support for the hassle free operation, better product discoverability, and higher sales.


The Perk

Promotional Pricing:

This feature enables online sellers to Offer special prices for the specific product(s) for some definite time period. Using this feature online sellers can create special campaigns on special occasions.


Besides the Cedcommerce Integration is widely popular among the online seller fraternity pertaining to its impeccable support and the promptness of its support executives in troubleshooting their problem. Also, Cedcommerce provides recursive updates (released by for free to embrace all the changes.


Why should you trust CedCommerce?


CedCommerce being the Official Channel Integration Partner of Walmart is a highly trusted solution provider. Moreover, its impeccable features and 24*7 support captivates sellers to strengthen their trust and leverage the best services possible.



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