sell easily on walmart canada form your woocommerce store
Sell On Walmart Canada Marketplace From Your WooCommerce Store

Sell On Walmart Canada Marketplace From Your WooCommerce Store


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Are you looking to attract more customers to your WooCommerce business? Why not sell directly on a platform used by 40% of Canadian online shoppers?

Drive discovery and reach a wider audience with one of the world’s most trusted marketplaces – Walmart Canada.

One of the top online selling marketplaces, Walmart Canada, lets you turn your “just another WooCommerce store” into the next big thing. Being a trusted marketplace, Walmart Canada is known for its unparalleled customer support and quality products.

Upon listing your WooCommerce products on Walmart Canada, you get the unique opportunity to reach approximately 14 million unique visitors each month.

The marketplace provides ample space to expand your business and boost your brand’s growth, visibility, and sales.

Yet another benefit of selling on Walmart Canada is it’s SWW program – Bringing borderless commerce, the Ship with Walmart program enables US sellers to fulfill their Walmart Canada orders. With SWW, you have access to negotiated shipping rates, and a seamless cross-border shipping experience.

Watch this webinar by Walmart Canada and CedCommerce to better understand the SWW program and leverage discounted rates to ship across borders.

And if you are looking for domestic shipping services, Walmart Canada Marketplace has partnered with shipping companies that provide discounted rates for its sellers.

With all that Walmart Canada brings to the table, along with an increased ROI, staying ahead of your competitors gets easier by connecting your WooCommerce store with Walmart Canada.

CedCommerce as the channel integration partner of Walmart Canada, enables you to leverage a seamless selling experience on the marketplace. Tap in to learn more about ways to improve your ROI on the marketplace.

WooCommerce Walmart integration services and product feed automation software by CedCommerce allows the synchronized product listing between Walmart to WooCommerce store.

The article below helps you unveil how the Walmart Canada Marketplace integration for WooCommerce solution by CedCommerce enables hassle-free and automated selling on Walmart Canada.

Ready to boost your sales with the world’s trusted marketplace? Let’s dive into some of its exceptional selling benefits.

Getting started with Walmart Canada

Unlike other marketplaces, Walmart Canada requires you to get approval before listing and selling your products.

Walmart Canada

To get approved on Walmart Canada, you must meet the following compliance and performance requirements. The five stages of the application form:

  • Primary contact and registered name of your business.
  • Business information and physical address of your business.
  • Product assortment details, including the product categories you sell.
  • Previous eCommerce and marketplace selling experiences.
  • Details about how you conduct the operations of your business.

Upon getting approved as a Seller on Walmart Canada, you will be redirected to a Walmart Marketplace Program Seller Agreement. Next, you will receive an “Invitation to Sign Up” email, which will contain a dedicated window for signing up along with the next steps you can expect. You can then complete your seller profile and connect your payment account with Walmart Canada.


To experience a smooth selling process, you must choose an integration method, and add your products. Once you are through with all these mandatory steps, your products will be made visible to customers.

The Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce solution by CedCommerce enables automated synchronized product listing between Walmart Canada to the Woocommerce store.

Sell through Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce


Whether you are new to the Walmart Canada marketplace or are struggling with the tedious manual tasks, this video will help you through the setup and integration process.

Reducing manual updates, the Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce automates your selling process, expands product visibility, and makes cross-selling a seamless experience along with:

Automate Your Listings

Automate Listings

Bulk upload your WooCommerce listings to Walmart Canada in a single click using the integration solution. Create different pricing plans, product details, and fulfillment rules for Walmart Canada listings depending on your current WooCommerce inventory data.

Sync Inventory in Real-Time

Sync with real time

Synchronize all your inventories in (near) real-time and avoid overselling no matter where the sale happens. Over-selling degrades your performance and affects brand loyalty. Walmart Canada for WooCommerce integration can record prices and stock across both Walmart and your WooCommerce store.

Manage Orders Centrally

Manage Orders

With Walmart Canada for WooCommerce integration, you can streamline your sales and orders on Walmart Canada by centrally listing, syncing, managing orders, cancellations, and all other updates from your admin panel within WooCommerce.

Upload Profile-Based Products

Profile Bsed Product

Increase your product visibility and allow your shoppers to navigate products by uploading products based on categories and attributes. Experience automated product upload by setting up profiles and filling category-specific data s brand, color, size, material, etc.

Feed Management

Feed Management

Review the status of uploaded products on the marketplace and run a check if they are published or not. With the Walmart Canada integration for WooCommerce software, you can always resolve the errors and re-upload products.

Submit Shipment

Shipment Submission

Earn customer loyalty by bringing clear transparency about their orders. Submit the product fulfillment and shipment details to Walmart Canada and let buyers track their orders quickly.

Dedicated account manager and 24*7 free support

Take your multi-channel listings to the next level with CedCommerce’s dedicated account manager and benefit from their round the clock free support service.

Why sell on Walmart Canada Marketplace?

The continued change in shopping preferences of buyers has made online shopping the future of eCommerce. Now that shoppers are enjoying buying from the comfort of their homes, people are less likely to visit the physical stores in the future. Nevertheless, as the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, it is best to work on ways to expand your brand visibility online.

Walmart Canada promises a bright future and big ideas to retailers. It is a curated community of trusted, professional sellers who offer only top-quality, authentic products and best-in-class customer service.

Watch this exclusive webinar explaining the perks of selling at Walmart Canada.

Enabling businesses to sell with confidence, Walmart Canada boosts your growth and expands your reach along with providing some of the irresistible benefits:


No monthly subscription fees

Unlike other marketplaces, Walmart Canada doesn’t charge a monthly setup or listing fees. Instead, a small referral fee varying from 6 to 15 percent is deducted depending on the type of product you are selling.

Reduced Competition

The marketplace is highly selective when it comes to selecting businesses to sell on their site. The limited pool of sellers also limits your competition when selling online.

Drive Discover

Shoppers are shopping online more than ever before. Winning the buy box and listing your products on Walmart Canada will undoubtedly drive brand exposure and has the potential to drive maximum conversions.

Build Trust and Customer Loyalty

Walmart Canada is striving to build a trusted & reputed community of sellers, customers and partners. It’s a virtuous cycle which helps build customer loyalty and get more conversions for sellers.

Easy and Secure Checkout Process

Walmart Canada has a simple, secured checkout process. Thus, making purchases fast and efficient.

Pay only when you make a sale

You don’t get charged at Walmart Canada if a user navigates through your products, clicks, and does not make a purchase. Instead, you only pay when a successful transaction takes place.

Powerful Analytics

With Walmart Canada’s seller scorecard, you no longer need to second-guess your performance. Instead, you can track and measure your performance time and again. Thus, improving your seller scorecard and increasing your probability to win the buy box.

Increased Conversions

Walmart Canada helps you bring your brand among relevant leads. The increased brand exposure helps you boost your website traffic and drive maximum engagement to your store. Thus, leading to increased conversions.

In Summary

When selling on online marketplaces, you will need to understand your target audience’s habits and ensure they have the best experience with your brand.

Moreover, as the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, online shopping continues to remain on the surge. Walmart Canada is the perfect place to keep your online sales going and growing.

Connect your WooCommerce inventory to Walmart Canada Marketplace and leverage many automated features designed exclusively to make your selling effortless. The solution helps you drive a significant potential customer base to your WooCommerce store and increase your ROI.

Bring your products front and center, and drive maximum sales by following these simple steps:

    • Getting approved as a seller on Walmart Canada.
    • Install Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce by CedCommerce.
    • Connect your WooCommerce inventories with Walmart, Canada.
    • Create product feed for the Walmart Canada marketplace.
    • Leverage CedCommerce’s dedicated account manager to onboard quickly.
    • Get selling!
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