eBay Launches ‘eBay Deferral Program’ Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

eBay Launches ‘eBay Deferral Program’ Amidst COVID-19 Crisis


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eBay on Monday 23rd March announced to defer fees from sellers for 30 days during this Coronavirus crisis. eBay, one of the giants of the eCommerce platform has been continuously helping the sellers to sell smoothly in this hard time. Ebay has now announced the eBay Deferral Program to defer the selling fee payments from sellers for 30 days and provide them with some relief.

What do You need to know?

  • eBay is offering the option to defer selling fees of registered business sellers for 30 days.
  • From March 26, 2020, the new businesses that will be registering on eBay will not have to pay fees to list or sell until May 31, 2020.
  • Your account will be protected from being downgraded from the 20th March Seller performance standard evaluation until the 20 June evaluation. Also, they will make sure your seller performance is not affected.
  • From 23 March 2020, eBay is restricting the sale of Face Masks, Hand Sanitisers, and Cleaning Wipes & Pads.
  • From 24 March 2020, eBay is restricting the sale of Baby Formula & Milk and Toilet Roll.
  • Also from 26 March 2020, it is also restricting the sale of Tampons, Baby Wipes, and Nappies.

Note for eBay sellers:

Sellers will not be able to sell the above-listed items if:

  • their business drops to Below Standard
  • prices are unreasonably inflated
  • the seller breaches eBay policies

About eBay Deferral Program:

eBay Deferral Program is launched for the convenience of sellers as they need not pay for the next eBay invoice. The due seller fees amount will be added as 50% in your May’s invoice and 50% to the June invoice. To apply for this scheme of the eBay Deferral Program, you can apply until April 10th,2020. eBay is aiming to allow as many sellers as possible but to avail this scheme you have to be a registered seller for more than 30 days and your eBay account is in good standing.

The fees that this program covers will include final value fees, insertion fees, store/shop subscription fees, optional listing upgrade fees, and promote listings fees. If any other fees are due then you can pay them on the normal invoice date.

To apply for this program you can click here.

Rob Hattrell, Vice President of U.K. shared his thoughts on eBay Deferral Program by saying that:
ebay deferral program


To know about the Terms and Conditions of this Program, click here.

What does this mean for eBay Sellers?

So now the question is how will you benefit from this eBay Deferral program? Below points will make you aware of the benefits:

  • The pressure on you will be relieved to pay at this time of the Coronavirus crisis.
  • This program is going to give you the flexibility to sustain your business.
  • In the case of delay or interruption in the delivery, eBay will be protecting the seller’s performance.

So sellers, what do you think about this eBay Deferred Program and will you be taking its advantage? Drop your comments below.

  1. Avatar for Tanya

    Hello, I think this scheme is very helpful to every seller experiencing this unexpected pandemic problem.
    Deeply appreciative for your effort and consideration like this.
    By the way, I just heard this scheme yesterday from eBay customer center.
    So, I can't apply for this scheme for now. Already passed in the due date.
    Actually, I need to reserve some Paypal balance to refund the payment from the previous orders. Those are that I failed to prepare and send due to the restriction of international shipping.
    But, if I pay for April invoice this time, I can't reserve the balance.
    Furthermore, the balance is not enough to pay for the invoice.
    That is a huge problem.
    That's why I am afraid that I would be penalized like being unable to carry out usual operation or run my store anymore.
    This is my living and life. So, I can't imagine it.
    That's why I make a sincere request to extend the deadline to apply for this scheme.
    Is that possible?
    I am worried about how I can survive in this bad situation.
    Please help me out with overcoming this panic.
    I don't want to disappoint our valued customers.
    The reserve of Paypal balance is necessary for now to me.
    If COVID-19 problem is calmed down, I can re-open our store and receive new orders, I will pay for the invoice without hesitation.
    I just want to defer the payment of April invoice.
    Thank you for your reading.
    Cordial greetings.

    • Hello Kim,
      We would like to inform you that this article was released for the awareness of the sellers about this program. If you want to get the date extended then you may contact the ebay seller support, as this program is not offered from us so we cant help you with the date extension.
      Hoping you stay safe and your store will be opened soon after this pandemic.
      thank you

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