eBay auction or fixed price
eBay auction or fixed price – What’s the better pick

eBay auction or fixed price – What’s the better pick


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What would be the better choice for sellers- eBay auction or fixed price? Are the fixed-price listings on eBay helpful? Or eBay auction listings are a better option? In this blog, what we will discover is- is it better to sell on auction or fixed price on eBay.

Choosing to sell on eBay is a choice you make after a great deal of cautious reasoning and arranging.

eBay auction or fixed price listings – An introduction

eBay auction listings: To the Highest Bidder

The marketplace is best known for its merchants listing a thing that begins at a base cost. Furthermore, requiring potential purchasers to offer on it. Also, it gives a choice to choose ‘Get It Now ‘to maintain a strategic distance from an offering war and buy it right away.

At the point when the shoe’s on the other foot, you as the dealer pay a solitary last esteem charge to list the thing. When you list an item, you get the chance to sell it for ten days.

If your item sells within the time allotment, at that point, you get an extra expense credit.

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eBay fixed price listings: One Number, One Buyer

The other method of selling on eBay is listing things at a fixed value, which you can use related to unloading.

Yet, not at all like sale listings, you can package various things under one listing at a set cost. Also, you have the option of letting purchasers select ‘Best Offer’. This factor enables them to consult with you on the price.

You also get a period of 30 days to sell a fixed price eBay.

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eBay auction listings

Many more up to date eBay vendors aren’t sure which listing type to use, sell off or fixed cost.

Pros of eBay auction listings

  • Stock can sell fast and race through eBay barters.
  • Closeouts are likewise useful for collectable, uncommon, or elusive things.
  • Things like signed items, vintage or authentic memorabilia, or craftsmanship can sell at a reasonable price.
  • The ideal approach to discover what a purchaser will pay is to run a closeout and let the market decide the cost.

Cons of eBay auction listings

Shipping overabundance

At times, eBay offers specials where merchants can list hundreds or thousands of items for free.

In some cases, dealers don’t think ahead and send a vast number of unsold things to sell. They overlook that if everything sells, the delivery could be a bad dream. A decent sell-through rate for sales is about 80%.

Restricted perceivability

The perfect individual may not see the thing inside the 3-, 5-,7-, or 10-day sell-off period. Sell-offs don’t achieve many sales like a fixed value listing would over some time.

Absence of mechanization

You must oversee sales. If a thing is unsold, the vendor needs to choose how to manage it. Abandon it in an unsold thing envelope, re-show it, or dispose of it. You can’t computerize this.

eBay fixed price listings

Pros of Fixed Price Listings

More computerization

  • Fixed value listings resemble stock at a customary retail location. At the point when a merchant has an eBay store, they can use a component called Good Till Cancelled, GTC. With GTC, things recharge on their own after every 30 days. This makes a store mechanized.
  • Later, you can change listings with the Bulk Editor. So rolling out worldwide improvements to listings is quick and straightforward.

Best Offer Feature

With fixed value listings, dealers can empower the Best Offer Feature so customers can submit offers for the merchant’s thought. The vendor has full control to acknowledge, decrease, or counter the offer.

Best offer engages purchasers to begin a discussion with the dealer and arrange.

Markdown Manager

This component enables vendors to run deals. Dealers can write down things in classification or with a catchphrase by a specific rate. Markdown Manager can oblige 200 listings at any given moment.

Cons of Fixed Price Listings

No Sense of Urgency

Purchasers may bookmark or watch a listing and stay away for the indefinite future. With closeouts, purchasers feel that they should offer or buy the item right now.


Fixed Price and GTC listings cause charges every month on the off chance that they restore. These charges can include after some time.

Whatever is your plan of action. Ensure you comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each listing. eBay offers several alternatives for various methods for profiting. Likewise, ensure you understand the expenses for each kind of listing.

Your eBay auction or fixed price listings compatibility checklist is here

  • If you’re selling a popular thing that can collect more than its retail esteem. If you offer something that is either in trend or in low supply, you can create competition among purchasers. This can benefit you.
  • But, if you’re selling something that doesn’t generally sell much. Like a collectable, uncommon or collectable item. You might face difficulty.
  • When you need to sell things for a reliable sum each time, fixed value postings are a better alternative. The value you list is the value it gets sold at.

Ebay selling fees

The expenses or eBay charges for selling something on eBay completely depend on what you sell and the amount it sells for. We’ll send you a month to month receipt, and you can pay by PayPal, charge card, or direct charge.

eBay selling charges and credit

The accurate expense of selling something depends on the kind of items you sell, how your posting is set up, and whether you have an eBay store.

Charging, instalments, and credit

When you begin selling, we’ll request that you set up charging subtleties and an instalment strategy for your month to month receipt. Yet, you can transform them whenever you wish so.

You can track all your selling expenses, instalments you’ve made, and any credits you’ve gotten, like your month to month solicitations in My eBay.

Other non-eBay charges

Remember that there are different charges that you might have to pay that aren’t a part of eBay. For example, costs for using PayPal or other instalment benefits, or assessments on your eBay deals.

eBay auction or fixed price listings

Fixed Price Listings

This kind of posting will have a set cost and goes on for the whole posting term or until you come up short on stock.


eBay will enable you to list as much stock at a fixed cost thing as you need, as long as you don’t surpass your selling limit.

Posting Duration

The length of these postings can be 30, 10, 7, 5 or 3 days or Good Till Canceled (GTC). GTC will show up as a multi-day posting that relists on its own every 30 days.

Out of Stock Control

This component will keep your posting alive, yet escaped indexed lists, on the off chance that it comes up short on stock. This enables the inclining to hold its business history and watchers. This choice applies to Fixed Price Item and the Listing Duration GTC.


The cost must be at any rate $0.99 or eBay will dismiss the posting.

Best Offer

Fixed Price Listings can exploit eBay’s Best Offer element. The Best Offer element enables the purchaser to recommend a lower cost they’d be happy to pay.

Prompt Payment

Fixed Price Listings can ask for an Immediate Payment. This factor requires the purchaser to enter instalment data at checkout.

Auction Style Listings

Closeout style postings contrast from Fixed Price Listings in a few different ways. The most remarkable is that the seller decides the Start Price and the Listing Duration. The purchasers offer what they are happy to pay for the item.

At the point when the sale clock runs out, you can sell it to the best offering buyer.


You can have extra stock relisted on its own after each sale finishes. This can be done by setting the Auto Relist switch to ON in the eBay segment.

Posting Duration

You must keep auctions running for 10, 7, 5, 3, or 1 day(s). At the termination of the posting, either a deal will happen, or it will finish without a deal.

Get It Now Price

This offers purchasers a fixed value alternative. This choice is accessible until someone makes the highest offer. At an examination between Fixed Cost Listings and Buy It Now, look at eBay‘s site.


Out Of Stock Control does not work available to be purchased Listings, you can’t have an out of stock, yet dynamic, sell-off. All sales have a supply of 1 for the set Listing Duration.

Do you still have queries regarding eBay? Our experts at CedCommerce would be glad to help.

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