Do's and don'ts of vlogging for your video marketing strategy!
Do’s and don’ts of vlogging for your video marketing strategy!

Do’s and don’ts of vlogging for your video marketing strategy!


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The explorations are never-ending, and we are never stopping in bringing you the best. Amongst various video types and their marketing, vlogs have been crowd pullers. And how? That we will discover here. While also learning why vlogging for your video marketing strategy is essential.

YouTube had more than 2 billion active users. But what’s also to notice is the content saturation over the medium. Now videos worth 500 hours get uploaded every minute. At present, around 55% of marketers use YouTube for marketing purposes. Thus, making it the most used platform.

YouTube users worldwide

The reach of YouTube is also manifold. Thanks to its availability in 100 countries in 80 languages. It firms the idea of using the medium even more. Vlogging as a practice dates back around 2005. But unlike other video types, this is picked up even now.

In the following blog, we will see how vlogging for business is taking shape. In addition to that, we will cover the dos and don’ts of vlogging practices. Here’s a gist of the blog;

What is vlogging?

Digital ad spend is increasing for videos now. Thus, making video marketing all the more crucial. Vlogging is a type of video, referred to as a video blog whose medium is videos. That would be the precise worded meaning. But vlogging is more than that. Like for example, here’s a blog that has been converted into a video blog.

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It is capable of making your investment worthy as traffic swells by 157%. Vloggers are now working in the competitive arena that’s becoming more affordable.

Why vlogging

Vlogging can start if you decide on the cardinal points like:

  • The vlogging format that you are going to use
  • The frequency of vlog creation
  • What’s the aim of the videos

Once this is defined, your vlogging journey will be on the rise.

Why vlogging?

Before we begin, here’s the vlogging consumption statistically.
Global audience reach by age and genderA question that is often asked is why vlogging. Vlogging for your video marketing strategy is essential now because it is easing out the process of:

  • Information circulation
  • Educational takeaway
  • And Entertaining the viewers

Besides this, vlogging helps in:

  • It makes the audience feel more inclusive of your brand/ business.
  • It helps in strengthening connections with the viewers.
  • Helps with early CTAs (Call to Action) to drive conversions since it’s more interactive.
  • Serves as the best way to showcase a product/ brand.
  • It is an effective way to promote the brand and attain its needed visibility.
  • It helps in avoiding the sales pitch approach.
  • Adds value to the content.

These would be some important pointers to look into to start vlogging.

Do’s of Vlogging

Now coming to the subject of discussion. Let’s see the do’s/better-suited practices for vlogging.

Plan out a vlogging routine

Vlogging demands consistency and to make sure you create effective content, planning out the content is necessary. Preparing a schedule for this can help you in the process.

Optimize the vlog content

This is a major step while pushing off the video content. Optimization based on the platform is a necessity for reaching the largest of the target audience. Perform SEO best practices for title, description, CTA’s, and more to raise your brand awareness.

Keep an editing template prepared

Editing is a time-consuming process. And when you are vlogging, you would need your content to look presentable in the virtual space. Make sure to set your editing template that brings out a uniform look for your social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel.

For example, create a sample that has:

Introduction and ending preloads

Defined Export settings

Audio effects

Motion graphic elements

And transition effects

A lot more can be added, as per your list.

Create a conversational CTA

By the way, hiring a video marketing agency will help as it will assist you to complete the edits with the industry experts.

Since we have previously seen, using early CTAs in a conversational vlog format can be very helpful. Be clear and specific with the intent. It will help in striking an understanding with the audience.

Create content with a goal

There’s a timeline to the vlogging you plan to do. Have a defined goal for your vlogging. That is, by the said time, you plan to have a said result. These considerations are crucial to ensure that you are working towards a defined direction.

Don’ts of vlogging

While you take a note of the do’s, it is important to look into the don’ts. Take a look at the important ones here.

Don’t share it all at once

Break your content while sharing. Keep the viewers on a hook to come in and watch more of what you have got.

Don’t lose track of the audience wants

Be focused on the content, and its values. Your audience makes you. So make sure to keep things focused towards them. Address their issues with probable resolutions to be in sync with your target.

Be careful with what you shoot

Not everything around you needs to be a part of your vlog. Just don’t shoot everything around. Be specific with your visual frame.

Never forget content labeling

When you start with regular vlogging, you will need to label your vlogging content to keep track. Otherwise, confusion can crop up while you share.

Don’t follow the script thoroughly

Your script is a base. Treat it exactly like that. The purpose of vlogging for your channel is to be interactive and more engaging. Your audience sees you, not the perfection of words coming out of you. So adhere to the gist.

Ways to use it for your video marketing strategy

Vlogging for your video marketing strategy has ways for how to use it for the purpose now. Here are a few to look forward to.

  • Request the viewers to share your vlog content ahead so that the reach improves.
  • Work on creating a different personality for your vlog that makes you distinct from the competitors.
  • Create a strong and impactful introduction of around 3-5 seconds. To hook the viewers’ attention, this is essential.
  • Work with different types of CTA’s like:
    1. Directing them to your website for more information.
    2. Ask about their genuine feedback via comments.
    3. Interact with them for newer ideas of vlog creation.
    4. Ask for subscriptions to your YouTube channel.
    5. And share your social media handles along.
    6. Create a community within YouTube to improve interactions with your target audience.
    7. Keep your vlog as branded content out there. This will help your brand recall and awareness among the audience.

All this will collectively help in an effective video marketing strategy build-up. So take due consideration.

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Benefits of vlogging for your strategy

So far, we have seen the dos and don’ts with reasons and ways to vlog. In this section of the blog, we will discover the benefits that walk in with vlogging today.

They provide benefits such as;

  • Better showcasing of products happens with vlogs, and it appears to be more genuine.
  • Easy assistance with attention-grabbing.
  • The CTA’s perform better with vlogs as they are more interactive. 46% take action after watching the video ad.
  • Your video marketing strategy also works out well with them.
  • The landing page also sees a boost in traffic with these genuine and interactive videos.
  • It is one of the most convenient ways of utilizing the storytelling aspect of videos.
  • If you plan on targeting the younger demographic, then vlogging is very optimal.

User distribution by gender

In addition to this, now 85% of teens are consuming YouTube to learn something new. Thus, making it a very actively used medium among them.

Different types of vlogs

There are various types of vlogs one can look up to for vlogging, which include;

  • Unveil things out of your bag. This type of vlog spikes the curiosity of your audience and often works well.
  • Demonstrate something via your vlogs to instill trust among the viewers. This will build confidence in your product (if you have one) and actively promote the same.
  • Showcase a daily vlog that either explores your routine or travel.types of vlogs
  • Work with informative vlogs that provide valuable inputs for the world.
  • Educational vlogs that teach or educate on a concerning subject.
  • Review vlogs that review either a product or service. This will help you win over the audience and add value to your brand.
  • Work with Behind-the-scenes. These vlogs are often loved because of the secret reveal sort of feel.
  • Do compilation vlogs, i.e., videos that highlight a process at a faster-compiled pace—for example, the make-up tutorials.

There are a lot more types that you can look forward to. Here what we have got is a comprehensive type for vlogging.


With this, we have reached a definite conclusion for the time being. Vlogging for marketing is a promising venture if undertaken with sincerity. The do’s and don’ts will keep coming to make sure your content reaches the target.

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