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Advance Rate Shipping : Create Multiple Table Rates In Magento

Advance Rate Shipping : Create Multiple Table Rates In Magento


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With logistics being a formidable part of the e-commerce ecosystem, the streamlining of the operations not only help reduce costs it enables retailers handling more orders, thus making system for efficient and cost effective.

One problem that is prevalent among the online store owners is the acknowledgment of the orders. Some orders are too less in pricing to deliver, some in weight and some in distance. Handling these orders arbitrarily may cause complexities, therefore a system is required that can automate the whole process. This is where Advance Rate comes in, it enables store owners to decide table rate shipping.


Table Rate Shipping:

It enables users (online store owners) to define and create rules and combine them for creating guidelines that are further used for shipping the products. Various factors that are taken into account for creating rules and guidelines are zone, weight, quantity, price and shipping mode.

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Hence the Cedcommerce Advance Rate Shipping extension for Magento 2 and Magento 1  stores takes into account same. Upon installation, it streamlines the logistics operations, enables maximum acknowledgment rate for products and structures the shipping system.


How It Works:

As the online shop owners know about their capabilities and limitations – minimum no. of products required for a product to be shipped, minimum or maximum weight that can be shipped and minimum order value. Once they decide what they want, they can create a table using. CSV file and now extension uses these parameters as the reference and acknowledges the order placement and shows the shipping prices to shoppers.



As there are several benefits of this extension like automating and streamlining the process, bringing in efficiency and enabling shoppers to handle more orders, one feature that stands out is qualifying maximum products for sale. As there are restrictions for online shop owners regarding the acceptance of each order due to profitability issues, the  ADVANCE RATE SHIPPING extension in association with table rate shipping can find out the most economical method using the combination of different modes of the shipment so that maximum product with minimum costs can be sold.


The Significance of Virtual Products

Virtual products are those that can be downloaded from the internet after paying the fee such as e-books, songs, movies, software etc. In the condition of physical orders (apparel, electronics, accessories etc) not matching the decided criterion for shipment, a virtual product enables the shipment. For example, Assume orders over 10$ can only be shipped, however, a person has selected shirt costing $ 9; it means product can’t be shipped. Although if the person, additionally, purchases a book worth $3 (virtual product) then total cost for the shipment becomes $12 then his/her product qualifies for shipment.


Once streamlined and structured, the e-commerce pays rich dividends to shop owners and adding the Premium Extension does it for you.


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