how to create a multi vendor app without coding
Wondering How To Create A Multi Vendor App Without Coding? Here is How!

Wondering How To Create A Multi Vendor App Without Coding? Here is How!


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E-commerce is huge — indeed, it can be categorically stated to be one of the pioneering inventions of the 20th-21st centuries. However, with the advent of time, yet another niche has risen and looks poised to change the face of shopping as we know it. We are talking of course, about M-Commerce. And we are going to teach you exactly how to create a multi vendor app without coding.


Customers are now performing more shopping through their mobiles than they ever did through websites. And in this article, we are going to guide you through the steps required for you to have your own multi vendor marketplace app just like Amazon, Flipkart and Etsy. And the best thing? It works just the same, whether you know how to code or not! Unbelievable, right?


So let’s first take a look at what might prompt you to create an app for a multi vendor marketplace in magento. And once you decide that this is indeed the way to go, what can you do to ensure that your multi vendor marketplace and its accompanying application is created to perfection?


By now, you must be familiar with CedCommerce and all that it entails. If you aren’t, we highly recommend you read this blog post to get introduced to the joys of selling and more importantly, succeeding by making use of CedCommerce’s fabulous platform. Once you are done, and now want to boost your sale through an app which accompanies your website, you are good to go.


By the time you end this article, you will know how to create a multi vendor app without coding, that can hold its own against the likes of Flipkart and Amazon, all without writing a single line of code or pulling a single all-nighter. We have done all your heavy lifting for you and thanks to the tools we have put together, you can be done and your app live on the store in a matter of hours. So you can say that if CedCommerce is all about how to build own multi vendor marketplace, this particular service is all about learning how to create a multi vendor app without coding.


how to create an app without coding


So you have a platform based on the Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace, and now you want to turn it into an app as well. Here is what you do: Simply purchase one of our Magento marketplace app maker plans and turn your e-commerce store into an app. The app offers a wide range of features that go from customization of the front page to a large home page banner to virtual products and so onwards. And the most work on your, or the Vendor’s part, will be limited to adding products, setting prices and of course, counting the money when it starts coming in. Simply follow our instructions regarding how to create a multi vendor app without coding.


So, if you have been plagued with worries of how to create a multi vendor app without coding, stop now. The application is created through a drag and drop interface and supports stuff like configurable Products Support, Bundle Products Support, Grouped Products Support and so on and so forth. Not coding the app yourself doesn’t mean that you are compromising or giving up on something. Indeed, the application is as modern, as advanced, and as feature-rich as the best app out there. You can also use the platform to sell off ebooks, music and other virtual products, just as soon as you could use it to ship physical and tangible items.


The app also allows you to work on your advertising strategy, thanks to stuff like the new arrivals slider, most viewed Slider, product search and so on. There are actually two applications in the equation. One of the applications is for the customer and will let them buy stuff while the other, will allow the vendor to do stuff like adding products to the app, monitoring sales and so on. So whatever you need, we have your requirements well in hand.


Payments, as well as customer registrations and logins are well documented. Like we said earlier, the app is totally on par with the best e-commerce apps out there. Vendors have a lot of flexibility too and here is some of what they can do while using this Magento extension marketplace application:

  • Vendor Login/Signup
  • Vendor Profile View/Edit
  • Create New Products
  • Edit / Update Existing products
  • Simple Product Support
  • Filter Product Listing
  • Vendor’s Order Listing
  • Order Detail View
  • New Order Notification
  • Transaction Listing
  • Transaction View
  • Reporting for Orders
  • Reporting for Products
  • Payment Settings

And the process of logging in has been simplified until all it needs is a click on one of your social media accounts.


In short, all you need to do in order to start selling through your brand new application, is Cedommerce’s multi vendor app platform. To buy the product now, simply click here, and take your pick out of the options available. And this is the right time too, as the app builder extension is available at a massive discount!


Now you have the answer to how to create a multi vendor app without coding. Go and get a brand new mobile application for you e-commerce store folks!


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