We’re Committed to standing along with our clients during COVID-19!

We’re Committed to standing along with our clients during COVID-19!


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We all ended our year 2019 with good hopes and aspirations to take all our businesses to new heights. Our clients had clear resolutions about what they’re going to do the best in the coming year. But, COVID-19 struck all of us! Initially starting from China, the virus spread like wildfire all around the world, affecting many businesses. It was January 21st when the virus’s outbreak news got replaced by the daily situations based upon the damage the virus was doing.

We were aware. At CEDCommerce, we have clients and customers connected with us from all around the globe, and hearing about the pandemic outbreak awakens us all to stay prepared for the worst that could happen. In no time, we started to strategize plans and steps that we had to take in the coming days to be ready and face it by standing in the first line upfront, helping our clients.

Nothing’s Changed, but Everything’s Different!

We made a list of things that we found out to be essential for our clients. The entire team was forecasting the demands, queries, and needs that could arise in such hard times and how we can do our best to prepare ourselves in such a short period.

What we didn’t change was the dedication and commitment that we have always put in our work and services to cater to the business needs of our clients.

What we changed is that we’ve upgraded and catalyzed our services to assist and serve our clients better in the hour of need. We have always been working with the intent of developing human connection and for that we have always provided human support to each of our clients. In this harsh time of the COVID-19 outbreak too, our determination to help our clients with human connection is firm and steady.

One more challenge that we had to face while doing this was ensuring proper hygienic and safe working conditions for our employees and internal staff. It was essential as they are the foundation of our company and apparently of our many clients too.

We’ve been imparting necessary information in our internal communications group regarding hygiene safety to ensure that we don’t miss at our end in creating awareness regarding the epidemic.

24/7 Remote Working

To ensure that our employees stay safe, we deployed their work capability to suit the needs, they all are working from home day and night, with even more dedication and aggressiveness.

No stone is being left unturned in helping the community and clients wherever they feel stuck! Due to the outbreak, there has been a significant increase in the number of support tickets, and they’re being raised every day, and we’re looking forward to dealing effectively with each of them with utmost accuracy providing ultra satisfactory resolutions to them.

Working from Home is definitely adding to our capabilities and this surely is making us prepared for every odd situation that might pop up in the future! Remote working has its own benefits and complications. Overcoming them, here are a few learnings we captured:

  • Keeping in touch and being available is the most important aspect!
  • Planning has always been of greater importance than doing!
  • Communication is the key to avoid miss communications
  • Bringing home the office systems does enhance productivity!

We’re also learning by looking at the industry trends that surfaced up and are adapted by the market to stay updated.

With the proper use of technology, we’re scheduling hangout meetings to maintain perfect coordination among the teams. Say hi! to the heroes backstage!

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As a rivery amid COVID-19, we’re reaching our clients!

The core values of CEDCommerce have always been outstanding on one-on-one personal support for our clients, where each of them is having their team aligned to them to cater to their personalized requirements. We’ve haven’t tweaked it. It is still the same, but even better now!

Our experts are actively looking for any queries that pop up in our client’s head and are always ready to provide the aptest and appropriate solution to them.

Empathy has been another pillar of our core value, where we deeply understand the concerns of our clients. Over time, we’ve learned what walking into others’ shoes is and what complications might occur. Because, to us, our client’s success is our glory, we always stay alert with the threats and weaknesses that might harm our clients.

Our customer support site www.cedcommerce.com/contacts is being filtered thoroughly 24/7, and we’re checking each thread and ticket that we’re receiving, and then they’re carefully forwarded to the concerned team working remotely! And this doesn’t stop here, we’ve made our marketing team very much alert for instances if we receive any help query over our any channel possible. With this, we’ve covered all grounds to stay awake and ready to help our customers and community members.


What keeps in us the zeal to move forward with such activeness is the appreciation that we’ve started receiving from our clients in the form of positive reviews and happy faces! We’re glad we could be there for them in this harsh hour!

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Stay Home, Stay Safe!

To everyone out there who is affected by this pandemic outbreak in any form, we have sympathy for you and your loved one. Everything that we’re doing is just a small gesture of help towards the community. We hope you and your loved ones are safe, and soon, things become better for all of us.

“I have empathy towards everyone who’s affected with this COVID-19 outbreak. Such times bring us tests to see if we’re really ready to help our clients in the best manner. When the times are good, the customers come to us, and in the odd times, it becomes our responsibility to reach out to our customers and make sure that they have everything they need to grow better in that time! I’m thankful for all our customers, partners and employees for standing strong along!” ~Directors’ Words

We’re into this together. We’ll get out of it together!

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